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Omar was just a young author who has becomed scarred from his parents divorce and is now traveling to find ideas so he could not think about the divorce. but now he's gone to a old hotel in the middle of Washington where he shall learn the truth about the terror that lives inside this hotel.

Submitted:Feb 13, 2012    Reads: 26    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Alexander Feliciano's

The Other Room


Omar! that's all I could hear, my name. Omar. All I ever wanted was to live a normal life without my parents divorce, that damn divorce has scarred me for life, another motherfucking dream of suspense, sex, and drama. I always get scared and I can't even go to sleep it's as if the dream is glued to my head, super glue. Screams filled my head, my mouth about to drool out the red gushing blood from my repulsive guts, I was running from the beasts and demons that chased me. I locked myself in the room with my hand gushing with blood and my forhead sweating to death, I peeked through the keyhole from the door, nothing there. Was I paranoid or just plain crazy, I don't know. The doorknob shook repeatedley and I kept screaming with sylaiva dripping from my mouth as if I had Rabies, " INISANT!" I said repeatedley, I lay there dead on the floor. I woke up then. I went to a hotel so I could get away from my parents divorce. I stared at the hotel, vines hanging everywhere, smudged windows, a thick fog. I walked up the stairs and into the hotel, there was just a fireplace and a fancy Chandelier. I walked up to the desk, I saw nobody there but I heard whispers. Finally a man came up to me, he says the place isn't that popular anymore, so he gave me the room for free. really weird but a nice guy. The room was beautiful like a rich person's house. " this room used to belong to the owner Mr. Abraham" the man said, I was starting to get scared. At least I have a fireplace, a bed, and a radio. It was midnight and I was in my bed when I heard this strange sound like a creaking door. A woman in white clothes stood right in front of me, she smiled, but I was scared, now she frowned and took my hand, I didn't trust her.


I was flying through the sky, soaring over the ocean onto a lighthouse. " your afraid" the woman said, " i'm very afraid of ghosts but your the most sweetest one i've ever known" I said. The woman smiled and I woke up on my bed with a candle next to me, it blew out by itself... I was a ghost but how did I die? The door open slightly, wind blew the fire from the fireplace, I screamed in terror. The man came back and put a plaque on the door, it said " ROOM OF OMAR BROADY".


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