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I hope We Survive Book 4 part 2

Short story By: amerigo2

A tragic ending... but for whom, the very willing neighbor, of the troublesome two?

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I Hope We Survive Book 4 part 2

It turns out that our beast isn't quite as invincible as our friends expected it to be. But of course, things aren't as always as hard or easy as we anticipate them to be.

As weapons, Cassie grabbed a butcher knife from the kitchen, Sydney, a long, sleek dagger from the basement, and Ashley, a large spear from the caveman-themed guestroom.

"Why a caveman theme?" Ashley questioned.

"My dad studied cavemen when he was alive. I designed it to honor him, I guess," Cassie explained.

"Sorry about your dad," Sydney offered.

In the distance, the group could hear the stomping and trumping of the furry beast as it trundled around trying to find the escaped victims. Sydney, the unspoken leader, went outside and darted across the street, beckoning the others to follow. The park was only behind the fence from there, and would be easy to jump over.

"Give me a boost," Cassie whispered. "I've done this before."

The girls gave her a questioning look, but helped anyway, because so far, Cassie had been right about everything. Sydney again took the lead after they were all over and swiftly ran to hide behind a bush. The others followed.

By this point in our story, Ashley had begun to feel completely left out, what with the caveman thing, the unspoken follower, and very little things to say. In one spilt-second decision, Ashley charged the beast from behind as a show of true bravery. While she thought that it must've looked heroic to anyone that was watching, it just looked stupid to Sydney and Cassie. Ashley jumped on the beast's back and drove her spear through the creatures back.

"WAIT!! Don't hurt my bab-," Cassie yelled but was silenced by the ear-splitting roar of the tarantula. With a twist of her hand, she brought a remote control out of her back pocket. A large red button seemed to scream, "PUSH ME!" So Cassie did.

With a creak and a slow crawl, the creature stopped in its tracks. Ashley looked up at Sydney, who looked up at Cassie, who was looking toward the sky.

"Another poor batch of victims," she said with a sad smile. "They always fall for the tarantula bit now don't they?"

"I don't understand," Sydney said, puzzled.

"You will soon," the crazed woman murmured. With a defiant shriek and two quick swings of the butcher knife, our "heroines" were dead. Cassie wiped her hands on the back of her jeans and strolled away without so much as a glance backwards.

Others who would pass by her that day would not notice anything in particular about our killer, but all of them would tell you that they had seen this look in her eyes. Faraway, and almost… dead.


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