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The Witness (Etsure's Challenge)

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, A small girl witnesses the murder of her mother.

Mommy whispered, “Go! Hurry hide!”
It was close to evening tide
and the sea gulls were all gone.
The sun had turned the water red
as down the porch I ran and fled
in the season the sea bass spawn.
I watched him as he staggered by
him with a limp and one good eye
and my lips curled up to scream.
But Mommy had said stay concealed
so my nerves I calmed and steeled.
I pretended it was all a dream.
The angry voices reached my ears
and I saw Mommy crying those tears
as the man slapped her on the cheek.
I wanted so much to walk right out
to beat his chest, scream and shout
but I knew I was much too weak.
There was a glitter and then a flash
her stifled scream, a piercing crash
and then all went deadly still.
He wiped his hands as he left to go
and I walked to our house so very slow
past the front door and window sill.
She lay upon the living room floor
and on her chest the word read WHORE.
He had carved it with his knife.
The wooden slats they drank her blood
and they tasted of my salty flood
as I mourned the loss of her life.
I watched next week as the bar he left.
My belly churned remembering the theft
as the gun I raised and aimed.
The shot rang out and down he fell
to the welcoming arms of Satan’s hell
but for the crime I was never blamed.

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