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Horror, voices, you, they, louder, silence, darkness, scared, shaking

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You could hear them you know you could if you listened long enough.

They weren't very loud but they'd creep up on you before you knew it. They'd suffocate you after a while and you'd have to get out in order to breathe again.

Sometimes it's so suffocating that when you actually get a break you can't move away from it. They just engulf you and you don't know what to do.

Then you're frozen and you feel stupid. You feel stupid because you keep standing there waiting for their next move. Then you find out they don't have any moves. They just swallow you in one big gulp.

At first it's just a little noise like a bump in the night. Then the noise gets bigger. Sometimes it makes you feel like there's an echo or something. That's what drives you completely insane. They echo so it sounds like there are hundreds of them instead of just one. Everyone says there's just one, though. Maybe to all of those 'normal' people there's just one but, to you, its like a million.

Then the noise gets louder. You listen more intently because you don't know what else to do. You just kind of stop everything you're doing and freeze. It makes you want to figure out what kind of noise it is. It gets you so curious you start looking all of your house. You wonder what's moving around that you keep hearing. You look frantically in rooms, closets and cupboards to find out if your missing anything but you're not. "Then where the hell is the noise coming from?" You ask yourself while you're standing in an empty house with no one else there.

You decide to try to ignore it. You start in on your housework. You're cleaning and cleaning. All of a sudden the noise is even louder. Only now you've determined that it's not a noise.

Not a noise at all but a voice! Yes it is a voice! It's saying something. "What the hell are you saying?" You want to scream it to the world! You make the biggest mistake possible. You decide to try and figure out what the voice is telling you. It's coming out all muffled though. It almost sounds like it's coming from the bathroom. You go to the bathroom and look around. It sounds like it's drowning in the toilet or something. You decide to look in the toilet. Nothing. Behind the toilet?

Still nothing.

You stop for a minute and look in the mirror.

"So what's a good lookin' dude like yourself so worried about a stupid little voice for? Like it's going to stop the way women feel about you or something? With your long blond hair and blue eyes you know that no woman is going to turn you down! After they feel your bi-ceps, your chest and your six pack stomach they can't resist you! What's one little voice going to do to your reputation? Nothing, that's what!" You turn around and look behind you to see if anyone is listening but no one's there.

You breath a sigh of relief.

You start getting a migraine. You start rubbing your temples.

"You stupid dumbshit!" The voice says even louder. The sound of the voice makes you jump.

"Who the hell are you talking to?" You turn around and look at yourself in the mirror. Did that just come out of you or what?

"I'm talking to you you stupid shit! You ain't nothing but a stupid, weak human being and you're not even worth me spending my time on!" said the voice from out of nowhere.

You could hear the voice was louder now and you were pretty scared.

"Who the hell are you to be talking like that?" You started looking down the hall. You make your way into the living room and the kitchen. There was still nothing there. No one but yourself all through the house.

"In case you didn't know it, this is the voice in your head stupid!"

"What the hell?" You say as loud as you can punching the door of your bedroom in hopes to try and surprise any intruder who might be there. "You need to get out of this house!"

There was silence. You thought perhaps you scared whomever it was away. You were glad of that and decided to move on with your chores.

The mysterious voice starts echoing in your head. You grab ahold of your head and sit on the floor in your living room.

You're shaking so bad you can't steady yourself to just sit down.

You grab ahold of your knees and pull yourself in a ball. You start rocking back and forth. You figure this would protect you from any outsiders. It doesn't. The voices in your head just start getting louder and louder. There sounds like there's a million of them just milling around in your head.

You scream and tell them to shut up. They won't listen. You just make them want to fight you harder and harder. You don't know what to do.

A type of panic sets in and you're afraid. Your rocking back and forth gets more and more vicious. You get up and start to pace. You try to get away from the voice and you can not.

You can see it in your eyes that the voice is making you angry.

The voice gets louder and meaner. It's screaming inside your head. You walk faster. You start running your fingers along the walls of your living room picking at the paint and what's left of some wall paper that was laid there years ago.
It makes you feel better to destroy things. You strip the wallpaper off the walls. They just lay there hanging in frazzled strips. It's a couple of hours later. The walls look almost totally destroyed. The voices in your head have quieted down now. You're able to breath a sigh of relief.

