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In 2134's snow-covered Pennsylvania, two men- John Fishberg and Randalf Holding- are trying to survive after a strange yet terrifying epidemic grips the United States and starts spreading to other countries. These tape recordings recall the most horrifying perspectives as these men attempt to survive- however, they don't last long.

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*static noise* *voice clears, heavy breathing in background* December 21st, 2134 JOHN

My god... it's like hell over here. The wind is howling on the windows while Randalf tries to look for any people that are actually alive in that godforsaken coffee shop. I'm just hoping we do find living people and not any more of the Infected. Its what we call the people that were infected from that fucking epidemic.

At first, it started off as a "flu" that got spread real fast across Pennsylvania. Then other people across the States got it, and then we started noticing these weird symptoms- they started turning a little greener each day, their teeth became yellow no matter how much they brushed them each day, and there was a huge increase in attitude. The adults started getting grumpier and more bitchier, and the kids started getting more rowdy and annoying. With each day that passed, they turned more and more into completely different people than they were before. Then came the day. A parent was trying to open her kid's door to get him up for medicine, but instead of finding a sick kid in bed, she found a monster. His hair and skin were green, his clothes were tattered and ripped, and his eyes were bloodshot and menacing. The thing leaped onto the lady and started eating her skin and hair. The mother couldn't protect herself, and she died after the thing started eating her eyes out. That same thing happened to each and every person in the goddamn States, and by the time we realized what was happening and retaliated, it was too late. Now it's just Randalf, a guy who used to work for the army and me, the only people that are left in this stupid-ass wasteland.

*voice is heard in background* You've got to be fucking kidding me! *voice keeps talking* Ah fuck..

Looks like Randy found shit in that place except for half a dead body. You sure R? *voice aggrivatingly answers in background* Shit... okay if that corpse is there, there are bound to be Infecteds around here. We need to move. *rustling and moving, blast of howling wind, door opens, voices scream*

December 21st, 2134 RANDALF

Holy hell... I've never seen so much snow in my life. This epidemic took so many fucking people... I can't even think straight anymore. *howls of pain and screams* Oh god what the fuck was that? *running sounds* *door opens* OH SHIT!

We just found a warehouse that looks like its holding ten people... their eyes are ripped out... their skin has been torn off their torso, exposing their internal organs... their eye sockets hold no eyes... oh God... the fucking Infected did this to them... flies are eating their dead bodies... oh God I can't see this shit...

*scraping noises* *muffled rustling noises* OH GOD JOHN! NO! *kicking noises* *screams* *ripping noises and shrieks* GET IT OFF ME! OH GOD! *gunshots* *growling noises* *ripping noises* OH GOD MY HAIR! MY EYES! MY- *cracking noises* *slurps* OH SHIT! AHH! OH FUCK! *more cracking noises and slurps* *growls*

*end of transmission*


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