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Meeting of a Being

Short story By: ana jester

About a man with psychological problems but doesn't know it.

Submitted:May 18, 2009    Reads: 78    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

He watched the door silently. Every hour he expected them...Nothing ever appeared though. The house remained silent and vacant except for himself and his belongings. It was midnight and the moon glowed red and black from the stars and the shadows. From the shadows he believed they lived at. They would come to him later and speak with him. He sat alone in the living room by the fireplace and watched the flames shoot up when pieces of the wood would pop. All he could think of was the time. He lived alone, everyday and night he would just stay in the house and in the same chair. Not getting up from his resting place unless he really had to.

And then he heard the voice. He knew they were outside. Most likely by the window, looking in and whispering about anything. He feared them, they would come in the house one day.One night. He heard them getting louder and giggling, snickering and whispering which seemed to echo throughout his home. The flames shot out and the foyer lights went out.
The candles that were lit in the living room went out all at once and the window cracked. He sat still, afraid to move. They became louder and louder every minute. The voices screeched and became even more vigorous than the past few weeks. The clouds passed over the moon and the stars seemed to disappear. He was afraid to move from his seat. The front door opened and they came in, they came into the living room and became even louder than before. He heard them come closer and he clawed his fingers into the chair's arms, tearing off some of the chair's fabric and wood. They surrounded him and they pulled at his hair and clawed at his eyes. Louder and more violent than before, they lifted up the chair and flung it to the fireplace. More flames rose and the crack on the window became more until the whole window was cracked. They threw the table that had the only lamp in the house and he yelled and they pulled at his hair and clawed his face. All the candles broke at once and the wood beside the fireplace was thrown across the room. The window finally broke in and the bits of glass flew in. Another window broke and the glass flew out. They crowded around him as he fell silent and it became dark.

The police and ambulance had been called out to the three story house due to the neighbors hearing terrible screams and loud talking and vigorous laughter. They went in and found the man sitting on the floor talking to himself. They called in the local insane asylum and took him in again. After that he was committed to the insane asylum for the third time that year. Another window had been cracked all over it. The cracks were red and dark blue. He would be released again in the coming week.


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