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The Haunted House by brklynkd97

Short story By: brklynkd97

on a dark stormy night , three hunter men come upon a old house and decide to stay a night. However, what they encounter have them wishing they have never entered this house.

Submitted:Mar 7, 2013    Reads: 367    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

The Haunted House

It was a dark stormy night, lightning roared through the night sky and rain drops padded against the forest ground. The wind blew very violently, SWISHHHHH it went. Three hunter men were overwhelmed by the storm and seeked shelter. They ran and ran through the black forest until they came upon a old house located in a small clearing. It was quite big, it was a two-story house, the paint was peeled off with age, and there were two front windows located on the second floor of the home. The three hunter men examined the house with curiosity for they could see inside the two front windows on the second floor, although there was nothing to be seen it was just total darkness; as they were staring at the house wondering to go inside , it had seemed as if it was staring right back at them with those two dark windows. The three men all had eerie feeling about the house, they did not want to step foot inside it! One of the men thought that staying a night in the house wasn't so bad and besides, where else would they go for shelter? He finally the persuaded the other two and they walked slowly to the front door, they were a bit frightened with sweat was trickling down their faces.

The door had creaked loudly as they walked in, their footsteps seemed to bang on the old wooden floor with every step they took. The place was dark but there was a fireplace and they set up a fire to make the house more cheerful, they ate dinner then talked for a bit and went off to sleep. Everything was quiet and calm for a while, but suddenly the men had heard footsteps coming from the attic above them. They listened and it heard has if someone was walking back and forth up in the attic, the wooden planks had creaked and the footsteps continued, step... step... step.... then silence. The men startled by this at first had relaxed and thought nothing of it, they suggested the house was old and fallen back asleep.As time passed by, they heard another noise coming from the attic but this time it was a voice they were hearing, a voice of two people of a man and a woman. The voice of the woman sounded as if the woman was crying while the man's voice sounded angry, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH the woman's voice had screamed loudly and then there was a loud gunshot followed by a haunting evil luaghter HAHAHAHAHA it went . The men sat there confused and startled at the same time did not know what to do until the fire they set up had went out, it was completely dark, it was so quiet that the men could hear their hearts pounding fastly. Everything was so tense, the men were so frightened they froze.They heard the attic door slowly creak open, step... step... step they could hear down the attic stairs,on spur of moment their was a flash of lightning BOOM it went, there stood a pale corpse with horrifying cracked bloody skin stared down at the three hunter men, the men all had gotten up on their feet and ran out the house in great fear. The storm got worse as they got out BOOM the lightning went and as one of the men looked back at that house, there it was the corpse staring at him through the dark window as it dissapeared into the blackness...


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