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A happy family. A new house. A new beginning of the end of their lives,

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The Martin family was in a good mood. They finally managed to move into a small house by a stream, right on the edge of a wood. it was a beautiful place, with damp ground and moss covered rocks. Trees surrounded the house and their canopied formed a cover over the house. The sun shone through the branches, random sun rays scattered all over the place. It gave a nice mystical feeling. The air was fresh and there was a nice woody smell in it. The town was only five minutes away from there. Alice put the last chair in place. She turned, to be hugged by her husband, Rick. They looked around the room fondly and smiled. Their ten year old son, Joe was outside by the stream. Their lives were perfect now.

Pretty soon, a week passed and in that time a small garage had been built and a swing was put up by the stream. But it was heavy and was quite hard to swing it. But Joe just sat there reading a book But slowly their lives changed. For the worse.
One night, Rick and Alice woke up, in the middle of the night, to hear their son screaming loudly. Joe rushed into their room, shaking profusely. He was badly shaking. Rick held him steady and asked him, " Joe! Joe! what happened? Joe! answer me! what's wrong?"
" Joe", Alice said, holding his hand, " What's wrong honey?"
Joe kept on whimpering and finally managed to whisper "the stream mum, the stream..."
Rick gave Alice a puzzled look and asked "Well? what's wrong with it?"
"blood..." Joe whispered, and gave a shudder, expression changing to fear, "blood flowing dad..red..not water..blood flowing.."
Rick almost burst out laughing but caught his wife's look.
"It was a nightmare kiddo" , he said, picking him up,"come on, lets go n put you in bed. No son of mine is scared of a nightmare right?"
Joe looked at him and nodded. After Rick tucked him in bed, he closed the window. Next morning everyone failed to notice that the window was open.

That incident was only the beginning of many more strange incidents.

Another morning, Alice went ti the kitchen early in the morning. To her surprise, she found one of the cabinet doors badly scratched. The scratches looked as if someone with broken nails had scratched it. They looked very savage and done with great ferocity. She called Rick and Joe, but no one knew about them. As far as they were concerned, it wasn't there last night.
Then, another day, when Rick was chopping wood for the fireplace, there was a loud cracking noise as a huge tree branch fell almost on him, if he didn't move on the last second. And then, Joe was playing in the hallway, the chandelier above him snapped and fell straight down towards him. Luckily, Alice noticed a few seconds before and dived in to save him. It smashed against the floor, showering them with shards of glass. Two days after that, while Alice was doing the dishes, she looked out of the window at the swing by the stream. To her utmost surprise, she saw a small boy, looking at her from there. She rushed out immediately but the boy just disappeared into thin air. The very next day, again while doing the dishes, she was looking outside at the swing again, looking out for the boy. Then she noticed that the water she was washing the dishes with was rather sticky. When she looked, to her horror, she realized that she was washing the dishes in blood. The tap was pouring blood out. She shrieked and backed away from the sink. Then she fainted. That very night, she had a talk with Rick after Joe went off to sleep.
"Honey", she said, holding his hand." something is not quite right here. About this house. I mean, look at everything that's been happening for the last month. There is something bad in our house. And I don't want it here. So, I've decided that to go to the church tomorrow and have a talk with the Father there. I'm going to try and request him to come over and take a look around. Is that okay with you?"
Rick held her hand firmly and replied, "Yes, even I was thinking about that. Yes. Go to him and talk to him. These things, whatever it is, must go."
Just then, the bulb above them flickered and the table began to shake violently. Alice's face shrunk with fear and she rushed upstairs, followed by an equally horrified Rick.

Next morning, after Joe left for school and Rick left for work, Alice drove to the town church. She went and talked to the Father about their problems. He listened to everything thing and after some thought, decided to go with her. When she drove up the driveway, she noticed the expression of fear on the Father's face. "What's wrong Father?", she asked. He looked tense and answered, "It knows i'm here, and it doesn't like me. Not one bit". The got down and walked towards the house. "This is not good my child," he said while walking," not good at all. You can't leave this house even if you wanted. If you do, it will destroy you. I'll just have to do my best then." After saying this he put his hand on the doorknob. What happened next, was to fast for Alice to realize. One moment, the Father was opening the door, and the next moment he was thrown back with great force, straight at the log where Rick cut wood. There was a sick slicing noise and the Father fell down on the ground, twitched a bit and died. The axe that Rick used to cut logs with was sticking out of his back. Alice fell to her knees and cried. She cried as loud as she could, even though she knew there was no one to hear her, to help her.

That night, dinner was a silent affair. Alice's eyes were red and swollen from all the crying. Joe was barely eating anything. Rick was sitting rigid and was looking blankly at his plate. Alice noticed and asked him in a choking voice,"Everything all right dear?" Rick turned his head quite stiffly and said in a flat tone," yes Alice. Everything is okay now. Nothing in wrong anymore. We are all fine now." He gave an eerie smile and went upstairs to their room. Alice sent Joe to bed and finished doing the dishes. She was surprised at Rick's unusual voice and behavior. What could be wrong? she wondered. She went upstairs and slipped into bed. She fell asleep soon after. She woke up around two hours later to find Rick standing next to the window. He was unusually still. "Rick?". she asked, "anything the matter ?". "No", he replied in the same flat tone."wake up our son. Come downstairs. I have something to tell you." He left and went downstairs.
Alice got up and woke Joe up. They both went down and entered the kitchen. It was completely dark except for the faint moonlight coming through the window. Rick was standing right next to, looking outside. He turned, again stiffly, and said in the same voice as before, "Joe, come to me."
Joe hugged Alice tightly, whimpering. "Mum", he asked her, "What's wrong with dad? Why has he become so strange?"
Rick, or whatever it was, yelled,"Come Here Joe! Right Now!" Joe jumped a few steps back in fear, but then slowly walked towards him. He went and stood in front of him. Rick, suddenly,without warning, took the kitchen knife and struck Joe on the face with it. Alice screamed at the top of her voice. Rick took the knife and kept on stabbing Joe everywhere. The he gave a mighty leap straight to Alice and he yelled in a very different voice, "Will you stop screaming woman!" Alice noticed his eyes for the first time since the evening. It wasn't her husband's loving brown eyes anymore, it was full of black evil. Rick gave a very eerie smile and hacked Alice to death while she was screaming all the time. After stabbing he one one time, Rick walked into the hall and stood near the mirror there. He suddenly came back to his senses. "wha..what's going on here?" he mumbled. Then he looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was horrified on seeing that there was blood all over his clothes and hands, and even more horrified to see his reflection smiling at him. Then without warning, Rick stabbed himself in the head and fell dead, joining his family on the floor, his blood mixing with theirs. Outside, by the stream, the heavy swing began to sway...


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