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Sad Theory

By: Nessly305

Page 1, Losing everything

Everything used to mean so much.

But now im fearing to even touch.

Getting to close to people just to see them die.

Getting far away from people to see them cry.

What am i supposed to feel or say.

So in my own little space i stay.

knowing nothing and fearing all.

My emotions frozen in a little ball.

I would rather die then them.

I would be the sacrificial lamb.

But it must go through.

Theres nothing I can do.

Cant you see the sadness in there eyes.

Everyday saying there final goodbyes.

It could be the day you go away.

When its time death does not delay.

I wish the world would just change.

So we can see when death is in full range.

Knowing I wont see them hurt so much.

Having nothing left to touch.

I couldnt when they were here.

Cus im made up with this fear.

For this pain i have shed many a tear.

Making my own end becoming clear.



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