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Valentine Surprise(Forbidden Love's Divide Challenge)

By: mommy3

Page 1, A man has a wife and has to decide if he will stay with her or go with his lover.Who will he choose? This is for Forbidden Love\'s Divide challenge.

Valentine Surprise

He loves his wife with all his heart.

Too bad her life has to depart.

He has a knife in his hand.

He hopes to follow through his lover's plan.

He plunges her heart to wait till she has no life.

He hopes this will please his lover that he has no wife.

He cuts out her heart out wrapping it in a white heart shaped box.

He calls his lover and realizes he is one sly fox.

She waits for him to give her a gift.

He comes in hours late, but sees her looking miffed.

He tells her to close her eyes because he has a surprise.

He gives her the white heart shaped box hoping this will please her.

She opens her eyes to see a white heart shaped box with a heart inside.

She smiles at him glad that his wife has finally died.

She gives him a kiss to say she approves.

He kisses her back hoping she will not move.

He loves her, but is sad he killed his wife.

He did not want to end his wife's life.

He told her I love you.

Did I forget to mention he is insane too?

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