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Shadows of Life

By: sineadmc1990

Page 1, Written with this guy: I adore doing collaborations, so comment or whatever, if you want to do one with me ^_^ I adapt easily.

A chill in the air, cold dark hall,
shadows beware, be careful not to fall
The shadows will become real and taunt you
feel free to run and hide, but they'll find you

No time can tell, the age they are,
lurking behind you and from a far
they thrive on your growing fear
be careful not to shed a tear

They rely upon the faintest light,
waiting, following, to take your life
they want to bleed you dry, distort your face
they'll take out your heart without leaving a trace

until lonely you become, a lifeless shell,
to walk the dark, in a place called hell
where your worst nightmares, horrors, fears
become the reality, but no one cares

So walk straight, be aware,
the shadows of life, are everywhere

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