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" INSIDE OUT " sammieeejos contest

Short story By: angellynn

Gordi was seventeen. He and some friends decide to take a joy ride. Drinking and getting high, they didn't notice the 18-wheeler. Now Gordi doesn't see things as he did before.

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Gordi loved to drive fast. He had just got a 2009 Ford Mustang, candy apple red, convertable for his birthday. He wanted to show off for his friends.

The guys picked up a case of beer, and some really good weed. They drove along interstate 20. Gordi drank a six pack and was feeling the need for speed. He pressed the gas. Slowly at first, then he punched it.

His friends yelled for him to slow down, but Gordi wouldn't listen. They came to a curve in the road. Tommy who was sitting in the front with Gordi, began to have a bad feeling about coming along.

" Cmon guys, I just want to see what shes got. Hang on! " He yelled.

The speedometer read 90 mph. Reaching the turn, Gordi let up a little. The car swirved, throwing Tommy against the windshield.

" Damn man! Whats wrong with you.? " Holding his aching head. " Have you lost your mind? "

Gordi just laughed, " What are you guys, sissys! "

The car made the curve, and Gordi began to feel confident. He took the car to 100 mph.

His friends in the back were speechless. They had long pee'd their pants. Gordi pressed the gas again taking the speed to 120 mph.

Tommys mouth dropped when he noticed another curve ahead. " Gordi slow down, theres a curve up ahead." Gordi didn't have time to slow the car down, when out of nowhere an 18-wheeler took the curve, and slammed into them.

The mustang flew up into the air. The guys bodies were strown everywhere. There were body parts for miles. An eyeball here, a leg there. The highway was covered in blood.

The driver of the 18-wheeler managed to come to. He was shocked to find all the body parts lying everywhere. He got on his cb radio and cried for help.

He couldn't look at them. When help arrived. The emts were shocked too. The boys were hard to identify, as their body parts were mixed together. The only body that was still in tact, was Gordis. They starred at him. He was covered in blood. Then one emt noticed he wasn't covered in blood at all. They knelt beside him. " Look at that! " One of them nearly threw up.

" Thats impossible," the other cried.

They looked at each other. " He must have been going pretty fast to have been turned inside out like that. " I guess," they agreed.


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