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Tags: Monster, Horror

The demon is somewhere inside this very room. The darkness of his soul is stretching its area from room to room, blind. The creature wants him dead, it yearns for blood.

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I am running down the hallway, trying not to look back, but when I did, I saw the thing that was coming after me. It had no wings but it flew through the air like a spider on a web. It climbed the walls, the ceiling, anything it could get its hands on. It was engulfed into the darkness so I couldn't mask out what that thing looked like but I believe it is better to not know.

Because I am not very athletic, the monster was able to get ahead of me. I stopped quickly but right before I was able to turn, I heard no noise. All of a sudden, I fall to the floor, when I tried to get back up, I was tripped once again. The monster was quick, it had me in its grasp. I started to breathe heavily as I stayed on the floor, shutting my eyes so I wouldn't be able to see the gruesome creature. I was expecting to feel it creep up towards me and eat me alive but a minute has passed and nothing happened.

I did not trust opening my eyes so I opened my ears more. There was the sounds of running water and a burning flame. I tried to channel my hearing in this room more and what I heard was heavy, deep breathing that came from up above. I could hear the creature's grime drip to the floor, near missing me. Occasionally, I could hear the creature grit its teeth as if it was waiting for my movement to attack. If it didn't attack because I'm motionless, then that means it cannot see. I tested my theory and gently slid my foot against the hardwood flooring. When I did so, the creature screeched, quickly moving down to where my feet were. I could feel its bony hands gripping my ankles, sniffing them. My heart raced thinking that it was going to eat me alive but it stopped. It moved in closer to my body. Its slime fell onto my clothes, making it thicker and it seem heavier. I could feel its deep breathing fall onto my face. I held my breath before it could read it.

The creature grabbed onto my wrist and began twisting it, as if it was curious about it. He kept twisting it and excruciating pain shot through my wrist. I nearly cried out in pain but I stopped myself. It stopped from twisting and slid its sharp teeth across the inner part of my arm, ripping it open. I began to feel cold, the blood in my veins have been ruptured and I began to bleed out quickly. I didn't realize that this much blood didn't make me pass out but it sent so much pain. I couldn't stop my tears to fall over my cheek. Because of what happened, the creature licked my face. Its's porous tongue stretching over from my chin up to my short, black hair. Its's saliva (possibly saliva) absorbing into my skin, making my body overheat over the cold.

I moved my free left arm around which made the creature jump off of me. I sat up quickly and opened my eyes. Holding my exposed right arm, I looked everywhere for some type of weapon (knives, pieces of wood, pieces of material) anything at all that would bring me to an advantage before it came back. I found a piece of ply wood that laid underneath the table. I grabbed it faster than I have ever grabbed anything before and readied myself.

Looking around and listening for the sounds of it became tiring. I began to lose my vision as I moved in circles. I tried to the best of my ability to hold onto myself but I lost too much blood and became weak. I saw my cell phone on the other side of the room, so I looked around to make sure it wasn't there and darted for the other side of the room. When I reached my phone, I dialed the 9-1-1 number.

"9-1-1 what's your emergency."

I could barely speak through the phone, "I-I-I'm dying."

"Sir, I have dispatched an ambulance. What is your address so I may confirm."

"It...It is here."

"Sir? What is there? Who is with you?"

I ended up dropping the phone as I heard a loud bang coming from the other side of the room, in fact, the corner of the room. I weakily lifted up the ply wood, ready for it to attack. I knew I wasn't going to make it if it really did attack but at least I could try and fight to my last ounce of strength.

The creature screeched its's menacing screech as it charged at me almost full speed. I pulled the ply wood back but before I was able to even touch the creature, I fell to the ground. The creature has ripped open my stomach. I began to gasp for air as I was slowly dying. The creature retreated as it heard sirens coming from outside of my house.

I dropped the ply wood from my hands and looked up at the blood filled ceiling. This was the last time I will get to see reality. This will be the last time I will get to say goodbye to the world. The last time I will ask myself, why me...


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