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Nightmare Or Reality?

Short story By: Betts Crowell

I have started this story a zillion times, but always lose interest, I'm hoping that if I post it on here, I may get some feedback, & continue to complete it. Enjoy what I have so far!!

Submitted:Feb 26, 2013    Reads: 92    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

I remember waking up on the ground, in some dessert looking backyard. All sand and cactus. Dead weeds and grass. The sun was up, it was really hot. I had no clue where I was or how I had gotten there. I looked around, across from me was a huge, falling apart dog house, a huge tow chain was staked into the ground a few feet from it. The only logical assumption was that there was a big dog somewhere. Except that he wasn't chained up, which meant he was roaming somewhere, free. Probably ready to rip my throat out as soon he caught wind of me.

I looked around where I had woken up. There was garbage everywhere, empty beer and soda cans crunched into the ground or gnawed on from some kind of animal. No doubtingly the dog, wherever it was. Beer bottles and whiskey bottles alike were smashed. I noticed that there was a door of some sort built into the ground just a little off to the left of the doghouse. It was padlocked shut. I was standing on a back porch, the screen door of the house looked a little rickety and ready to fall out of its frame. The porch itself was squeaky and full of loose boards, rusted nails, and chipping paint. It was literally falling apart.

There was one rocking chair, it had a beat up looking cushion on it. Next to it was a small stand. On the stand was an cigarette ashtray filled past the brim with butts. There was also a pitcher of ice cold lemonade sitting there, with an empty glass and straw all ready. I decided to get off the porch, and walk around up front. I had no idea where I was, or how I'd gotten here, the last thing I wanted was to eat or drink something, that could be poisoned.

As I was walking around to the front, I found the gigantic mystery dog, he was a rot, and boy oh boy did he look mean. I turned as fast as I could. My heals were digging into the ground as fast as my feet would allow, and rammed into the screen door on the back porch. As soon as I slammed the door shut I was wishing I had thought my ball plan over a little better.

I found myself standing in the middle of one of the raunchiest smelling homes I'd ever been in. I decided to quietly look for some type of weapon, a knife, a baseball bat, anything. I began yanking open drawers and cupboards. Instead of finding a weapon or even cooking utensils that weren't soiled, I found horrific smells. The smells were coming from everywhere. I was way too afraid to venture off and find out where or why. All I knew was that I had to figure out where I was and how to get out of here.

So I decided to check the sink. No dirty silverware, scissors, nothing. Just rotten food, crusted in the actual sink. There could have even been mold for all I knew. Deciding there was nothing of use in the sink, I decided to check the drawers. But there was only a few plastic forks and knifes. Nothing of any use.

I went ahead out of the kitchen and ventured into the hallway. There was only one doorway, a set of stairs, and the front and back door. No closets, no entry room. I went into the doorway to investigate. There seemed to be an older woman watching television. I didn't want to disturb her, but also needed to know where I was. I battled the more important of matters. Stay safe and back out slowly, or risk asking and hoping this is all some misunderstanding.

I slowly inched forward still battling the fight of importance inside me. I had managed to creep my way up behind her without notice. I froze up as I got ready to ask. Then closed my eyes, took a deep breath. Just go for it!! I kept running the thought in my head. I had a bad gut feeling that wasn't a misunderstanding. Finally I released my breath, mentally counted to three and tapped her shoulder.

" Ma'am, umm pardon me for buggin' ya, but I seemed to have woken up on your porch. An' well I went to go up front to leave, but your dog seems to be loose, an' well, he chased me clear into your home. May I use your phone, or possibily get a lift to the nearest sheriff station? " At first she didn't even appear to have heard me. Much less seem alive. But after a few moments she bagan to talk.

Her voice was pretty crackly, so I had to lean in loser to hear her, " We ain't got no phone. We got no car either. Besides, why are ya fixin' to leave home? Aren't ya happy child?" She slowly turned after that sentence. I can't describe her face or even the look on her face, but it was the most gut wrenching feeling I ever did have from a person.

" I'm not home. There has to be a mistake. Who are you?" But she didn't answer me, instead she got up, apparently ready to chase me down. She reached for something on the floor. I assumed it was just a walking cane. But no, it was an axe. I screamed, then I ran back out and up the stairs. Found a door and slammed it behind me.

To be continued....


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