You have a memory of your childhood slip into your brain. For a brief time you see your mother smiling. Her and your father were passing out Christmas presents for you and your siblings to unwrap. You were so happy that year. For once your family finally felt like family. They were laughing, joking and singing Christmas carols around the tree. You finally got that old guitar you wanted. Your parents were smiling as you jumped up from the couch and gave out big hugs to everyone. It was a good memory with your family. You didn't have many of those. Not that your family life was bad or anything but it wasn't often being with your brothers and sisters felt like you were actually family.
You smile at yourself.

Everything seemed quiet now. You decide to take a shower. Unlike yourself a bath sounded a lot better. You felt maybe it would help relieve stress of the earlier incident.

The water running you start getting undressed. You squirt some bubbles into your bathwater. Your clothes piled in the corner of the bathroom you climb in. You slide down underneath the bubbles. The warmth seemed to engulf you as you just laid there and relaxed.

You still had a small hint of a headache in the back of your head but it felt so much better.

It was about a half an hour and you find yourself dozing off in the tub. You drowzily open your eyes and look around. The hot water had steamed up the whole bathroom. You decide that it's best to get out of the tub. Your legs felt heavy. There was a force of some kind pushing you down into the tub. Your arms are madly flailing around and you begin to shake your head back and forth as whatever seems to force you down into the water.

You stifle a scream. The force holds you under the water. It brings you back up. You gasp for air. The only thoughts going through your mind is "Why now? What the hell is this thing?" Back down under the water you went. This time it was for a longer period. The force pulled you back up. You're coughing and choking. The feeling of wanting to scream is coming back to you now but you can't. You can't make any sound come out of your throat. Something or someone's got ahold of you and you don't know what it is.

You begin to wrestle with the invisible being. You punch into thin air like it's going to help but nothing. You can still feel the force or the being around you. You don't know what to do. All of a sudden something pulls you out of the water. Something forces you out onto the cold wet floor. You slip and slide while you grab your towel. You run into the living room.

"Get out of this house you creepy ass thing! What the hell are you trying to do?"

"Kill you." The voice whispered.

"Come on you bastard! Identify yourself! You need to tell me who you are!" You yelled back at the voice.

"Kill You! We want to KILL YOU!" The voices were yelling back at you from out of nowhere. You thought you even heard a familiar voice in the bunch.

"KILL YOU! KILL YOU!" They were screaming at you. You could hear echos all over the place.

You plant your hands over your ears, "You'll get yours!" You scream as you cover your ears. You start making noises with your mouth as if to drown out the loud voices.

The voices only keep getting louder and louder. You try and fight back. You go through your home punching into thin air as if the voices were people. They were not.

"KILL YOU! KILL YOU! KILL YOU!" They chanted over and over again.

You only wanted to stop them. You started throwing stuff at these invisible beings. You keep telling yourself they were only voices not human beings. You can't kill a voice.

The voices are not alive and you can't kill them. You tried to reason with yourself. Maybe you can kill them. You start thinking. Maybe these voices are actually a part of something in this house.

You start pulling things apart. You tear up drawers and fling papers all over the floor. You tear your desk completely apart. The pillows of your couches You go and grab a kitchen knife and start chopping up all of your pillows. Stuffing was flying everywhere. It made you feel wildly happy to know that you could somehow control these voices. Maybe you could kill them if they were actually inside of something and wanted you to think they were inside of your mind. It gave you some reason to fight back to think there could possibly be an end to the insanity that was hitting you all of a sudden.

"You tried to drown me you mother...."

"KILL YOU! KILL YOU! KILL YOU! KILL YOU!" The chanting keeps getting louder and louder.

You just keep yelling right back at them. You are letting them know that they aren't winning and you're not going to let them! You're willing to put your whole life on the line to win this battle from evil.
The voices quiet down a little and you sit on the floor. Your breathing starts to go back to normal. The migraine in your head is gone. You breath a sigh of relief. You decide to fix something in the kitchen for you to eat.
You start making yourself a sandwich. Bread, mayonnaise, mustard, lunchmeat and lettuce is what your masterpiece consists of and you eat it diligently.

