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The Unknown: Dirty Deeds

Script By: Samantha Marcus

I was inspired to write this after watching the T.V. horror series called The Unknown with Dominic Monaghan. I felt it needed to be continued. With my class and appointments, it took me about a month to complete, but I know I could pull out another episode with no problem. I would like to have this sent to the editor of the Unknown series. The only condition I have of them printing it, is that I have to play the role of Jan. Otherwise, I don't want them to have any rights to it what-so-ever.

Samantha Marcus

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The Unknown

Season 2:

Episode One

"Dirty Deeds"


Mark is at his computer searching for the identity of the Unknown caller. All he has to go by is that the psychopath is male. His phone vibrates. . .it's 'him'. Mark is about to answer when there is a knock at the door. He shoots up panic-stricken. After the call goes to the voicemail, he walks slowly over to the door. Trying to contain himself, he reaches for the doorknob.


Who is it?

(A woman's voice echoes in the hallway.)


My name is Jan.

I was referred to you by Father Larson.

Mark opens the door carefully and pokes his head out.


You know, he. . .

(tries not to smile when he sees a young woman looking up at him)

He doesn't practice anymore.


(in a rushed manner)

I know.

Please let me in.

It's important.



Just a moment.

(closes the door and locks it)

Jan glances over her shoulder nervously. She turns back suddenly when she hears muffled noises coming from Mark's apartment. A chain jingling comes from within the apartment. Mark's head appears again.


Come on in.

(tries to mask his enthusiasm about having a woman in his apartment)


Don't get many women here, do you?


All the time actually.


Your mother doesn't count, Mark.

Feeling defeated, Mark doesn't say anything and instead motions for Jan to sit down. Jan takes a seat on the couch.


Would you like anything?


No I'm fine.

Well, maybe some water.

Mark goes to the kitchen and comes back with two bottled waters. He hands one to Jan and sits across from her. To him, she seems to be uneasy about something. Jan twists the cap and takes a long drink. Mark opens his water and takes a sip of it.

Jan hands Mark in a plastic baggie with a Phillips screwdriver in it. Mark takes a look at it closely. It's covered in blood.


Uh, okay.

Where did you. . .


It was in my ex-boyfriend's apartment.


Go on.

Mark appears genuinely concerned and interested in what Jan has to say.


Jan is sitting on a bench in Central Park. She taps her fingers on her laptop case and sighs contently. She glances nonchalantly at her watch. She mouths '2:15'. A happy couple arm-in-arm stroll by. Jan smiles at them as they pass. They smile back.


(under her breath)

Where is he?


Moments later, a tall mysterious man stops in front of Jan. She glances up slowly and smiles at him.



(stands up and hugs him)

*You don't see his face, you only hear his voice.


Did you miss me, baby?


Warren and Jan are having sex on his kitchen countertop when Warren's cell phone begins to vibrate. Warren hand reaches for it, but Jan snatches it and hurls it across the room. Warren turns his head to see the phone slide under the coffee table. He turns back to Jan.


Next time, be sure to tell that dumb slut that you're on my time.


It could be work.


Whatever, Warren!

(rolls her eyes and spits in an angry, shrill tone.)

Jan pushes Warren away and pulls her underwear back on. Jan slides off the countertop.


Come on, baby. Don't be like that.

Jan shoots him a dirty look and bends over to grab her shorts. Warren grips Jan by the waste. He kisses her waistline.


I wasn't even close, baby.

Jan shoots up, whirls around to face Warren and slaps him.


I wonder why, you asshole!

Is is because your only actual job is fucking other women?

Warren back-hands Jan across the face. In fear, Jan crawls desperately onto the table.


You will do as I say, bitch!

Warren rips Jan's shorts off breaking the zipper. He grabs Jan forcefully by the waist. Then he climbs on top of her, forcing her further onto the table. Warren pushes himself deep inside of her.





You're the dumb slut.

My dumb slut!

Later on that evening, Jan is out in the rain waiting for the bus. She glances down at the bruises on her thighs and tries to pulls cover them by pulling her skimpy shorts down.


I wish I would've worn jeans.

(sniffles and wipes her nose with the sleeve of her jacket)

I brought this all on myself.


Two nights later, Jan is at social gathering. She rolls her eyes in disbelief as a young blonde woman gets on her cell phone yet again.


Who is Richter?

I need to get my number changed first thing tomorrow, okay.

Jan is startled by the name and watches the situation closely. Moments later, she perceives the young woman becomes very panic-stricken.

After, the party, Jan follows the woman home in a taxi. She sees her pull-up in front of a fairly decent apartment complex. Jan stops the taxi driver abruptly, pays him, and climbs out of the cab.

