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Friends Til I Kill You

Short story By: BloodyBlade

a story about a not so happy story.

Submitted:Sep 10, 2008    Reads: 121    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

This is a story about a not so happy story, so dont be reading this if you dont like those weird killer stories that give you nightmares because someone, or something posses your dreams and turns them into the dark shadowy part of yourself, in other words called nightmares. Like you normal people I get nightmares as well, but unlike you I get nightmares almost every night. So every night I awake in the middle of the night and scream because someone or worse, something is trying to reach my heart and destroy it forever. Thats where dreams come from. Your heart which came from the heavens. In other people, there is such thing as a blackhole. Scientist say there's no such thing as a stupid blackhole it's jsut some kind of stupid phrase that means the person is horribly mean. I suggest them to check one more time for some people actually do have blackholes. Those people are not always mean but not particulary nice either. They are one of the few that get nightmares everynight. They are one of those that get possesed or haunted. As scary as this sounds this is the beginning.

Many people such as teachers and what not think the whole entire world is such a happy place and therefore they make the students be nice to each other. Well, I'm sorry to say that they are wrong. They are one of the most annoying ass holes in my life. They are wrong about the world being happy and wrong about how math involves everything. As I write this message I advice you to lock your doors with hard unbreakable locks before a killer breaks your doors down and takes you hostige and makes you write a note to the world saying the Earth itself isn't as happy as we are now. So we shall embrace this terribleness into the world together.

As I said before. Some people are possesed or simply haunted. One of these people is Kelly Brookhurst. She is one of the most weirdest people in the school. She dresses weird and looks weird. Even her parents think she's a wacko. But it's not her fault. She was terribly made this way. And I'm sorry to say, all of this is true. Although, she is different many guys think she is the hottest thing on the planet. Some guys think that's a bit disturbing, but no one gives a shit. So as I start to write a novel later on about this terribleness. More horrid things shall happen. So leave a comment if this interests you. Hopefully, none of you shall like it. I must inform you once again, this is a horrid novel that is coming soon.

This INtroduction is practically true. And this novel is coming soon to Booksie Thearters NEAR YOU!!!


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