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Frozen with Fear

Short story By: Angie Blake

A story I wrote when I was working as a bartender late shift.
It never happened to me but it's the one thing that people always think of when they're closing up for the night.....

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The bar was quiet that evening as Amy locked up both the doors and started in on the pile of dishes that were waiting for her on the counter.
It was an exasperating evening with all the fights and the drama that had happened.
Amy stopped for a minute to listen to nothing but the night sounds of the bar and the silence of the evening.
Amy sighed and put the dishes in the dishwasher.
She began to wipe down the counters and the tables.
This time of the evening was her favorite time. It was where she transformed from bartender into mother of three children again.
The next morning agenda kept creeping into her mind. She was wondering exactly how it was she was going to get her eldest daughter to the doctor's appointment she had scheduled for her. She calculated in her mind the tips that she had made that evening, Amy knew that she had enough to call a taxi for a ride home and again for one for her daughter's appointment.
Amy smiled.
Tips always made the night better.
Amy cleaned the karaoke room and the poker machines.
Suddenly the lights went off and Amy was surrounded by darkness.
Amy froze.
She could hear the spinning of the fans in the karaoke room.
Spin. Spin. Spin.
The coolers making sounds of light clapping in the darkness.
Clap. Clap. Clap.
The sounds of the dishwasher running water through it.
Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh.
Amy listened.
"Hello!?!" Amy called out into the darkness.
Amy scolded herself. She knew no crook in their right mind was going to answer her back.
Amy sighed. She felt her way in the darkness back to the counter. She felt in the cabinet under the till drawer where she knew the boss had hidden the flashlight. "Ah ha!" Amy said as she found the flashlight and turned it on.
The light beamed a small light and Amy scanned the karaoke room with it. Nothing.
Amy scanned the bar with the light to see if she could spy anything. Or anyone. The bar was scanned from top to bottom. She looked under tables, chairs, bar stools. Around corners, behind poker machines, in the bathrooms and the backroom where the safes were stored.
Nothing. Nothing and NOTHING!
Slowly Amy went to the corner to grab the baseball bat she had hidden behind the bar just for
one of these occassions.
Amy felt ridiculously powerful armed with a bat and a flashlight as she tip toed across the room towards the back room of the bar. The door that led into the back room was scarey enough as it was all by itself. It seemed to be a bit older than the rest of the bar. It had a diamond shaped window that had a very blurry glass in it. It gave Amy the creeps! The only place anyone could see in the backroom was to the backdoor. Nothing of the back room could be seen through this window at all.Amy kicked a powerful kick to the front of the door. It swung open and banged hard against the wall. She figured that she could, at least, startle whatever it was that was making noises and scaring her.
Amy stopped to listen again.
Spin. Spin. Spin.
Clap. Clap. Clap.
Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh.
Amy jumped.
Bang was not a usual nightly noise in the bar.
Amy was so scared she couldn't breathe.
She stood at the door. Unable to move and frozen with fear.
She could feel the pounding of her heart beat in her chest.
The noise was deafening to her ears.
Amy realized then that she had to pee.
"Too bad," she thought, "I'm not going to die a disgusting death of being drowned in the toilet
in the women's restroom because I had to pee."
Amy looked around.
She stepped forward.
Spin. Spin. Spin.
Clap. Clap. Clap.
Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh.
She stepped forward again with her arms straight ahead moving around the darkness in hopes to
be able to block the intruder from getting her first.
Amy stepped into a pile of boxes and fell forward catching herself on the ground.
She watched the darkness as the flashlight hit the floor and turned off.
Amy cursed the idiot that put those boxes there and made a note of it to clean them up as soon as the lights were back on.
Amy crawled forward and felt around on the floor for the flashlight.
She could've swore she could feel someone breathing down the back side of her neck.
She could feel goosebumps up and down her arms.
She could feel the hair stand up on her neck.
Amy grabbed for the darkness and pulled the flashlight back in. She slapped it and it came back on.
Amy got up and spun the light around almost prepared to find someone behind her.
Amy searched and searched the inside of the backroom and nothing was behind her.
She just didn't understand it.
She walked towards the fuse box. Slowly.
Listening with every step she took.
Wondering if she was ever going to make it through the darkness of that morning.
Wanting to cry out and scream bloody murder.
Instead she listened again, for the night sounds of the bar.
Spin. Spin. Spin.
Clap. Clap. Clap.
Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh.
Amy scrutinized the entire back room with her flashlight until she convinced herself that no one
was there, except her.
She reached out to turn on the fuse.
A loud bang came out of the wall in front of her.
Amy screamed.
She flashed the light towards the noise.
Amy's stomach was nauseous with fear.
Amy swung the baseball bat into the darkness.
She felt a strong thud against something hard and whatever it was fell to the floor.
Amy hurried and turned on the fuse box.
She glanced towards the floor.
A huge rat had made it's way into the bar and now it lay flat as a pancake on the backroom
Amy looked towards its entry way and noticed the hole that her and the karaoke guy had covered was
now uncovered. The lid that covered it was lying on the ground in front of the hole.
"Who would've or could've done such a stupid thing as this?" Amy said aloud.
Amy put the bat down and bent over to get the box for the rat's body.
All of a sudden she felt cold hands around her neck.
She tried to struggle but, whoever it was had such a tight grip Amy couldn't defend herself.
She wanted to scream but the hold around her neck was directly on her throat and she couldn't
mutter a sound.
She could feel someone's breathing down the back of her neck.
She could feel the jabbing of a pointed sharp object in the front of her neck.
Amy could feel her pants soaking wet with fear as she dropped to the floor.
The fight in her was gone.
She looked up at her attacker in hopes to catch a glimpse of whom the person was that wanted her dead.
All of a sudden their was a light, smell of cologne that loomed through the air. The smell was familiar to Amy. She couldn't quite put her finger on it. Where the hell had she smelled that smell before? She tried to search her mind but her mind went blank.
"Oh my God! How could you! How could you!?!" Amy wanted to scream. It was a like a light turned on in her head but everything went black.
In the distance of the night all Amy could hear was the night time sounds of the bar.
Spin. Spin. Spin.
Clap. Clap. Clap.
Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh.


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