She climbs into a back window of the woman's bedroom. She hears her shouting on the phone to someone about being the victim of a hacker.


Hi, it's me.

Some asshole keeps posting shit

Don't worry, I can fix this.

Yes, now! I promise.


Weeks later, Jan climbs into Megan's window late one evening. She perceives her talking on the phone to an alarm system tech. She carefully sneaks into the bathroom.


(pacing around the room)

Okay, how do I disarm my system?


(under her breath)

No don't let him talk you into that.

It's too easy for someone to break in.


Okay, it's disarmed. . .hello?


(under her breath again)

Oh, my God, girl. Get the fuck out now.

Come on, Megan, honey. GET THE FUCK OUT NOW!

Moments later. . .


Hello, Megan!


(gasps when she hears the familiar voice)

Oh, my fucking. . .Oh shit!

(quickly hides in the bathtub)

The bathroom door opens, Jan covers her mouth in fear. She recognizes Megan's voice as she breathes heavily. When Jan hears Richter at the door, her entire body is shaking with fear.


You can't hide from me Megan.

We'll see each other again very soon.

The next morning, Jan wakes up from inside the tub. She quietly walks out into the bedroom where she sees Megan lying motionless at her computer. Jan creeps closer and notices the long bloody cut down her forearm. Jan gasps. She drops to her knees and starts crying.


He wasn't worth it, Megan.

He's not worth anything.

He's. . .

Suddenly, Jan's blood turns cold. She balls her fists. She races to the window and climbs out.


At the local church, Father Larson is in his office packing. There's a pounding on the door. He answers it.


Jan? What are you doing here?


(out of breath)

Uncle Larson, I had to see you.

(notices the briefcase)

What are you doing?


Sit down, honey.

(Jan obeys)

I have decided to leave the priesthood.


What? Why?


It's time, Jan.


Is it something I have done?


No, honey.

(he pulls a slip of paper from his inside jacket pocket)

I am going to see Mark today to give him an article for his blog.

(hands Jan the slip)

Meet me outside in about an hour.


A few blocks away, a man sits at his computer talking on the phone.


Megan was my crowning achievement.

As the conversation continues muffled, a Phillips screwdriver is snatched from a drawer in another room.


I'm ready now, Mark.

I'm ready to give you all my truth.

Richter watches Mark with great anticipation. Then Mark seems to peer inquisitively at Richter. Moments later, Mark has hung up his cell phone and shut his laptop. Richter just smiles and sets his phone down. A shadow falls over Richter. He whirls around and looks up from his computer chair.




Hello, Warren.

Miss me?

Richter actually appears intimidated. Jan straddles him and runs a hand over his face and around to the back of his head. She pulls him closer to her face desiring to kiss him.


(sultry tone)

What do you want from me, baby?


Ha ha!

I knew you couldn't stay away.

Jan carefully reaches for the Phillips screwdriver from her back pocket with a gloved hand.

Richter closes his eyes preparing to kiss Jan. Jan knees Richter roughly in the groin and penetrates the screwdriver deep into chest. Richter chokes on his blood. Jan waits for his body to go limp. Then she jumps off him victorious.


Now you are my crowning achievement, bitch!

Jan quickly puts a glove on her other hand. Then she crosses to the kitchen. She opens a drawer and grabs a plastic baggie. She goes back into the Richter's room and yanks the screwdriver from Warren's chest and puts it into the baggie. She seals the item closed. Then she puts the baggie into her purse and exits Richter's apartment.

Standing in front of an unfamiliar apartment building, Jan glances down at the slip her uncle gave her. (Mark's address is on it) She waits for her uncle to leave and runs up to the entrance.



Wow. . .


Yeah, no shit.


Well, you know what this means.

Jan shoots up suddenly. Mark follows suit and is utterly confused.


Look just wait until I have left before you call the police.


(hands Mark a a piece of paper)

Here's my address.

Mark looks at it and smiles. His eyes follow up to see Jan in front of him, but she has already moved toward the door.


(calls back)

Give it to the police when they arrive.

Jan walks to the door, unlocks it and begins to open it. Seconds later, it's forced shut. Jan whirls around and see Mark in front of her.


I can't let you leave, Jan,


(feels uneasy)


I'll wait here until. . .

(looks down)


I'm not going to call the police.


(is surprised, but too afraid to look up)

You're not?


What are you going to do then?


I am going to thank you properly.

(locks the door)

Jan's eyes glance up to Mark's face. Mark lifts Jan's chin and kisses her deeply. Jan jumps into his arms kissing him back. Mark carries Jan back to the livingroom and lies her gently onto his couch. Jan bites her lip as Mark climbs on top of her. They embrace and kiss passionately.


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