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the house down the street.

Short story By: babykolabear

the night i escape with my life.

Submitted:Jun 12, 2012    Reads: 95    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

my name is clifford nevels.and this is my story.i live in columbia mo.am single no kids.i live alone.it started on holloween night.there is a old house down the street from me.it has tall weeds in the yard.the house has been like that for years.its for sale. but no one want to buy it.10 years a go a family was killed by the father.they say he lost his job.he could not support his wife and two daughters.so he started to drink.every day he would look for a job.but found nothing.then his cars was taken a way.when he got a letter from the irs saying they was going to take his house. that push him over the edge.so that same night.while his family was sleeping.he got his shot gun and walked up stairs.and went to his wife room.and shot her in the head.and did the same to his daughters.then he shot his self in the head.a familly moved in the house a year later.the first night there.they saw a man with blood dripping from his head.his eyes was black as coal.the family got out of that house the same night.after they told that story.no one want to move in that house.so ten years later.on halloween night.my best friend came by to see if i wanted to go to a costume party.i said sure but i had a nother idea.i told him lets go to that huanted house down the street.and then we will go to the costume party later.he told me that house gave him the creeps.but he went with me any way.so we walked up to the house.there was a old gate we had to open.when we got up to the door.i started to get a bad feeling.i all most turn around.but i got up enough nerve and went in.there was no lights.so we had to use a flash light.my friend looked around down stairs.and i went up stairs.i open a bed room door.there was some kids dolls.so i new that was the girls room.when i walked in a cold rush of air went down my neck.i turn around and standing in front of me was a man with dripping blood.he told me to get out of his house.i shine the light in to his face and he was gone.then something grabbed me.and i went flying in to the wall.so when i stood up the door locked .i bam on the door trying to get my friend to come up stairs.but there was no one.the man came back.he pointed his shot gun at me.i heard a loud bang.but i was still standing.the door open.and i ran down stairs.to my surprise.my friend was shot in the head.blood ever where.i tried to run to the door but i could not move.the man his wife and kids.was coming down the stairs.my heart was beating really fast.i new i was going to die.but i dont no if it was fate are luck.but some kids was trying to get in the house.to look around.the noise made the family vanish.the kids saw my friend body.they ran screaming.the police came out .and tape off the house.i was arrested for murder.but they had to let me go.because they had no proof.i did not tell them what i really saw.are they would have locked me up in the nut house.that next night i went back to the house.i douse the house with gas.and burn it down.i never want any one to go threw what i did.the police never found out who burn the house.i will be moving next week.i miss my friend.i need to get far away from here.rest in peace my friend.


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