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Old story. The first three lines in the first paragraph we had to work off of. (This was for school)

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The storm was getting worse. Lightning flashed and thunder shook the house. Suddenly the lights went out. I heard something growl outside the door followed by ear-piercing howls. The door suddenly shook against its hinges. I ran over to it and locked the door. The banging continued and I sprinted up the stairs to my room.
The lock broke. The door burst open and the wild hounds bolted through the small doorway. Their over-sized claws clanked on the wood floor as they searched. Searched for me. I put every heavy object that was in my room in front of my door. The mutated, over-sized dogs continued through the house for what seemed an eternity.
The large pack could barely fit into the house. I estimated about twenty of them were inside the house and another twenty of the beasts were outside. I shook with fear as another crack of thunder moaned in the dreary, dark sky.
The lead tracker of the pack was the first to find the girl's scent. He howled to the largest, strongest, most terrifying male of the pack. The Alpha male, Voltage. As soon as Voltage heard the alarm, he and the Alpha female, Paralyze, guided the pack up the stairs and to the girl's room. The tracker, Agony, would be rewarded after their meal.
I kept quivering with fear. I couldn't stop. My breathing quickened as I heard the sound of large paws thudding on the wood stairs. I ran over to the window and looked out of it. My breath caught at the sight I saw. The dogs that were outside were using their long and deadly claws to climb the side of the house! Just as I was about to run to my closet, the door and all the things I had put in front of it flew across the room and smashed into the window sending the glass flying everywhere like tiny diamonds.
I huddled in the corner, shaking with more uprising fear. I felt like screaming my lungs out at the sight I saw next. The floorboards creaked and quivered with each step of the mutant wolves. But that wasn't the thing that terrified my very soul and being. It was the largest one. The biggest brute that scared me out of my wits. He roared a snarl, eying me with only one eye. He seemed to be blind in the other for it was scarred severely. His teeth were those of a saber toothed cats and his jet-black fur rustled in the wind that was coming from the shattered window. The deadly animal roared another growl in my direction and narrowed his glowing, deep blue eye. He got down low on his gigantic paws and lunged himself at me as I awaited my horrible fate.
I awoke sweat-drenched from the horrific dream I had just had. I felt as though I was on fire. I looked over at my clock. 3:13 AM. I switched on the light and gasped at what I saw at the foot of my bed. Voltage.


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