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Dreams, Or Every Kind of Nightmare

By: AyamaZero

Page 1, On a birthday in 8th grade, a girl has a sudden change in sleep... The demon of the human heart tears our dreams apart.....

Strange as it seems, I’m not normal. Yes I know that’s what everyone says but not everyone has someone else living in their body. I wake up every morning to the stab of pain. The scars on my body are the proof. And they don’t stop…


I am a normal teenager. Or so I thought. I have good grades, don’t do drugs, I hang out with the right crowd for me. I am untouched and all those other things our parents tell us to do. I followed those rules till I got into 8th grade. Everything changed when ‘he’ came back. He won’t leave…


On the night of my birthday after getting nothing celebrating nothing, not even a happy birthday from my friends. Not that I had any to begin with… Well whatever. I went up to my room and froze solid. He was on my bed. Just sitting there staring at me. I couldn’t move. He had been here before but he had changed. I just stood there his eyes boring into mine until… all went black.


I woke up in my dreams surrounded by blood. The blood of those who had been my friends, the one’s who’d betrayed me. The ones I had at one time, wanted dead. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak. When he came up behind me and kicked my knees out I fell to the floor. I just stared into space as the smile on his face grew. It wasn’t a pleasant one. ‘Isn’t it beautiful? All the red has mixed together. The red of the blood which you wanted so bad.’ I screamed for him to stop. I grabbed my ears and shook my head.


“No… No! No! No! This isn’t real! This can’t be real!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. Tears poured down my face. I couldn’t stop them. I heard a laugh. One that sent it self into my bones. I could hear the crack and splinter of each fiber being shattered as he dug his way into me.


The next morning I was gasping. Every breath came with pain. I coughed up blood into my hands, to much to hold. The voice echoed in my head. ‘You can make it a reality. Only you.’ It made me shutter and grab the sides of my head with my bloody hands. I couldn’t move I felt myself being torn apart from the inside. One crack made everything go numb as I shrank back my head hitting the pillows that felt like rocks. ‘You can’t change your fate now. That belongs to me…’ An evil laugh echoed through the last of my consciousness.


“Its time to get up.” It was my mom. “Come one get moving.” I flicked open my eyes and looked around. My hands flew to the front of my face. No blood…. I stared in question at my hands. I had coughed up so much blood yesterday it had coated my hands and lap. I looked over to my mom who was curiously staring at me. I yawned a bit as if it was just something I was waking up from. That’s all it was anyway. After she left I heard nothing. No echoes, no snapping, nothing hurt anymore. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it.


“Just a dream.” I said with a sigh. It was a terrible dream. All the pain I had felt. Every inch of my body being forced it unnatural directions. But I felt stronger somehow. I was about to slid out of bed when I heard him. ‘Dream? What dream? I’m right here.’ The pain returned and I screamed and grabbed my chest as blood began to pour from my sides. I didn’t have anything that could do this much damage. I screamed loud and clear but was chocked by blood from my throat.

“People are- are-” I could hear the terror enter my mom’s system as she ran out of my room to call the ambulance. I was rushed to the hospital for fear of losing to much blood but when they checked, it was like I’d lost nothing. I was in so much pain. It killed me to breath. I couldn’t even say more than It hurts, it hurts mom. I was almost paralyzed.


‘Hehehe do you like these dreams?’




‘You keep dreaming them so you must enjoy them.’


“No! I hate them! They will kill me!” I yell at the demon before me. It was dark so I could only see his bare chest but he stood there with black hair dark as the room and black eyes with a red center in each that would kill anyone who looked into them. The images I saw from those eyes of his, the death the fire, the destruction. The bodies of my friends laying over the ground. I wanted to scream and run away. Little did I realize I was chained. Chained to the invisible wall behind me. My arms above my head and my legs with small chains giving me little room to move.


‘You and I are one.’


“No! There’s no way you will ever be ‘one’ with me!” I yelled at him again.


‘Really?’ He stepped forward moving closer and closer till he could reach me. He touched my neck and as an instant I had his hand in my teeth. I bit down hard making him grunt in pain as he tried to pull his gushing hand away. ‘You don’t know your place.’


“You don’t know yours.” I replied with an anger unlike any I’d felt before. He smirked. “You don’t belong in my body! You never have! Never will!” I yelled at him. He seemed not to notice as he walked forward again and stabbed his hand into my chest. I gasped before blood shot out of my mouth. I coughed and gagged at the taste and smell of my own blood.


‘You must learn! Your place in this life is no more than a line on the chain.’


“My life is mine alone.” I spat blood on his face before I faded at the sound of my real mothers voice. I woke up my face wet from crying.


“You alright sweetheart?” She asked in a kind voice.


“Yeah… yeah I am.” I was unsure of myself but since then, the demon in me has been torturing me inside out till I had nothing left but to accept the nightmares and the pains. The scars have gone but the gashes and pains still come. Every night when I sleep, his smiling face comes to treat me to another little nightmare.

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