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For Unique Writing Contest (Unfinished) Angellynn

Short story By: angellynn

Submission to Unique Writing Contest, Unfinished. Forbidden is my tag team partner. After Rani Stevens and her friends find a Ouija board behind a broken plank in the cabin wall. The quiet town of Edgewood would never be the same. Rani became a different person and one by one her friends went missing. One innocent question asked of Ouija board, turned Rani and Edgewood into something evil. Darkness fell upon Edgewood and Rani fell victim to its curse. Part 1 and 3 Unfinished.Parts 2 and 4 are written by my partner forbidden. Please check them out.

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Edgewood was a quiet little town. Filled with ordinary people. The majority of them were church going citizens. My name is Rani Stevens, I'm seventeen years old, and a high school student. I don't believe in going to church, and would always manage to get out of going. My parents are devowed church goers, and spent a lot of their time in church, or working for the church. That was fine for them, but I didn't want to give my life to the church or God. I had seen what a christian had to become, and what they had to give up, just to devote their hearts to a man no-one has ever seen.

The younger generation of Edgewood had bigger and better plans with their lives. Graduating school and getting the hell out of Edgewood. It was a boring place. The only fun we had was gathering at an abandoned cabin on Woolen Lake, near the outskirts of Edgewood.

The cabin was a place we could let loose and enjoy being a teenager without the eyes of Edgewood stopping us from having a little fun in our lives.

Me and my two friends spent every weekend at the cabin. Playing our favorite music, drinking, and making out if we wanted to. Everything was going good for us until one of my friends found a Ouija Board in the wall of the cabin. Shelby was excited about it and curious to know if it would work.

She quickly joined me and Darian by the fireplace," look guys! " She laughed as she lay the Ouija board down in front of me.

Darian began to all laugh and make jokes, as we knew what it was. " I love this game! "I giggled and reached to grab it.

" I played this game years ago when I visited my cousin in Mississippi. But it never worked. I found out it was her moving it all along. But it was still fun playing with it." She shrugged.

"Let's try it," Darian smiled. " Maybe hers was a dud, hahaha! Give it to me." He laughed wickedly.

We each placed our finger tips upon the slider. " Who's going to ask it a question? " Shelby asked in a nervous tone.

Darian looked at Shelby and then at me. He winked, and blurted out. "Rani! You ask it a question."


(Part three-Angellynn-Partner1)( Check out Part2 and part4 on forbiddens page)

The three of us were scared out of our wits. Little did we know, that last thunder bolt hit a tree next to Darians SUV sending it slamming atop the hood. The alarm echoed through the woods and screamed back into our ears. "Damn!" Darian yelled back to me and Shelby." Get back in the cabin, hurry! "
No sooner did the words escape his drenched lips, another bolt snapped through the trees causing the top branches to explode in sparks of fire.
It had grown eerily dark, as we hurried to get the fire going in the fireplace. We scurried around to find as much kindling as we could. I managed to find several candles, when I noticed the Ouija board still lying on the floor. I grabbed it and hid it from Shelby. She was already scared witless, and trembling. Shelby never was one for horror, or monsters. Not to mention the thought of ghosts or the unknown, It would send her into a panic attack.
Her dad was the town minister. Her mom died when she was born, and so her dad was very protective of her. If he knew she was here with Darian and me, let alone had played with a Ouija board, she would be grounded for life.
I could hear her by the fireplace crying. I placed a blanket over the board and went over to her. " Shelby, it's alright. We'll get out of here soon." I promised, rubbing her blonde hair softly trying to calm her down. I could see the horror in her eyes.
" You saw what was on that wall, didn't you?" She gasped, rubbing her red and swollen eyes.
" I saw something. We all did. But I don't believe the Ouija board had anything to do with it. It's only a game." I told her trying to soothe her nerves. I knew she was frightened, I was too. And I was worried. Worried about what those words mean't, and who could have put them there. I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, and something told me it wasn't over.
"Shelby, where's Darian?"
He wasn't anywhere in the room. So I called to him, my voice broken and shallow. He didn't answer. Shelby moved closer to me and wrapped her arm around me, digging her nails into my other arm.
" Where did he go Rani? Rani! Where's Darian! " She cried terrified.
I checked my cell phone to see if it worked. It didn't. I held Shelby tightly. I was scared, and I didn't know where Darian was, or what had happened to him.
I kept telling Shelby the storm would end soon, and we could leave. But deep in my heart, I knew this wasn't over. Those words mean't something. Even if it wasn't the Ouija board, something or somebody put them there.
Shelby had fallen asleep from crying so much, and I was exhausted from fright as well. I nearly had fallen asleep when a scratching sound came the wall across the room.
Suddenly the wall was marked in bright red again. My eyes grew big as they rolled back into my head. I began to speak the words being etched in red along the wall. But it wasn't my voice that escaped my lips. It wasn't my voice at all. What ever possessed that Ouija board, was trying to possess me. What ever it was, it was angry, and I could feel it inside me.
I didn't know how much time had passed when I realized I was alone in the room. I searched the bathroom and closet, under the bed and outside. Darian and Shelby were gone. The Ouija board was gone, and the words on the wall sent me fainting to the floor.
A/N forbidden- Here is a list of titles I came up with and a picture.
Playing With The Devil
The Evil Within
Edgewood Horror
Picture credit-Photobucket.com


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