Something was crawling on your hand! You could see a bugs leg crawling on your hand. You started to freak out and shake your hand trying to shake the bug off. But, you couldn't.

All of a sudden there wasn't just one bug there were several bugs. They were crawling all over your arms and face. They were eating your sandwich faster than you were. You started spitting the bite of sandwich you had in your mouth onto the floor. You were running around in circles trying to get the bugs off of your arms and face. They were biting you.
You screamed out in fear. The bugs suddenly disappear.

Tears were in your eyes. You felt as if you were going crazy and you didn't know why. What the hell was going on? You wanted to scream but you couldn't find your voice inside yourself. All you could do was stand there and cry.

"KILL YOU! KILL YOU! KILL YOU! KILL YOU! KILL YOU!" The voice came out of nowhere. You jumped. You grabbed the huge kitchen knife that was sitting on the counter and started stabbing everything. You dumped drawers out on the floor and pulled things out of cupboards. The towels in your bathroom got slashed, your bed mattress was slashed to little bits and the stuffing from your pillows and mattress were all over the floor.

They kept chanting. This time even louder than they were before. You looked around with wild insanity still destructing the house. You looked in the car space you call 'the garage' and got out the huge ax you used for chopping firewood. You started to tear down the walls. Piece by piece. Chopping away at them until there was hardly anything left. First the bedroom.

Then the bathroom and then the kitchen. The only room left standing completely whole in that house was the living room.

You looked around while the voices were quiet. You shook your head. The damage was unbelievable. It would take years to fix this house up the way it was again. It would take weeks just to get everything back to where it belonged.
You listened. You wanted to make sure you'd killed them. It was completely silent. You could even feel there was a difference in the air. You could feel the emptyness. Kind of like a dead emptyness.

Your migraine, again, had disappeared and the voices themselves? Gone. Gone completely. Totally.

You let out a wicked laugh and start to clean the room. Your body is completely and totally exhausted. You decided to bag cleaning the room and just to lay down. You laid down on your floor and stared at the ceiling. The only thing still attached to your house. You imagined you were outside under the stars looking at the constellations. All you could remember is the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. You remember camping with your family over by the lake. You could remember sitting around the camp fire with your parents and your brothers and sister.

You could remember singing the songs and telling ghost stories, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. It had been such a long time ago but it made you happy just thinking about it.

Sleep finally rolled in and your eyes got heavy. Your body totally exhausted from the episodes before gladly welcomed it with open arms.

Your house was finally quiet.

It was dark and serene.

Almost too peaceful.

Your eyes popped open. You looked around. Everything was quiet, nothing moved.


You got a call from his old neighbor. They said the young gentleman that bought your old house hadn't been seen for a couple of days. People from his work had even been knocking on the door but there was no answer.

You pulled the cop car into the driveway. Immidiately you almost knew what happened. After working as a cop for fifteen years gave you kind of a sixth sense.

You prepare yourself for the worst. Young men, like this just didn't get up and disappear one day.
You walked up to the door. Already you could smell the smell. You force the door open with your shoulder. Your mouth drops to the ground in horrific terror.

You had never experienced anything so horrifying in all of your fifteen years on the force. Even after all that training and all that rank you still weren't quite prepared for the site
that lay before you.

The house was in complete shambles.

Everything was completely destroyed.

Edward laid in the middle of the floor. You could see multiple stab wounds to his abdomen. The murder weapon was thrown across the room. You could see his wrists were cut and his head looked as if it had been chopped open with an axe. Blood had been pouring out of every crevece of his body.

You could only try to imagine the horror and the torture this young man must have went through during his last moments on earth. But, no one could ever imagine how bad it must have been.

Somewhere in the distance you thought you heard a noise. It was a small noise at first. They weren't very loud but they creep up on you. It kept getting louder and louder until you could tell it was a voice. You listen intently to try and figure out what they were trying to tell you. Your head begins to hurt...............


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