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The Story Of Rainbow City

Short story By: 1234catslane

Im sorry for any spelling mistakes or runon sentances. :D I hope you enjoy.

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''The Blackening begins when the first moon of the month is clouded with the kind of ashy clouds that bring a gloom around the entire earth. And during this short time of dread, the Keorem returns for blood, just like the moon before. '' Dad said, prodding the fire with the poker. Jake, my brother sitting beside me shuddered in our father's leather chair. I looked around the Study, looking at the books and brick walls surrounding us. Dad had put the fireplace on, and the lights off, attempting once agian to give us nightmares before bed. I sighed, looking back at my father as he continued. ''Keorem is the hooded murderer that rides on his steed as he takes another life to settle his hunger for the next few weeks of wait for the moon. And his steed, said to be blood red, but solid as steel.'' Dad loomed, smiling evilly. Dad always keeps a vast collection of books in the Study, but after mom left, they've all been mystery and poltergeist stories. I personally think hes gone crazy, but at least he tries to entertain us. Even though his entertainment scares me and Jake half to death. Leaving us to wonder what he thinks is real and unreal. There is so much depth in his eyes and voice to tell me hes not sure. dad continued, even though Jake was shaking in his chair, while I was just terribly bored and unamused.

''And he rides, faster then any living horse that has ever touched the earth. The Keorem is one of the most feared and dreaded poltergeist around, swiftly taking a life with his sickle. One strong swing.'' he said. I sighed, looking at him. ''Isn't that the Grim Reaper? You told us about him last night!'' I whined. Dad smiled. ''I was hoping you would get to that, yes, it is the 'Grim reaper' in a way, and all due respect to the original Grim Reaper, but, this is the northern version, my sweet'' he said. ''My own story, it is different'' he pointed out. ''The only simularity is the Sickle, anybody can kill with a sickle!'' he chuckled. I rolled my eyes and stood. ''i'm not in the mood for your stories tonight, dad. Sorry.'' I added, then stormed into my bedroom. Jake was shaking, of course he was the youngest, me 14, Jake 10. ''Y-yeah, I'm gonna g-go too'' he whispered, getting up and doing a little less then a run to his bed. That shut-up Dad for a while, and he sighed, picking up his book and started reading. The book had a peice of paper sticking out of page he had left it. Dad refused to bend the page he was on, claiming it ruined the page for life. He has always had more respect for books then for anything else.

Dad read his book quietly as the fire crackled for an hour, until dying down. He continued to read until his alarm went off. Midnight. He stood and put his makeshift bookmark into the book before putting it in the shelf it belonged in, and going off to bed. Another supersition of his, refusing to stay up any longer then midnight, the witching hour. Dad yawned loudly and crawled into bed. He fell asleep, snoring loudly as his mouth hung open.

I heard dad's alarm go off, and knowing he would be in bed, I decided to go on an adventure of my own. I pulled on a coat and my sneakers, and hopped out of my window. There are days I'm glad we live in a ranch-style home. ''Sorry to leave you and your stories, but I have a date, dad'' I whispered under my breath as I feel my feet touch the grass of our yard, and I crawl out of the window. I smirked and closed the window carefully and quietly, then quickly run from our yard, down our street, to the circle, and around the block. A long run for a girl my age, in the darkness of Midnight. When I fianally reached my destination, I noticed my date wasn't here yet. ''Of course.'' I growl as I sat down in the grass of my boyfriends yard. I waited for almost a half an hour before somebody approached me. Wait-No. Something. A cat. At least something came to meet me, unlike my boyfriend. The cat meowed loudly and purred, rubbing against my side. ''Hey there'' I whispered, stroking the black cat. It meowed louder and sat on my lap. I took this chance, and grabbed the cat gently, in which I felt around it's neck for a collar. "Ouch!'' I hissed as I pulled my hand back. i felt the warm blood from my fingers trickle into my palm. I frowned and looked at the cat agian, and into it's eyes. It's eyes were blood red, and glowing a bit. I stared at it's neck, which was bleeding more then my fingers. ''Kitty.....'' I whispered breathlessly, as I pushed the cat to lay down, and I examined it's neck. I have saw I this cat before, her name patience. It was my neighbors cat, that perferred to stay outside all it's life.

As I looked at Patience's neck, I realised somebody had put chickenwire around her neck, and it had cut into her neck, causing it to bleed. I didn't notice the blood because the fact it was so dark tonight, and her coat of fur was black as well. I went to pick her up and carry her home to get help, when she started to hiss loudly and screech at me. She bared her teeth and raised her whiskers, before biting me. The cat, bit me. I yelped painfully, drawing my hand back, and standing to get away from her. ''it's okay, Patience'' I whispered, trying to calm her. I thought she had been abused by somebody's sick kid. Patience screeched agian, and came after me. Having enough, and scared myself, I ran off for home.

Later the next morning, after I came home crying to my Dad, and telling him what happened, we went back to my boyfreind's house, and looked for Patience. While we did that, Jake was at our neighbor's home, asking them when they last saw patience. Dad and I found the chickenwire and a huge pool of blood, but no cat, and no sign of a struggle, or a body being moved. There was enough proof that shown she was killed, but...my Dad persisted that she was alive, because nobody found anything after that.

Our neighbors said Patience had been gone for a week, and we decided ntot o tell them because we never found her. Dad and Jake thought everything was normal after a few weeks, but, not me. I see Patience every night, sitting in my window as I close my eyes and fall asleep. She has never been able to go anywhere but sitting in my window, where her soul stays to watch me each and every night.


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