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clown story

By: beweirdforever

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There was a women babysitting and she kept hearing a knocking sound coming from the basement. When she went down to check what it was she found a three feet tall clown statue.
She then called the parents and they said "get out of the house, get out of the house." yesterday was the daughter’s birthday and her little clown figurine had gone missing.
So the kids and the babysitter waited outside for half an hour the babysitter decided to go back in. she told the kids if she wasn't back in ten minutes then to call the cops.
She walked in still saw the three foot tall clown statue, found clown makeup on all the towels, and when she looked under the bed she saw a big red smile.
Ten minutes past the kid called the cops, the cops found no trace of the babysitter, the clown statue, no makeup, just a little clown figurine under the bed.     

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