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An old army man lost in a forest.

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Old man Jenkins liked a quiet life ever since he retired from the army..that is why he lived on the outskirts of Krinon..a small and sleepy town..
He live in a shack by the highway and owned a small petrol pump..the petrol pump had this small rope attached to it which a customer would pull to call Jenkins if he wasn't there...
Having him around town is very useful...as he liked to help a lot..
little did he know that this liking of his was going to end him...

Its was a moonless night..
the entire countryside was dark..hardly any cars were on the road.. there was less noise from the town as well..
it was late at night....some what around 11:30 or so..
Jenkins couldn't sleep...his shoulder pain kept him awake..
he got off his bed and went downstairs to have some water..
as he was drinking the water...he heard a blood cooling scream from outside..
he hobbled across the room and opened the front door...
there was no on around..
"stupid kids" he murmured and went back in..
no sooner had he gone to sleep....the bell started ringing..
he got up frustrated and looked at the pump through his window..there was no one there..
he scowled and was walking towards his bed...when the bell rang again..
this time..he was hardly 2 feet from the window..and he quickly looked down..there was no one there...but the bell was still ringing..
he slowly put the curtains back and inspected the bell..
it seemed okay..
he shrugged...and was walking back towards his bed..when again..that scream came..and this time it was from the forest across the road..
he grabbed his coat and went outside with a flashlight...
there was a slight mist settling in..
fog? in the middle of summer? he thought..
he slowly walked towards the forest and looked around with the flashlight..
he kept on walking for like a few meters or so into the dark forest..
the silence there scared him...the darkness seemed to extinguish the flashlight..
suddenly..he tripped on a root or something..and fell down on the ferny ground..
the flashlight flew from his hand and smashed against the ground...the bulb broke...plunging him into total darkness..
he stood up carefully..and tried to find a way out...he was too deep in the forest to see the road...
he started to walk in the direction he was coming...the mist got thicker...the air grew colder...
the cold seemed to cut right through his skin...making him shiver..
after walking a few steps...he heard the scream again...a horrifying scream....
he shouted,, "whose there?! hello?"
no answer came back...
he kept on walking aimlessly...when he saw something white...
he stopped and called.."hello? anybody there?"
he slowly walked towards the white figure.."hello?" he asked....
the figure was a little girl...she had untidy waist long hair...she was wearing a white gown...
"are you okay?" Jenkins asked again...
this time..the girl turned...and said in almost a whisper..."this is where they buried me...i hate being alone...."
she looked at him..and smiled..Jenkins fell on the ground...and the last thing he remembered seeing..the white eyes of the girl..

Jenkins Thorn was reported missing ..and then declared dead after a year...no one found his body...not even in the forest..they found his flashlight though....


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