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BIRTH OF A NIGHTMARE ( Supernatural challenge )

Short story By: angellynn

Mara was none too happy when the doctor told her she was pregnant. She knew it was impossible.. Maras nightmares became a reality.. Was Mara going crazy? Or was she living in her nightmare?

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Submission toMidnightRoses challenge!

Mara wakes up at four am and dashes for the bathroom. This is the third day in a row Mara woke up feeling sick and weak. She remembers feeling this bad years ago when she had the flu. Brushing her teeth, Mara decides to go see a doctor. Lying on the examination table Mara had another flash back. Brief images would flash in her mind and Mara couldn't understand why. She has been having strange dreams for two months now. Every night, about the same man. And every night he would be doing horrible things to these women. He was an evil man. A serial killer.. Or even worse.. A monster, the devil himself.

" Am I going crazy? " Mara thought. " Whats happening to me?" Mara just lay there trying to figure out what the images in her dreams mean. Mara could see aman standing over a woman. Then the image would disappear. Mara had another image in her mind, where the same man was raping a woman. Mara couldn't tell who he was and It terrified her.

The door to the examination room opened and a doctor in a white lab coat walked in. He had a folder of what Mara assumed was her medical records.

" Mara Stevens?" The doctor asked.

" Yes!" Mara replied.

" I'm Dr. Peters. I'm sorry for the long wait, we had to send for your records. Can you tell me why your not seeing Dr. Fergusson anymore?"

Mara did'nt answer the doctor right off. She was still taking in his good looks. The doctor smiled and walked over to the table.

"Dr. Fergusson was a chilhood doctor. hes no longer practicing," Mara frowned.

" What can I do for you today, Miss Stevens? "

" I have'nt been feeling too well for the last couple of days. I've been weak and nauseated."

" Any feeling faint, or throwing up?" The doctor asked.

" Yes." Mara answered." I've thrown up a few times."

The doctor looks at Mara. He couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was. Mara had long blonde hair with sunblitz streaks. Her eyes were hazel. He also noticed on her chart that Mara was five feet four inches tall and weighed one hundred and thirty pounds.

" I see here in your records, you've lost some weight." The doctor smiled. " Were you dieting? Or is it because you have'nt been feeling well?" He asked concerned.

" It was a diet." Mara smiled proudly.

" Good!" The doctor laughed.

After examining Mara, the doctor told her he would send in a nurse for a urine sample and to draw some blood. Mara still feeling poorly layed back on the table and closed her eyes. Mara fell asleep and dreamed about the man she was having these Images of. Soon her mind drifted to an alley where she saw the man again. He was dressed in black and this time he had a knife to Maras neck. She stood there watching as he took the knife and slashed her throat. Then the man turned towards Mara and grins,as if he knew she was watching him slash her throat. Mara starts running. Suddenly a nurse shakes Mara waking her up.

"Are you alright?" The nurse asked.

"Im fine," Mara assured her. " Bad dream I guess."

Mara waited for the doctor to come back with the results of her tests. The doctor finally comes in and sits down.

" Your test results show you are pregnant. Two Months to be exact."

Mara had a disbelief look on her face. She sat there frozen and bewildered.

" Pregnant! " Mara finally blurted out. " How can that be? "

The doctor looked at Mara with a strange look on his face. "When was the last time you had a period? "

Mara feeling stupid. Told the doctor three months ago.

The doctor gave Mara an appointment to come back, when she was in her fourth month of pregnacy. Mara was astonished. " How could I be pregnant?" She thought. It was impossible. Mara had'nt had sex in over a year. It had to be a mistake. On the way home, Mara decided to stop by the pharmacy and pick up a pregnacy test. Mara was totally confused and worried. Mara got the test and rushed home. After twenty minutes Mara slowly walked towards the bathroom." Dont let it be blue," she thought. Mara opened the door and fell to the floor. The test showed Mara was indeed pregnant....

" None of this makes sense," Mara kept saying, over and over again. " Maybe I am going crazy."

Mara falls to the bed exhausted and very stunned. Mara falls asleep quickly. She finds herself walking a path through a wooded area. She did'nt know where she was, or how she got there. At the end of the path Mara saw a bright light. In the bright light she sees an angel. The angel was calling her to come closer. Behind Mara was darkness. In the darkness she saw a child, a newborn baby.. Maras baby. Mara did'nt know what to do. Go to the light, or go to her son. Mara was confused and horrified. The darkness gave Mara the feeling of evilness and chilled her to the bone. But thats where her baby was. The angel was angelic and Mara sensed Love and compassion from the light. Mara had to make a choice. Go into the light, or follow her motherly instinct and save her baby from the darkness of evil....

" Seven months passed quickly and Mara grew more and more depressed. Each awakening, took Mara to another horrible nightmare.

" Push!" The doctor yelled.

Mara pushed with all the strength she had. Soon she heard a scream and then crying. Maras baby had arrived.

" Its a boy! " The doctor announced. Laying the baby in Maras arms.

Mara looks at her baby expecting to feel that mother and child connection... Mara couldn't feel it. She did'nt feel anything anymore. Only emptiness and confusion. This should have been a happy time for Mara... In reality that is. But Mara lost touch with reality years ago. Or so it seemed.

Mara is suddenly awakened by the sound of her six year old son Darren, rolling a toy truck across her stomach. Darren was such a happy child. A normal child. It was Mara who was'nt normal. Her last nightmare was the most horrible of all.. As the man raped her, Mara reached to reveal the face behind his hood.Ripping It off revealing the monsters face,Mara screamed In horror.. Suddenly she wakes up.

Mara starts to cry. Little Darren sits on his mothers lap and gives her a hug.

" Its ok, Mommy. Dont cry, Darren assured her. Your not crazy." He said with a wicked smile.

Mara looks into her sons eyes. She was horrified to see the blackness of Darrens eyes and the reflection of the man in her nightmares. As the man looked back at Mara, an evil grin came across his lips. Mara screamed in horror, as she reconized the family resemblance.....




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