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Waking Days

By: Alex Sharpe

Page 1, WAKING DAYS © 2013 by Alex Sharpe (Waking Days is a novel/script that I am working on. It is honestly the most terrifying writing I have ever worked on in my opinion. Check back in, this post will be continuously updated and edited!) Waking Days is a cutting-edge horror story surrounding the idea of a mutation in the Rabies Virus.






The idea of this book is made by my father, Todd. I helped put this masterpiece together. All thanks goes to him.


A Word from the Author

The stories of the illegal animal testing being conducted in parts of Asia are real. The chance of some new infection being created from these tests are real. Terrifyingly, it could happen at any second of any day. These tests are unsafe, letting the animals that have been experimented on loose into the wild after the tests. Dirty bombs containing newly created illegal medications, chemicals, and gases are detonated in remote areas such as Bangladesh daily. The statistics of the Rabies Virus are real.


Characters: Scene One (In Order of Appearance)

DAVE -- Dave is a journalist in scene one. In this scene, Dave is the main character. Dave is a short and skinny Caucasian man. He is considerably short, and has trimmed reddish-orange hair. He is outgoing and he has a light British accent. He is the first character to appear in the piece. In scene one he is seen wearing a red and white Hawaiian shirt with beige cargo shorts.


VILLAGERS -- The Village People in the scene. They are the natives of the area of Bangladesh in the region. Most of the villagers live in yellow and brown mud and stick huts and shanties. They live in a small village surrounded by jungle.


PRIECE -- (Preece) -- Priece is a young Bangladesh native man. He is in his early thirties. He is the third character to be seen in scene one. He is dark-brown skinned with hardly any hair. He is a kind man who welcomes the first to main characters. He states only his name upon welcome, and states no other information. He guides the main characters through the village in scene one. He wears nothing but a simple yellow grassy skirt and sandals.


BENDEVEUL -- (Bin-da-e-vull) -- Bendeveul is a middle-aged native woman. She is the second villager to be seen in scene one. She sits in front of her home along the small dirt road with a two year-old child next to her and a newborn child in her arms. She wears very skimpy beige clothing. She is a hardy woman whose eyes, if stared into, could spot the dried up tears of devastation and lost hope. But yet, she wears a remarkable, unbreakable smile on her face.


GEORGE -- George is a 32 year-old caucasian, British man, who moved to the United States of America in his early twenties. He is a pale, sort of tall man with dark brown hair, and green eyes. He is the man holding the camera in the first scene.


AESCHAIN -- (A-shawn) -- Aeschain is a forty year-old village native man. He is dark-skinned, wears only a beige skirt, and has no hair on his head. He looks to be a very hard working man. There is dried mud on his face and his hands are calloused. He is interviewed by the main characters in scene one.


OAVUL -- (O-ah-vol) -- Oavul is a native village woman in scene one. She is a major character in the first scene. She is mid-height, and has light-brown skin. She has long, straight black hair. She is timid and talks of her spouse's and third child's loss after a raiding of her village with the journalists in scene one.


HYET -- (Hi-et) -- Hyet is a young boy, child of Oavul, brother of Nepral, in scene one. He is a native villager. He is dark-brown skinned with growing hair that is just noticeable. He wears long, grayish pants with no shirt.


NEPRAL -- (Nee-prull) -- Nepral is a young girl, child of Oavul, sister of Hyet, in scene one. She is a native villager. She has lighter color brown skin than that of Hyet, her brother. She wears a beige skimpy skirt.




WYATT -- Wyatt is the patient in the hospital in scene two. No characteristics are seen from Wyatt except for the fact that he is dark-skinned.





"The Rabies Virus is a very deadly and threatening disease. A virus of violent nature -- but the effects could definitely be worse. It is what the world's scientists fear most. If Rabies mutates, the consequences could be devastating. Rabies is the most threatening disease to modern humanity -- because of its possibilities." -- (Irving Kahal, 1995)


"The Rabies Virus may very well be the oldest disease known to mankind. Nearly 4,000 years ago, in the first civilizations, such as the Babylonian Empire, rabid dogs were reported of killing humans. In the 1500's-1800's, near-to-around 900 Rabies infected dogs were being killed in the streets of Paris alone. It's mutated many times, and it has a terrifying potential to become a very threatening, scary disease."


(March 28, 1989): In Bangladesh, the illegal testing of newly created substances, medications, and chemicals are being conducted on animals. Practices of this sort later begin in India, parts of China, and parts of Asia.


(January 8, 2010): Rabies is calculated to be in one in every five wild dogs and/or cattle.


