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By: sineadmc1990

Page 1, Dark, romatic, humor... More fucked up than me...

i can see the fear
dripping with your tears
you trusted me
but now it is all over
so please, babe
relax; it won't take long

i can see the blood
dripping out between your legs
i still love you
but i don't want to be yours
i don't want this
you have to die, my darling

i think back to when we met...

you were standing alone
and i came over to you
started to talk to you
began to flirt heavily
you didn't seem to mind

you came back to mine
we acted like adults
and since that day
we were inseperable
but it got too much

now i want you
to die, slowly, painfully
but you won't
instead you speak calmly
"you forgot the gun, right?"

hanging my head in shame
i reply...

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