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The First Time (His Lopsided Smile)

Poetry By: Mistress of Word Play

The story of a boy and a girl and their first time together.

Submitted:Dec 11, 2009    Reads: 184    Comments: 21    Likes: 18   

He smiled at me with those eyes
that were as bright as a jack-o-lantern
on Halloween night
coaxing with that lop-sided smile of his
that I had come to love.
All I could see was that spittle on his lips
and desire in his eyes.
"Well have you decided yet?"
He asked in that silky sexy voice.
I sat like granite
watching those luscious lips move
as he spoke to me
not really hearing the question asked
not really caring.
As a moth smitten by a brilliant flame
I bobbed my head up and down at him.
I knew I appeared
much as one of those stupid little dolls
people sometimes buy
at one of those cheap little five and dimes
when overcome by boredom.
He drove his Dad's beat up Chevy truck
to some seedy little overpriced motel
just outside Houston
and I sat there just watching him drive
with his lop-sided smile
not realizing I was starting to worry
about this outing we were on.
We went inside our rented little room
with the chipped paint on dirty walls
and a foul stench of mold
that just made me want to turn around
but it was the smile
which I loved so much that held me there.
Oh how I loved it so!
He must have sensed the dread rising
in my throat like spoiled undigested food.
He took my hand in his
and whispered, "Please just don't worry."
I should have run
but it was that smile that held me captive
and drained my will.
He patted the trashy full size bed
beckoning to me, reassuring me
and I like a child
I walked slowly toward that smile.
Like a soul possessed
I sat down next to him shaking slightly
not knowing why
I would even find myself there this night.
He pulled the baggy from his flannel shirt
and split the stash right down the middle
and handed me my half.
I sat holding it examining it and waited
till he had taken his.
The whole time he sported that lopsided smile
I loved so well.
I placed the drug into my mouth and waited
for whatever revelation might come my way
and prayed for forgiveness
because I knew what I was doing was wrong.
There would be repercussions
but seems I no longer cared or wondered
what if any.
The walls, ceiling, and floor came to life
and a hundred black giant freakish bugs
started toward the bed
but he never noticed them as they advanced
if he did he didn't care.
Each one had a different blasphemy etched
across it's body.
They crept ever closer ooze dripping steadily
from razor sharp teeth which gnashed
and I screamed.
I watched him there as those nightmarish things
feasted on his body.
His eyes were fixed and all I could remember
was that lop sided smile
I came to hate.


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