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the old house in the woods.

Short story By: babykolabear

people say the old house in the woods.will scare you to death.god help the ones who go in.

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There is a old house in the woods that no one have seen. you take a path threw some dark woods: the trees are dark and scary. a hitch hiker was walking with his girl friend. when he came opon the old house. " A strong wind came out of no where followed by a strong smell. it was like the smell of death.to escape the smell they went in side the house. As soon as they walked in the house.a woman in black came down stairs screaming. her face was hidious.she moved like a cat. she use her long sharp claws to rip the girl open. there was blood and guts all over the floor. the boy friend ran to the door. but it was lock. he beg for his life.but it did no good. the woman tore his eyes out of his head. and ate them while he was screaming. then she cut his head off. she then took the bodys to the basement to feed her hidious kids. a week went by no one have heard from the hitch hikers in town.the towns folks new about those woods. the story is that there is a witch and her kids that live in the woods. no one wants to go in those woods to look for the hitch hikers.. there was a few that would go in the woods. six men was promise a thousand dollars each. if they find the hitch hikers. they had no job. so the money sound great. they was afraid of the woods. but that was not going to stop them. so they got there guns and started walking in to the woods. a mile in to the woods they pick up a clue. there was candy paper on the ground. there was all so a path that led to the old house. they got there guns ready just in case. as the men got closer to the house. they started to smell death. and standing in front of the house was the woman in black. the men ask her if she saw some hitch hikers. she said nothing and pointed in side her house.the men came closer. the woman kids was big and had fangs.they came up from behine the men. then they started feeding. blood and gore was every where. throats and chest was ripped out. one man tried to escape. but he did not get far. the kids caught him and started eating him alive, more and more people started missing. so the town counsel put up signs all around the woods. telling people to stay out of the woods because of wild animals. one night the witch left her house. and came in to town. it was a small town. every one was sleep. the next morning the towns people notice all the kids was missing. right away they new it was the witch. so all the men got guns and gas in cans. and started looking for the witch house.a mile in the woods they found it. they could here kids crying from in side. so they broke down the door blew off the witch head with a shot gun. blood and brain all over the wall. then they went down to the basement. all the town kids was tied up next to the wall. they told the kids to hide there eyes. then they blasted the witch kids. splatter of blood all over the walls.they took the kids out of the house and took them some where safe. then they burn the old house to the ground. the town was back to normal. but when you walk threw those woods you still smell death. some people say they here screaming coming from the woods at night. they close there windows and lock the doors. afraid the witch might come back from her grave. no one have ever gone in those woods again.they pray she will never return. the end


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