(May 2016): Rabies runs rampant throughout Asia. Calculations show that one to two people die every day from the disease. Cattle die hourly. Practice and testing of illegal chemicals and medications continue.


(June 26, 2016): A dirty bomb containing some of these new chemicals spread out in nerve gas form is detonated in a forested area somewhere in Bangladesh. Over 1,000 Rabies infected wild dogs and other animals are exposed to the chemicals in the dirty bomb, causing a mix up of the DNA in the Rabies Virus. Rabies mutates.


(June 27, 2016): A civilian is received at a hospital in Bangladesh claiming he was bitten by a rabid dog.


(June 28, 2016): Two more civilians are bitten by "wild dogs". Paramedics think that it is regular Rabies. By the time more than five humans have been infected with it, the new Rabies Virus has infected some ten thousand animal hosts.


(3 Days Later): Patient zero throws fits of rage, camera evidence shows him twitching violently, vomiting, screaming and growling. He breaks lose and attacks two of the nurses in the room in the hospital that he is in. He vomits in their faces -- and then leaves the room. SWAT forces are called in. The building is placed under quarantine due to unknown infection. The same day, hospitals in the surrounding areas begin to receive similar patients. Quarantine fails. Spreading fast, the new form of Rabies has infected nearly fifty thousand hosts all together.


(4 Days Later): The new unknown disease has grew out of control. The government of Bangladesh declares quarantine. The infection appears on the American news.


(5 Days Later): A report of a sick passenger aboard a cruise-liner on its way to China is received. No transmissions were ever heard from the vessel again.


(6 Days Later): Reports of an unknown infection begin in North Africa and China. Russia declares quarantine.


(7 Days Later): The first video recordings of incidents that occurred somewhere in China are released onto the World Wide Web. Reports of riots, freak attacks, and violent murders appear all over the news and around the globe. Bangladesh claims terrorism.


(8 Days Later): A sick passenger aboard Air China Flight 786 berserks and attacks five other passengers. The plane is immediately quarantined and forced to keep in the air. The plane was never heard of again.


(9 Days Later): Scientists and researchers in France declare evidence of the Rabies mutation. Symptoms are released: "Yellow ringed, bloodshot eyes, vomiting, hemorrhaging, seizures, twitching, gritting of teeth, pulling of hair, coughing up blood, and extreme aggression. Statistics show the disease has been declared an epidemic.


(10 Days Later): Governments world-wide begin using pesticides and chemicals to kill off birds and rodents. They have no effect. Rioting and raiding of stores begin across the planet. Scientists name it "Rabies VE2 Arasella".


(12 Days Later): The first report of infection occurs in New York City, New York. Hundreds of rabid dogs are reported and killed off in Manhattan.


(13 Days Later): The President of the United States of America addresses the nation. New York City is placed under strict military quarantine and minor evacuation is enabled.


(14 Days Later): "War On Infection" is declared. New York City is fire-bombed.


(16 Days Later): The infection has been reported in every country. Scientists say that the disease is very aggressive and deadly. The cure would take years to complete.


(18 Days Later): Governmental and Economic breakdown occurs. Reports of infection in Los Angeles and Chicago. New York City is considered highly dangerous and is burned and bombed. Three hundred thousand people die.


(20 Days Later): 1.5 Million humans are infected. Three hundred and fifty million animals have been infected. With birds and rodents uncontrollably carrying the infection, the new virus rages like wild-fire across the planet.


(23 Days Later): Reports of the infection in Washington D.C. force the Presidential Family to be safely bunkered deep under the White House grounds.


(24 Days Later): Nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea ensue. Both claim terrorism on one another. Iran is nuked. Millions die. North Korea is blamed.


(25 Days Later): Cairen Nuclear Facility in North Korea has been left unattended. Emergency cooling fails. Reports of a second mutation in the Lyssa Arasella Virus come in from around the blast area of Cairen Nuclear facility. The reports are true.


(27 Days Later): Humanity is falling apart. Cities and towns burn. Nuclear radiation spreads. Thousands of nuclear facilities across the planet that have been left unattended fail. The air becomes toxic. Temperatures spike up by the tens of degrees. Wild-fires rage across the planet.



(1 Month Later):......

(Location: France)

(Date: September 4, 2016)

(Report: Unknown):


"This virus is very complex. Its victims are so aggressive. It definitely seems to be a mutation in the Rabies Virus, but the symptoms are so extreme. It does not seem to kill off it's host as quickly, and the symptoms are violent. Nerve damage caused by the virus can cause it's victims not to feel pain. This is unlike any other disease I have ever seen. I am terrified..."



