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Eric Draven-Poem about The Crow

By: PainWithoutLove

Page 1, This is the story of Eric Draven a poem written about the film The Crow, Eric came home on Halloween to find his engaged bride being raped and cut by the Halloween boomers, they shot Eric in a crucifix stance and threw him out of their apartment loft, Shelly his love,still watching. Eric became inhuman,A year later A single Crow;the transporter of dying souls to hell\'s realm,transformed Eric into a undead killer, however only a killer of those him needing revenge, his and shellys revenge...the love they shared slaughtered in life,but the love of their souls stayed forever.

This is the tale of Eric Draven,
And his quest to settle his spiritual unrest,
He and his fiance had finally found the perfect safe haven,
Until it all went wrong,
And a street gang came to take the place where they belong,
Eric Draven was murdered,
His fiance raped and killed,
But Draven's soul could not be at peace,
Until justice was fulfilled,
The crow came to help him,
Deal the punishment required,
Supernatural powers were needed,
To justify the death of who he admired,
The crow re-animated Draven,
And blessed him with these gifts,
Of demonic healing and agility,
To make these murders swift,
Eric took a new persona,
Of a dark and sinister style,
To avenge his fiance's untimely death,
Before he took her down the aisle

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