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Short story By: angellynn

This is a short story based on the apocalypse ( End Of Days ). KTs Horror Challenge. This is my opinion of events that will happen when the human race is faced with the four horsemen. This is not intended to change the bibles view of the apocalypse. Only what i think may happen to me during the end of days.

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Its August 24th, 2009. I'm sitting at my computer typing, when suddenly the skies become dark gray, and mysteriously still. I rise and walk towards my window. Looking up to the sky, My eyes beheld the rolling clouds. Behind the clouds was the roaring thunder, and lightening flashing so brightly, it nearly blinded me. Frightened, but curious. I opened my door, and stood at the end of the porch.

Out of the clouds, like a mighty force, appeared a white horse. Upon the whitehorse was a man dressed in armor. Upon his upper thigh was the word Conquest. In his hands he held a bow. He took an arrow from his pouch, and aimed it towards a beast that appeard from nowhere. The beast was horrific, and its teeth was like a two-sided sword, yelling profanity, and cursing Gods name.

Conquest killed the beast, and every beast of the earth...

Suddenly the the dark clouds began to roll again, and behind them came fire. From the fire appeared a red horse. Upon the red horse, sat another man, and upon his upper thigh was the word war.

In his hand, he held a sword. He didn't speak, but held his sword towards the four corners of the earth. War was brought to man, and peace was taken away. War killed man with his sword. The earth was full of death...

Earth became barren, and drought came upon the earth, as before me stood a black horse. Upon the black horse, sat famine. The man upon the black horse had the word famine written on his upper thigh, and held balance. His words were as loud as thunder...

" I bring drought to earth. Every living thing will parish. There will be hunger upon the earth."

My eyes became dry, and couldn't produce tears. I watched helplessly as the earth, and every living thing wilted from drought. The earth became like a jig-saw puzzle, and i became very thirsty. Witout oxygen from the trees, it became hard for me to breath.

Then suddenly from the clouds appeared a pale horse, and the man that sat upon the pale horse was death, and behind death was hell. Death held the scythe. Death kills with death.

The last thing i remember before closing my eyes for the last time, was to never forget this day, and make my soul right with God. So when the end of days really comes... I shall be prepared.



Remember, this is only my opinion. My preceputation. This is not intended to mislead. Or take away from the bible, or add anything to it.


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