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Short story By: angellynn

Submission to The Dark - Keepers Profiles...

Mary Ann was the first of her kind. She was incredibly beautiful. When the death of her parents takes Mary to a world of evil. Mary becomes transformed. She falls in the hands of demons, and concieves the beast...

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In a world where hell transcends heaven. A young woman is transformed from beauty to the beast.


Her name is Mary Annette Valincort. She came to the Islands in search of the murderers responsible for her parents death. It was`nt blood Mary was after, but their very souls....

Mary knelt at her parents grave. Tear after tear she couldn`t believe they were gone. The accident that took them was`nt normal. At nineteen Mary grew to be a very beautiful woman. She was loved by all men, and envied by all women. Mary`s beauty was a curse. Her mother was human, but her father was a demon. When the two bloods are mixed the results are called Transformers. Mary was the first of their kind. Transformers had the best of both worlds, angels and demons.

Because Mary was a Transformer. There would be war between both worlds, good and evil. Both worlds fighting for Mary`s heart. Evil knowing that the generation of transformers mixed with demon blood would bare the Beast. The Beast was the greatest of power. The highest of evil, and ruler of satan himself.

The angels knew this too. Without God to guide them in this new world. They were afraid for the human race. The angels were dying. There were only a few of them left in this new world. But they were very powerful. Not as powerful as the Beast. They had to stop the mixing of the bloods before it was too late. The only thing that would keep the angels from fighting for Mary, would be if she took a humans life....


As the boat approached the Island. Mary could sense the evil in the air. The smell of death was everywhere, and the feeling in Mary`s stomach made her sick. It was her human sense. But Mary`s evil side was very excited. She did`nt know where to start in the search for her parents murderers. She was exhausted from the long trip, and decided to get a room in town. As Mary walked up the street to the hotel, everyone stared at her. They were awed by her beauty. The hotel clerk was shocked when Mary signed in. He noticed she was a Valincort.

" Are you related to the Valincorts that just died? " The clerk asked.

" Yes, Mary answered. Do you know anything about it? "

Ignoring Mary`s question, the clerk handed Mary her room key. " Room twelve Miss Valincort. Enjoy your stay." Then he turned and walked away leaving Mary there with a blank look on her face. He was`nt about to interfer with evil...

As Mary was unpacking there was a knock on her door. " Who is it ?" Mary asked.

" Room service Miss Valincort." A voice said.

Mary opened the door, " I did`nt..." Mary paused. No one was there. Just an envelope lying on the floor.

Mary picked it up, and opened it. It read.. " Meet me on the docks at midnight. I have imformation about your parents." signed angel.


It was midnight when Mary reached the dock. There was a chill in the air that made Mary`s blood run cold. Suddenly Mary sees a figure coming towards her. As it approached Mary got that sick feeling again. The smell of death seeped through her nostrils. She began to feel uneasy. The man asked. " Are you Miss Valincort?"

" Yes, I`m Mary Valincort. Are you the one who left the note? "

" I am, he answered. You want to know about your parents death."

" Of course,"Mary told him.

The angel explained." Your parents death was no accident. The demons killed your parents."

" But why?" Mary asked.

" Its all part of their plan, the angel told her. The demons are preparing for the new generation. The generation of the Beast.You Miss Valincort are a transformer. They need your bloodline. Transformer blood mixed with demon blood to create the Beast. Your parents mixed blood to create you.. A Transformer. Your parents knew about this, especially your father. Your father was a demon, and knew when you were concieved, you would one day bare the beast. But your mother being human, softened his heart. He was going to tell you about the plan. Thats why the demons killed them."

" You mean my father was in on this plan," Mary cried.

The angel looked at Mary with saddened eyes. " At first he was. But he loved you too much to let them go through with it. Your father wanted to stop it, but he couldn`t. It was too late. Time is running out for the demons. They knew killing your parents would keep their plan secret, and get you here quickly."

Mary knew she was different from the humans, and that her blood was half demon. But Mary was`nt aware of the priceless blood that ran in her veins. The bloodline that the demons have been waiting to claim for nineteen years.

" They need your womb Miss Valincort." The angel explained.

" You mean they want to impregnate me."Mary cried.

"Exactly," the angel told her.

" How do you know all this?" Mary asked.

" I am an angel. Angels know everything," he smiled.

