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Short story By: Aparna Gopan

Grudge is a killer

Submitted:May 29, 2014    Reads: 112    Comments: 26    Likes: 13   


"Noo..aaahhhh....how could this....they killed my life!!This is it..I want to have their blood..I wanna..."Panted and cried my best friend Laura,she kept tugging at her hair.I wanted to hug her and comfort her,but I could do nothing than put my fingers through the bars of the lunatic assylum cell and pray for her and talk with her.

"Laura it's ok..everything will be fine...you still have me..my family...we're all with you,just consider that fate..yes justice is not done..but we can't change the past,c'mon think positive,you wanna be ok..right??you still want me at any rate,right??"I cried and tried to wipe away my tears,I had to get a control on myself first but I loved my best friend and I couldn't see her at this state.

"Ann..I won't get any peace until that man is killed,you get it??He killed my family..."Laura was in a state of shock that couldn't be treated easily.I would've done anything to make her better..but everything was out of hands.My hands slid down the railings and I sat down there and buried my face into my palms and cried..cried for my best friend..cried for justice!

Well,I'll tell you all that's going on here but before that a flashback.

It was a pleasent evening at the Jonathan's place and I was there too.I came to have a sleepover with my best friend Laura Jonathan.The dreadfull,horrible moments started a few minutes before midnight.Laura and I were on bed chattering when I suddenly spotted a shadow outside the window."Laura there's someone outside the window ....I can see a shadow,c'mon we ought to tell your parents."I whispered,my voice trembling.

"Really??Ann you sure??Must be your imagination..we'll have to go all the way to dad n mom's room now!"She said sleepily.Laura was as lazy as anything when it came to getting up from bed.

"Laura..it's not my imagination.Oh my...Laura whoever was out has just walked to the back..c'mon no time to argue"I said and pulled Laura out of bed and we both ran to her parent's room,woke them up and I narrated everything to them.

"Oh no!!That must be Mathew..that man's wicked and scheming, he set my paper's on fire, stole my work...what next..what's the problem with him...he's even injured a few out of grudge,he was imprisoned and again..oh my gosh..all of you sit here,I'll go investigate"Mr.Jonathan said firmly and full of worries,he started for the door when suddenly mrs.Jonathan ran upto him and said she wont let him go alone and so she accompanied him.

Laura and I sat at the dining and waited patiently for her parent's when suddenly we heard shouts and screams coming from the back of the house

"Ann..that was mom's voice,something's wrong..c'mon"She pulled me and we rushed out of the house and to the back.The sight we met partially blacked us out,my eyes were frozen and ....and.....

"Mom,dad...noooooo wake up..c'mon open your eyes...mom...dad......"Laura fell down on the..blood streamed bodies of her parents...I was in a state of shock..I simply didn't know what to do..the neighbours had accompanied and someone had called the cops..I fell down on my the grassy place and screamed and howled..tears were flowing down our eyes like streams,there was a loud commotion in the crowd and then Laura blacked out,just then the cops arrived and things went black for me too...

The next thing I remember was me staring at the ceiling of white paint..it didn't take me long to realise that I was in the hospital but I couldn't recall anything of the past.There was a cop and doctor and some other people near me and then I remembered everything.

"Laura...Mr.Jonathan...and.."I started shouting

"We are really sorry but Mr and Mrs.Jonathan are ...no more..they had received a blow on thwir head by clubs...your friend is in complete shock..treatment will be needed for years...!"The cop near me said,trying not to look me in the eye for that would be difficult to do so.I had to swallow that truth..I was hospitalised for a few weeks and when I was fine,I was counselled by a team of doctors and cops and all.I tried to take it all but that's easier said.Later I told the police everythong Mr.Jonathan said about that man Mathew's...about the grudge and jealousy and all.

I soon recovered completely alright but it was still hard for me to believe that I had faced that horrible night and my best friend was in an asylum,still in shock and recognising no one but me!

I come to see Laura everyday...things are never gonna turn out alright for her..never ever!!.....


A little note: Dear friends,I just wanted to show through this story the consequences faced

just because of a grude..a jealousy.A lil grudge killed an entire family!!So dear friends,let's

eradicate this deadly disease called grudge and jealousy and start a new life......THANK YOU


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