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back from the grave.

By: babykolabear

Page 1, about a bus load of teens that crash in to the river,they all die.

on the fourth of july 15 teens was getting ready to go to the park to party and watch fire works.they rented a small bus.the park was was five miles a way.they had to cross a bridge to get there.the driver had been drinking.he was speeding and did not see the deer run in front of the bus.he hit the deer and lost control of the bus.and hit the side of the bridge.every one was screaming as the bus fell in to the river.they all died in the muddy one saw the the teens was missing for days..the kids and the bus was reported missing.there was a large man hunt.but they was never found.a year went was the fourth of july.some kids from town was walking to the park.they had to cross the bridge.they notice a mist a round the bridge.and there was people walking real slow.the kids thought it was just people coming from the park.but when they got closer they got the shock of there was the kids from the bus.they was wet and muddy.the river had a boat load of toxic waste that had sunk a year a go.causing fish to mutate.the kids was hidious.blood red eyes sharp fangs.they look like lizards green skin.some had half a face.they grabbed the kids and started to rip them apart.there was blood and screaming.then the mist vanish.the dead kids had gone back in to the river.a cop was on patrol.he notice all the dead kids on the bridge.there was kids with body parts ever where.the cop threw up.and thenĀ  called for back up.the town was in shock.they never new who are what killed the kids.more bodys was found on the bridge as years went by.the bridge was being called the haunted bridge.the towns people wanted the bridge torn down.they rather take the long way around then go a cross that a month later the bridge was torn down.and every one that tore that bridge down died in a strange way.the killings stop after the bridge was torn down.some times when people walk pass the river.they here voices and screams in the distant.and a mist in the middle of the one ever new the bus load of kids was in the river.only the ones that died on the bridge.may be some day.the bus will be found.god help who ever find it. the end

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