"This nation and it's people. This world and it's people. Have made it through a lot. We have all learned so much. We may not know what tomorrow holds, or even what today holds. But there's always a yesterday, and there's always a future. Our future may look grim right now, and we may be facing one of the toughest struggles we have ever seen. But there is still a future. Do not think that we humans as a whole are surrendering to a cell-sized virus, but instead that we humans as a whole are becoming neutral against the virus. In the end, we will survive. We will overcome this travesty and learn from our past. The devil may have come -- but God will come also -- one way or another -- either as a cure or as himself -- but he will come. Do not think this is the end of everything -- think of this as the end of human stupidity. This disease will change us. It will challenge us -- and we will learn from it -- and the changes will be great..." -- (Presidential Address)






(Black Screen)


(Opens to unveil a jungle in an unstated Bangladesh)


Setting: Slightly sunny, but sun is not completely clear due to trees

(All is quiet for a few seconds, no sounds occur)


All of the sudden, a soft explosion occurs, gently rumbling the camera. Grey gas slowly but quickly expands in the area in front of the camera, slowly spreading out along the forest, and slightly engulfing the vision of the camera.


(A thick, low-hanging gas slowly creeps through the forest grounds)


(A few seconds later a large wild dog (a wolf) runs by. The wolf's mouth is foaming and eyes are bloodshot red)


(Screen becomes black, leaving only the sound of a quickly vanishing growl from the wolf and then a slowly vanish sound of the jungle. All becomes quiet. Screen still black)


(Begin text)


(Black screen, white words appear)


(Begin texting of Irving Kahal, 1995 Quote)


(Next quote appears in white on black screen)


(Begin texting of facts about the Rabies Virus. The timeline)


(Boom sound)


(Screen goes black)


(As audio sequence starts, random and sudden images and video appears in boxes on screen. Detailing the audio that is playing and what is happening)


(Audio): "This is Global Livestream News"... "Breaking News in from South-East Asia"... (Static)...(Static)... "We're getting some etchy details"... "These are some live pictures from somewhere in Bangladesh"... "Infection"... "Reports of "sick" passengers aboard a cruise ship off the coast of China sparks curiosity"... "Freak animal attacks taking place all over the planet"... (Static)... "Air China Flight 786 goes off radar off the coast of North Carolina"... "These are live images coming in from Los Angeles"... "Terrorism is claimed"... "This is Doctor Havanfield... I have confirmed a mutation in the Rabies Virus"... (Static)... "This new virus... it is deadly, hide in your homes -- wash your hands! -- Howard, stop trying to make everyone panic"... "Tragic scenes from New York today"... "Hundreds of thousands of lives lost as New York City is bombed"... (Static)... "Ladies and gentlemen -- the President of the United States"... (Static)... "These are live images coming in from Chicago, Illinois. These people -- they won't stop -- I don't know what it is -- but it is everywhere"... (Static)... "Blood all over the streets"... (Static)... (Gunshots) (Screams) Oh my (Attacks)... "Blames of terrorism in the Middle East and North Korea sparks war"... "War On Infection!"... (Static)... "Iran is devastated"... "Nuclear blast"... (Static)... "Sadly, we are going off air. This will be our very last broadcast... we wish all of you the best of luck out there. It is too dangerous for us to stay on air. May God be with you all"... (Screen Goes Black... The title "Waking Days" appears in white).


(Screen goes black)


(No backgrounds)


(Audio of the President of the United States addressing the American nation)


(The title "Waking Days" slowly appears in white after the audio clip plays)


(Screen goes dark for a couple of seconds without audio)


(The words "Day 1" appear in red in the center of the screen with a completely black background)


(As soon as the words vanish the film begins rolling)


When scene one beings playing, it is viewed through an unstable grip in the hand's of a camera man. The screen is still black.


The camera visually turns on. A minute beep is heard as the camera blinks on.



"It's on" - States an unseen camera man.


The first view through the video camera shows the back of another tan American man as the camera follows him. He is caucasian, and he is wearing a red and white striped Hawaiian t-shirt. He is mid-height, average weight - and he is very short. He has trimmed reddish-orange hair.


The camera views his back while trembling as they are both walking to a so-far unknown location.


(Shows walking for five seconds) Camera tilts up and down from the other man to the ground and feet of the camera man while walking. The ground they are walking on is mainly dirt and mud, but there is a few grassy spots.


The camera tilts into focus - upright - as the other man in front of the camera turns around. The camera man stops walking as well.


"Welll, let's go see" states the man in front of the camera in an English accent. He turns back around and continues walking.


The unseen camera man laughs at the other man's comment and say "this is what we've been waiting for" in a British accent.


The camera man turns the camera towards his right side, showing a heavy jungle filled with tall, gr

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