Suddenly the angel was gone. Mary stood there bewildered. She was no longer worried about revenging her parents death. She felt betrayed, and hurt. Mary could sense another presence. One that gave her an eerie chill.


As Mary began to walk back to the hotel. She saw another figure in the darkness. It too was a man. Mary was`nt sure if he was human, angel or demon. As the man came into Mary`s view, she couldn`t believe how absolutely handsome he was.

" Good evening Miss," he said.

" Good evening to you," Mary answered.

" Lovely night for a stroll. Whats a beautiful young woman such as you, walking the streets at this time of night?" The man asked.

" Taking in some fresh air before I retire," Mary told him.

Mary was aware now, that this man wasn`t what he seemed. He was a demon, and she knew it in her soul. He was sent to enchant Mary. To sweep her off her feet, and it was working. Mary was fasinated by his looks. Mary and the demon talked for hours. Mary told him about her parents, and the demon acted liked he did`nt know what she was talking about. The demon agreed with everything Mary said. It was getting late, so Mary said goodbye to the demon. The demon gave Mary a pleading smile." By the way the demon said. My name is Simon." Mary blushed, and started walking back to the hotel. Mary did`nt know what the demon did to her, but she liked it.. A lot.


Mary crawled into bed, she was so very tired it did`nt take her long to fall asleep. Mary dreamed she was bent over a human eating his heart. The taste of his blood satisfied her hunger. She passed by a window, and saw her reflection. She was`nt beautiful at all. She was transformed. The most horrific thing shes ever seen. Human blood ran down her face. Her nails were like claws. Mary ran but she had no idea where she was running to. Suddenly Mary sees another victim. She stalks her. Waiting for the perfect moment to attack. Then it comes...

TheTransformer takes off the womans head with one swipe. The more it killed, the more powerful theTransformer became. theTransformer took three lives that night. Mary took three lives that night. Mary wakes in a cold sweat. She is trembling, and breathing rapidly. " Wow!" Mary thought. "That was some nightmare."

Mary got up to go to the bathroom. When she turned on the light, Mary screamed. There was blood everywhere. Mary had blood all over her body. It was all over the bathroom, and all over her bed. She knew at that moment, she had transformed...


Knowing she had transformed, Mary unwillingly gave into the demons side. The angels would never except her now. Mary began cleaning the bloody mess, so no one would suspect what she had done.

Later that day the handsome man called upon Mary.

There was a knock on Mary`s door. Mary opened it, and there he stood. He was a demon, and a fine one at that. "Hello again. He told Mary. Mind if I come in."

" Not at all Mary smiled. How did you know where I was staying?"

"Well, Simon laughed. Theres not that many hotels in this area."

" I see. Mary said. Come in, and have a seat."

Now everyone knows when you invite evil into your home, It doesn`t leave until it is satified. Simon had only one thing on his evil mind, and that was making sure Mary concieved. The future generation was at stake, and the demons wanted to make sure Mary was with child before she left the Island.

Simon looked deep into Mary`s eyes. Mary couldn`t look away, she was in a trance. Looking deeper and deeper into Simons eyes. She was mesmerized. Mary finally fell into a deep sleep. Simon lay Mary on the bed, and summoned the demons. One by one the demons came. Each casting their evil blood upon her. Drop by drop Mary`s womb was fertilized with their spirits. Hours later Mary awoke. She was dizzy headed, and dazed. Unaware of what had happened to her, Mary wondered where Simon disappeared to.

Mary felt so lonely, and used. She hated what she was. Mary hated what she had done to the humans. She realized it was the way of the transformers. But she did`nt have to like it. Knowing that her hunger would soon return. Mary decided it was time to leave the Island. The next morning Mary was expecting Simon to say goodbye. It was as if he never existed, no one knew who he was. They never heard of him.


Boarding the boat, Mary looks around for Simon. Disappointed she was`nt to see him again. Mary holds her stomach, she had a sick feeling. Not like when she arrived, but a different sick feeling. The morning sickness kind. Mary tried to remember the night Simon came over, but she couldn`t remember anything. only the feeling of being used. Mary did however remember what the angel had told her about the generation of the Beast. Mary grabs her stomach... " No! She screamed. She was aware that the child she had concieved would be the first born Beast of the new generation..

As the boat slowly leaves the Island....

The Demons Look On.

The Dark - Keeper stands watch for his next victim...


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