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He's Coming For You

Short story By: AtomicBlackCherry

Green Park forest; Innocent by day. Deadly at night,
You can't run. You can't hide. You can't escape. He WILL get you. You WON'T survive

Submitted:Feb 28, 2013    Reads: 129    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

The sound of my footsteps made the black forest even more eerie. My flashlight wouldn't last long; the batteries in it were half dead by the time I got it. I tried to steady my pulse, but I knew in the back of my mind that it was futile. This whole thing was futile. I should probably just sit down and let the... thing take me. It would save time. But I had to try. To show the others that I was brave. Or stupid. Nobody entered the forest anymore. Not since the disappearances. So, it was obviously the best place for a dare. And I just happened to be the poor sod who had to be dared to enter it. During the day the place was ok, or it used to be. It was a really good tourist area. Some of the braver people came here in daylight. And they came out. At night, no-one entered. Except the occasional drunkard or druggie. They don't come out.

The dare; collect 8 pages that they had placed around the forest. I said yes. Then they told me I had to do it at night, and I instantly regretted my answer. But I wasn't a coward. I'd already collected 3 pages; only 5 left. A noise came from my left. I turned swiftly towards it but there was nothing there. I turned in a full circle and when I returned to where I was originally facing, it was there, in the distance. It had no face and was at least 8ft tall. Its arms reached down to its knees. I let out an ear splitting scream and turned around the opposite direction. I ran, tripping occasionally over my feet and twigs. I looked behind me again and it was closer. I couldn't hear it or see it move. I turned around again and tried to speed up. My muscles screamed in pain and I couldn't get my breath back.

At that point, my flash light faded. And all hope was lost.

Green Park Telegraph 28th February 2013

Disappearance of Teen Girl

Forest claims another victim

Reported by Nicole Davis

16 year old Alicia Steward disappeared last night after entering Green Park Forest. Close friends of Steward told the police that they had told her to enter. One commented, saying they 'Thought it was a harmless prank.' Her mother, who is now in talks with the police on whether or not she canpress charges on the said friends, was rushed to hospital early this morning due to the distress she is in after losing her daughter. Alicia was said to be a happy and bright girl who loved school and going out with her friends. She was due to complete her GCSE's this year and had planned to stay on at her school to complete her A-levels . Police urge anybody who can provide any information on the whereabouts of Alicia to please talk to them.


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