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Short story By: angellynn

CAUTION!!! Contains sexual content. London England, 1812. An unexpected woman finds herself faced with her fear, as she is taken from her present life, to become his eternal bride. This is a short version of a novel i've been working on.

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London England 1812

It was late Autumn. The air was so crisp and clear. The stars were amazingly bright, and the moon? It was brilliantly full and new. It was so beautiful. I couldn't tell wheather the street lights were on or not.

I worked in a small variety shop on the edge of town. Charleston was a quaint little town filled with small cottages. It was a scary place to be, especially at night.

I was so tired from working such long hours, I hadn't noticed darkness had fell. The streets were deserted. I glanced at the time. It was nearly one am. I locked up, and secured the shop. Suddenly a cold chilling wind brushed past me.

I watched intensily as stray trash danced in the empty streets. ' Its going to be a really cold winter this year. " I thought, as I wrapped my scarf tightly around my neck.

I began to walk toward my cottage, which was three blocks away. It seemed so much further in the dark. My feet began to really hurt, as I slowly limped to the second block.

I rested for only a moment, as to ease the pressure of my weight upon them. I was nearing the third block, as I tried to keep my mind on my footsteps, and off my fears. The neighborhood was slightly run down, but during the day was quite busy.

At night though, it was very different. It was terribly dark, and when the fog moved in, it was scary too. Night time was no time for a woman to be walking alone." Left, right, left! " I repeated over and over in my mind.

Suddenly my steps became louder, and began to tap. I stopped and leaned against a structure for support. Sure enough a pebble had wedged in the bottom of my shoe. I tried to pry it loose, but it was impossible. It had embedded deep within the creases.

I continued to walk toward the final block, when I began to hear another set of footsteps. I stopped frozen with fear. I began to look in the direction of them. Then they slowly began to fade, as they seemed to walking away from me.

I caught my breath, in relief. I increased my pace toward home, as my shoes made a more sharper, more rapid tapping sound.

The cold air made my ears ring, and they hurt badly from the coldness. Then suddenly I heard the footsteps again. I looked up and down the deserted streets. I saw nothing. Only a loose board flapping against a building.

I kept on walking," left, right, left." I set my mind back on my steps. There were only a few more feet to my door, asI desperately dug for my keys. I was shaking so badly, I dropped my keys to the pavement. I knelt down, to retrieve them, when a shadow fell upon me.

Too scared to look up, but horrified not to, I did. Standing two feet between me, and safety, was a tall slender man dressed in a black hooded cape. Not knowing what to do, or how to escape him, I began to scream. My cry for help, echoed through the empty streets. No one came. Not a single light lit a window. I was helpless.

Behind his dark hood, were two flaming red eyes, peering through my very soul. I took a deep breath ready to scream again, when I found myself in total darkness.

When I woke hours later. I was lying in a large canopy bed. A long white sheer, drapped down the dragon claw bed posts. Helplessly I glanced around the mahogany room, when I noticed I was completely naked. I was terrified, and confused.

I had no idea where I was, or how I got there.

Suddenly the large double doors flew open. I grabbed the golden comforter, and covered myself.

" Whose there? " I cried in tears. " Who are you? "

From the smoke filled shadows, a handsome yet very tall man approached me. I quivered under the comforter, as he slowly sat on the bed next to me.

He reached for it, and slowly exposed my bare body. His eyes weren't that firery red anymore, but the deepest of blue. I looked into them. I felt driven to. For some strange reason, I wasn't afraid of him anymore.

A deep, yet gentle sigh escaped his lips. I could tell he was very pleased. I became mesmerised by his charm. I was captured by his gaze, as he slowly followed every line of my naked body with his eyes.

I was enchanted by him. I felt the need to be in his arms. I was overwhelmed with desire, as I offered myself to him. He had a confident smile upom his face, as he took me in his embrace.

His body pressed against mine, as he melted into me. I had never felt more beautiful. Never felt more desirable. I was in a total state of submission. My heart willing to give him anything he wanted.

He stared deep into my eyes, as I slightly tilted my head, exposing the large throbbing vein in my neck. He became more erotic, more hungry. Hungry to recieve all that I had to offer him.

As he gently kissed my neck, every part of me begged for him. I gasped, as his fangs pierced my skin. He suckled the very life that flowed through me. It was slightly uncomfortable, but I didn't care. I wanted him, I needed him.

After drinking of me, he aggressively mounted me, and gave me multiple pleasure. After many climaxes. We lay there in satisfaction. Both of us, now bound forever.

It was at that very moment, I fell in love with a vampire. Though questions ran vividly through my mind, I didn't ask them. He had already expressed everthing I needed to know, and now? I am his eternal bride.



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