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It Killed My Family

Short story By: BrendanBeams

The only reason I'm sharing this story is because I'm scared and alone. I need help.

It was a hot, sticky autumn night. I remember the scenery well. A long, winding road. My parents had promised we'd move away. I didn't expect it this far away. I counted the time it took between houses. Each getting longer and longer.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 1.. 6.. 1.. 9.. 1.. 12.. 1.. 20.. 1.. 43.. Then, we stopped. It was a large house. Far away from anything else. My parents reassured me of my fears of ghosts.

That night, I laid quietly in my bed staring out the window to the darkness. My bed was simply a mattress on top of some boxes. My room had boxes everywhere. While I laid, I heard a thump. I waited.



I got up. Being a curious girl, I got up and looked around with a flashlight. I didn't see anything.


I looked outside and saw a quick glare. Something moving quickly..

I laid back down and closed my eyes.


I got up and looked out the window again.


I see something...

To this fucking day I can't come to peace with what it was. It was...a gross, tall creature. It was faceless. It was walking slowly towards my house. Its feet were huge, strange, and bulb shaped. Its arms were long, supporting it as it walked. It was hairless and slouched.

I screamed and ran out of my room, running down the hall to my parents bedroom. My dad and mom are up now, raising from their bed. I should have turned on the light. I should have turned on the light. I should have turned on the fucking light.

It's standing over me now. My parents dead on the floor next to me.

It slobbering on my face a little and walked out of the room.

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