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Slice and Dice

Short story By: Bluedragon

I like writing scary shit so I gave it a go. First time I ever wrote and I had some major help but I still think I did crap.

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I struggled with the ropes as I came to wake, it was digging into my flesh and it was much too tight. I tried to scream when my mind became clear but nothing came out, my throat was dry and I tasted the familiar taste of metal mixed with blood. I tried to look around to see where I was, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the light, but the light never came and all I could see was darkness. I was in a room, yes a room. It was too cold to be outside and I felt suffocated with the walls around me.

I was barefoot, bare chest as well and suddenly a sickening thought entered my mind and I began to scream again when I managed to get my voice back, it hurt like hell but I continued to scream. First for friends, then for anybody who could hear me, hell even for my mother and she was one drunken bitch, but no one came. I decided no one could hear me so I must be isolated somewhere. My legs were tied to the legs of a chair, as were my hands to the arms and no matter what I did I couldn't get the fuckin' rope to move even an inch, all it did was burn further into my flesh.

I growled and cussed and then I waited. For someone, for something to finally come and tell me I had been kidnapped for ransom or payback or maybe to be some lonely guys little 'toy'. I shuddered at the thought. I just needed to calm down, all I needed to do. I felt stiffness where my limbs meet my body and again I shuddered. Just knowing that some freak out there could have done god knows what to me. They might have cut off my limbs, reattached them and given' me enough morphine to not notice anything. I couldn't help it when frustration tears began to peak.

'Fuckin' hell Jack, pull yaself together!' I told myself and I maned up enough for the tears to stop falling.

I heard a large clanking of something opening and then the same sound when it retreated back into place. I could feel another presence in the room and I gulped, I shouted for whoever it was to let me go but they only sighed.

'It doesn't speak' a voice mumbled, it sounded rough an off-putting. It was a man's voice, one that slurred slightly and had a slit in its voice like ice.

I ignored what he said and began to plead, 'Please, let me go. What do you want? You want money? I can give you money, just please let me go!' I didn't fuckin' need my pride if I could just get out of here.

I could feel the man rummaging with something next to me and he simply said again, 'It doesn't speak'

I tested the ropes again to see if they magically got loose somehow. Still no fuckin' use.

'No struggling' the voice commanded and I felt a sharp sting to my left shoulder that made me cry out in surprise.

'What the fuck!?' I yelled, only to get shushed again.

'It doesn't speak'

I shook my head in agony and rage. I felt so uncomfortable, so scared and cold. I wanted to go home and I couldn't help it but continue to beg for my life.

'It doesn't speak' the man repeated, his voice started to take on an edge as he walked around me.

'Please, don't hurt me! You don't have to do this; you don't have to do anything!'

The man tutted. 'It doesn't spe-'

'Come on, man. I don't know what you want but just let me go!'

'It doesn-'

'Please I don't want this! I don't deserv-'

'SHUT UP!' The man yelled so loud I jumped from my skin and allowed a large sob to escape me. The tears were running again but I bit my tongue, not wanting to anger him or I could be in real shit. I felt my bottom lip quivering and my whole body shaking. I felt a light hand swipe a tear away from my eye but I shied away, too scared to let him touch me.

I felt the man sigh; he was so close to my ear I froze completely. 'It shouldn't make me mad'

The darkness was replaced by sheer blinding light and I groaned by the sudden change. When my eyes grew accustomed to the new sight, I again froze in shock. I was in a panic room; the metal door with bars on the front was proof. The round room was full of pictures of people, some with torn off limbs, some naked, some with their eyes gorged out. My breathing grew quicker when I met the eyes of my abductor.

He was staring at my arm and when I looked down I first saw the maggots. Blood was smeared all over where the socket was kept; little wormy creatures crawled their way around, sucking at my skin. I couldn't see past the maggots and I felt another sob escape me.

'Maggots eat away the bad tissue' he explained briefly.

My right arm felt so numb, I could barely feel the maggots crawling around and I could just make out a sight of sticking down. What had happened? The man, with no fuckin' warning, tilted my head back to look to the ceiling and I saw the picture. All of them people, all posted on the ceiling, sitting in the same chair I was. All of them look distressed, some shying away from the camera, others screaming into it. Some had legs covered in maggots, some had arms like me, some had hands, some had just stomach and backs.

I gasped and cried out again, so loudly did I cry that I didn't hear the man standing in front of me with a camera stand. He smiled before going under the black fabric and putting his hand along the clicker.

'It says cheese'



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