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Wisely Vice

Script By: arun

For Aj101's contest

Submitted:Aug 13, 2011    Reads: 61    Comments: 10    Likes: 4   

Wisely Vice

Yesterday, 22.20hrs.

Characters: Sean and Cindy.

Setting: walking eastwards after seeing a film. They live in a place which has a very low population. So they walk alone.

Cindy: isn't that a nice film?

Sean: huh, didn't you scream the whole time like Mr. Bean?

Cindy: oh yeah, didn't you cry like a puppy?

Sean: very funny. Aren't you the joker of the class?

(Sean pinches the girl's arm)

C: will you stop that? oh gosh forgot! Did you write the assignment?

S: which one?

C: ahh! that prima donna's?

S: oh yeah, history! What do you suppose?

C: never mind, oh gosh why should I waste time with you?

(Sean thwarts her walk)

C: what?

S: do you like me? I mean is this date of ours successful?

(Brushing aside Sean's hand off her shoulder)

C: What? You call this a date? And how did you think that I may like you? Ha ha. Nope. I regret for having agreed to come to this date. And you know why?

(Sean tries to stir being incensed)

S: wa- wait mister. One. You look like a garbage. Two. You lack common sense. Who on earth will take a girl to a scary movie for 1st date. Three. I'm already in love with Ty, do you not know it?

S: (coolly) Fine miss. Let alone the 1st two, let me fight your 3rd reason. Ty doesn't love you. He doesn't care about you. He's making it out on Shanthi, that Indian girl. (Cindy stops and tries to speak). Wait. He doesn't care about you. It is I who love you. Who else do you think loves you more than I do?

C: fine and never mind. But get the hell out of here, will you?

S: oh yeah. Good. Isn't that a great way to answer? (Sean walks in the opposite direction)

(After making two steps, he shouts.)

S: haven't you heard about the Haunted squirrel story? It drinks the blood of lonely walking girls. It is somewhere in these trees. May I accompany you?

C: ooh. I'm so much scared. Thanks for the info mister. Squirrels don't haunt, they're sweet. Don't you know even these basics mister?

S: or may be ghosts! Can I come?

C: thanks. I can take care of myself. Shut yourself up and go find your way chicken, will you?

Today, 23.35hrs.

(After a party)

Characters: Sean, Cindy and Ty.

Setting: walking in a rustic place. The place is almost abandoned and almost a forest.

S: Ty have you any idea of what's happening on?

Ty: huh?

S: between you and she, what's happening? (indexes her)

C: shut up. Ty, I love you. Are you making it out on Shanti?

Ty: No Cindy, who said it? (leans forward to kiss her)

S: (Sean stops it) Wait Ty, I know you're lying. Listen Cindy, he indeed is. Haven't you seen them making out?

C: Stop it Sean, would you?

Ty: Sean's fooling us Cindy. Do you trust me?

C: who else other than you will I be trusting Ty?

S: Listen Cindy, I care about you. Ty's just for your flesh, when will you realize the fact?

C: Oh! Fine. And is this mannerism? He speaks ill of you, right in front of you. Did you see it Ty?

(Ty keeps up irritated; in between the two is Sean making a barrier)

Ty: Cindy, you didn't believe him, did you?

C: no way. Will you stop blathering?

S: whatever Cindy, I said it because I care about you. Oh look, the haunted house. Aren't you terrorized looking it every time?

C: what? What foolishness?

Ty: that's a rumour. Do you believe these foolishness?

S: no indeed is real, why don't you believe it?

(No one spoke then. They keep on just walking and Sean sends a text message to someone)

(A ghastly sound is heard. A girl's scream)

C: oooh! What was that?

Ty: hooo! (in fear) what's that? A shadow is levitating at a distance. Oh! Did you see it Cindy?

C: Gh... Ghost!!! Ty?

(Ty runs away leaving her alone)

C: Ty! You you left... Sean?

(No one there. She starts to panic and cry)

(She starts to run in a random direction seeing the black silhouette approach)

C: someone help meeee... isn't there no one to help me? (She screams)

(she feels that the shadow is keeping up with her pace)

(She goes and, in panic, barges on a tree; she fell down and saw the shadow at a distance)

S: now you get away from her, will you freaking devil? (Sean holds the cross)

(The black cloak panics and runs away)

(Sean leans forward and raises Cindy to her feet)

C: Shaa.. Sean I never... realized that you truly love me. do you still love me, even after I ignored me? (she embraces him so tightly)

S: (patting her back) That's ok Cindy. I'm here for you; I'll always love you. Are you okay?

C: Sean, I... I love you. And, do I look ok?

S: (looking over her shoulder he thanks the black cloak - his friend) I too love you dear. Have you realized my love?

(Somewhere a wolf cries out loudly)

C: (still in embrace) Sean, I'm very sorry. I thought Ty loved me. Have I hurt you so much?

S: that's ok Cindy. Do you see the ghost still?

(Sean buries his face on her deltoid* region. He couldn't control himself. Time is exactly 00.00hrs. he opens his mouth revealing four sharp teeth which dug into her neck)

C: Sean!!! Nooo.. Wha.. What are you doing? (Cindy cries out in pain; Blood getting sucked by Shaun)

A/N: *deltoid - the region where shoulder and neck joins. The place where a vampire will bite!!!

2. Sean loved her truly and badly wanted her. But when what he desired happened, the animal inside him woke up. He couldn't control it.

3. this is supposed to be completely made up of questions.


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