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The Ax Man-Part 2

By: blondie411

Page 1, This part may be disturbing to some readers.

Katy quietly stepped into her closet. She shut the door just ehough so that she could still see the door of her bedroom. The shadow was gone, but something cold, hard, and sharp was brushing up on her leg. She kept swipping at it until she hit it. Katy stopped. She turned around and saw part of the ax glisten in the moonlight.

The ax man walk up, and as fast as a snap of the fingers, he sliced her head off. Bloood splattered onto the walls and traveled beneath her door. Drip,Drip. The blood droplets dropped off the ax. He opened the window and jumped out, disappearing into the night.

The next day, Katy's burial was arranged to be the following Saturday. The day came. Family and friends attended the ceremony. Above the hill a few feet away, the ax man stood there laughing silently.

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