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I Hope We Survive Book 4 part 1

Short story By: amerigo2

Sydney and Ashley, two girl scouts meet a giant beast in the park one day, then seek protection from the furry giant. Part 1 of a not-so-short story.

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Girl Scout Horror #4 Part 1

It was a nice autumn evening, and two junior Girl Scouts, Sydney and Ashley were hanging out in the park. They had enjoyed a nice picnic, their last in the warm weather.
"This is getting boring. Lets go swing." said Ashley as they finished their late lunch. So the girls walked over to the swings and halfheartedly took turns pushing each other. "This is still boring." said Sydney. " I challenge you to a high swing duel. The person that goes the highest in 60 seconds wins!"
Ashley agreed to the challenge. They started low, but in time, they kept going higher and higher, until something pushed them off! They fell to the ground and scraped their elbows and knees. Sydney started to cry, and Ashley tried not to shout. But they couldn't just sit there all day, so they stood up and shook the wood chips off of their pants and out of their hair.
This all happened in only a split second before they turned around to see what had caused the fall. At first, they didn't know what the beastly giant was. It had thick hair all over it's body, eight legs, and eight eyes. Then Sydney suddenly shouted, "Tarantula!"
Before the two could turn around and run, the enormous spider swallowed them into darkness. "We have to get out of here before the stomach acid eats us away!" cried Ashley. "Here, I've got my pocket knife." said Sydney. She cut a big circle on the side of the arachnid's gut and pushed out.
When they stepped out, they heard a howl of pain coming from the tarantula. While the thing was occupied, Ashley an Sydney ran to the nearest house. They fervently knocked on the door, and the homeowner came to the door before the knock was even finished.
"Can we please come in ma'am?" Ashley pleaded to the young woman.
"Why of course! The tarantula found you didn't it."
"Yes, and it's coming after us now!"
"Quick, to the basement!"
The trio went down to the basement and hid in a bathtub with a mattress over their heads.
"Now let me tell about you about this tarantula. Said the woman. "By the way, my name's Cassandra. The beast has lived in the park for about three years, ever since a foreign scientist created him. Unfortunately, the man thought he could conquer the wild spider, and was devoured." explained Cassandra.
"Oh!" the girls murmured in unison.
"Ever since he ate the Scientist, he has been on the hunt for human flesh." Cassandra said
"Then we must go slaughter it," Sydney said bravely.
So Ashley, Sydney, and Cassandra set out to kill the beast.

To Be Continued


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