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I Hope We Survive Book 3

Short story By: amerigo2

Sarah and Bella, two girl scouts, get locked inside school one night and are trapped and chased by a bloodthirsty janitor's pal.

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Girl Scout Horror #3

It was a warm, sunny, Friday afternoon; 2:30 and all the kids were anticipating when the bell would ring. School was almost over for the weekend.
Sarah and Bella, two junior Girl Scouts, couldn't for their bus to be called. At was 2:40 when Sarah decided that she needed to go to the bathroom, and Bella, being her best friend, went with her. When they came out, everything was dark and empty; when the girls were in the bathroom, the buses had been called and everybody had left.
The two assumed that the front doors would be locked from the outside, not the inside so that robbers couldn't get in. So they tried them. Something must be wrong here, thought Sydney. " The doors won't open! Why won't they open?!?!" panicked Bella. "Calm down, calm down. They must be locked from the inside."
"I mean, as long as we're here, we might do a favor for the janitors and clean up a bit." Sydney said. So they wandered over to the janitors closet and grabbed a vacuum. When they plugged it in, the security cameras caught the look of horror on their face before the monster they saw before the sucked up all of the electricity.
Right before them, the vacuum had come alive, with red glowing eyes and steam coming from behind. He growled a long, low growl with an evil glint in his eyes. Without warning, the creature,(definitely not a vacuum) lurched forward at tremendous speed. Sarah was frozen in place, so Bella had to yank her out of the things path. Then Bella realized something. The vacuum had only one sense of direction… forward.
The beast howled in rage as it blindly fretted about for his prey. While it's back was turned, the two girls quietly ran into the nearest room and locked the doors behind them. There they stayed over the weekend waiting to be rescued.
On Monday morning, Bella and Sarah, weak with thirst and hunger, heard the first creek of the front door as the Principal arrived. The banged and yelled at the door for help. When the Principal heard them, she quickly came and unlocked the door. "Oh my goodness!" the Principal exclaimed as she took in the sight of the starving girls.
They were given some food and water while they told the Principal the whole story, from when they went to the bathroom, to when they were rescued by her. The janitors were fired for witchcraft and the evil clean-up tool was destroyed. Happily ever after, after all.


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