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Cam is a murderer and he holds Nina (His girlfriend)for fun. Nina wants to turn Cam in but Cam has things against Nina too.

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Scene 1

(Cam and Nina fighting)

Nina: You promised! You said you'd never do it again!

Cam: I'm sorry. (Grabs Nina's arm)

Nina: (Hitting cam with other arm) Let go of me! (Cam grabs her arm) Let go of me you monster!

Cam: Nina! Nina. Stop. I had to. (Nina kicks Cam) Stop hurting me.

Nina: (While kicking Cam) You're just going to do the same if I stay with you!

(Cam falls back and pulls Nina with him)

Cam: Nina calm down! (Rolls on top of Nina) I had to do it. I won't hurt you.

Nina: You want to hurt me and you know it!

Cam: (Pins Nina) I could have killed you already. It never came to mind until now. I want to banish that thought. I can't let you go because you'd go to the police. If I kill you; I'd be lonely. You have to stay with me.

Nina: (Yells) Help!

Cam: (Covers Nina's mouth) If I go to jail, you would go too because you have been hiding me for the past 10 years. If I go down, I'm taking you with me. (Uncovers Nina's mouth) Understand?

Nina: You're a monster.

Cam: I know.

Nina: And a scandal!

Cam: I know.

Nina: Black mailer!

Cam: I know. (Puts head on Nina's face) I hate when we fight. You turn me on when you're helpless.

(Doorbell rings)

Nina: Oh well.

Cam: (Rolls off Nina) Go get it.

Nina: With pleasure! (Jumps up and runs to door) Hi.

Wednesday: Hi Nina. Is everything ok? I heard screaming and yelling.

Nina: Everything is fine. Cam and I have just gotten into a-.

Wednesday: Fight.

Nina: That's the word.

Wednesday: What were you fighting about?

Nina: Um.

Wednesday: I'm sorry that's personal business. Well as long as everything is alright, goodbye.

Nina: Bye. (Smiles then shuts door) We were screaming that loud?

Cam: You were. (Stands up then walks to Nina) Now let's put your screaming to a different purpose. (Grabs Nina around the waist)

Nina: No. I won't. (Pushes away from Cam) I'm going to bed. I'll see you tomorrow.

Cam: I think Wednesday is too nosy. He might know too much.

Nina: Cam no. Wednesday is our friend.

Cam: Your friend.

Nina: Cam please no. Please. I beg of you don't do it. He knows nothing.

Cam: You don't know that. He could be calling the cops right now.

Nina: Cam, don't even dare.

Cam: Fine. Nina!

Scene 2

Nina: Wednesday you better watch out for Cam. He doesn't really like you very much. He might hurt you.

Wednesday: Alright, he creeps me out anyway with his cruel stare. Why do you even stay with him?

Nina: It's complicated and a strange thing. You wouldn't understand.

Wednesday: You're pregnant! Aren't you? I just knew it. Your belly has been getting wider.

Nina: I'm not pregnant.

Wednesday: Opps! Sorry! I'm so sorry that I said that. I didn't know.

Cam: (Comes from upstairs stiff and stern with blood on his shirt) Nina, I cut my… hand on the window. Hello Wednesday. What are you doing here so early in the morning?

Wednesday: I found Nina's cat and she invited me in for some coffee.

Cam: (Walks to door and opens it) Now you may leave.

Wednesday: (Stands up) Good bye Nina. Cam. (Walks to door) Maybe see you for dinner, Nina?

Nina: I'll be there.

(Wednesday gets out of house. Cam goes to the window and watches Wednesday go next door)

Cam: (Closes window) Why did you invite him? You know I hate him.

Nina: He's my friend and our neighbor.

Cam: Are you really going to have dinner tonight?

Nina: Yes I am.

Cam: That's not good. What about me?

Nina: You can come with if you like.

Cam: No. You stay here and you'll cook for me. I'm not letting some gay cook for me.

Nina: Wednesday's boyfriend is a chef at a famous restaurant. He would be much better than me.

Cam: You will not cook.

Nina: Vince is the chef at your favorite restaurant!

Cam: You nor I will go. (Takes shirt off and throws it at Nina) Wash that for me. There's blood all over it.

Nina: What's upstairs? (Grabs shirt and stands)

Cam: I'll take care of that.

Nina: What is up there?

Cam: The guy across the streets dog.

Nina: Cam! Why did you do that?

Cam: The dumb thing wouldn't stop barking.

Nina: (Walks to Cam) No! Bad! Bad! Bad! (Hits Cam's chest then goes to the laundry room)

Cam: That didn't hurt.

Nina: (Comes back into room without shirt) Do you want me to hit you harder?

Cam: Sure.

Nina: Uh. (Walks back into laundry room)

Cam: (Looks around) Do we have any garbage bags?

Nina: (Pokes head out of door) Why?

Cam: For the thing upstairs.

Nina: What are you going to do with it?

Cam: Burn baby burn.

Nina: They're under the sink.

(Doorbell rings)

Nina: Could you get that?

Cam: I guess. I wonder if this is my next victim? (Walks to door)

Nina: Never mind. (Runs past Cam and opens door) Hi Joelle.

Joelle: (Sad) H-hi Nina. Have you seen my dog? I haven't seen her since last night! She's never run away before.

Nina: Oh I'm sorry, I haven't seen her.

Joelle: Thanks anyway. Bye. (Walks down driveway)

Nina: (Closes door) Hmm.

Cam: You're getting good. Do you still want to be an actress?

Nina: Not anymore.

Cam: Why not?

Nina: I'm done with lying. (Sits down on ground)

Cam: It's fun though. It's like a game.

Nina: I don't find it fun. Have you ever thought about how I feel?

Cam: Yeah you hate it. But then we have makeup sex.

Nina: You're withheld of sex.

Cam: You'll want it tonight.

Scene 3


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