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A House At The End Of The Street

Short story By: BronsonP

Three young teens are shocked when they here of a rumor about an old house that has been in their neighborhood longer than anyone could remember. But one fateful night, they decided to go and find out what all the fuss was about.

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"Did you guys hear about the house of mirrors?" Katie inquired as she grabbed her math book and slammed her locker. "Apparently if you do some sort of ritual in the bathroom, you'll see an old lady looking back at you in the mirror. "I guess it's kind of like looking in the mirror and saying that girl's name three times, but this actually works! Alice tried it, and she won't even go near a mirror anymore."

"You seriously believe that?" Andrea said glancing over at Tonya in disbelief. "That's just the popular girls making things up so that when other people try it, they can make fun of them."

"Yeah," chimed in Tonya. "You remember last year when they said that the science lab was haunted? Timmy set up his mom's camera overnight and when they found it everyone made fun of him. He still eats lunch alone."

"You guys are always afraid someone's gonna make fun of you," said Katie mockingly. Katie was the most confident of the girls. She was a tall brunette, with blue eyes and a pretty smile. She moved to the small city of Cooktown her sixth grade year. Andrea and Tonya greatly admired her, Andrea was a short chunky girl, with red hair and green eyes, who had lived in the small town her entire life. Tonya too had lived here her entire life and was a tall athletic girl with beach blonde hair and hazel eyes. The girls weren't very popular, making Andrea and Tonya constantly afraid of ridicule from the other kids. Katie was thickheaded and always pushing her friends to be brave and not to worry what the other girls may think. "I say, this weekend we go to the house and see what happens. Who cares if the other girls say anything? We'll at least be able to say we were brave enough to stay the night in the house."

"Are you serious Katie? You really expect us to stay the night in that place?" Tonya said with a certain harshness to her voice. "You're out of your mind!"

"I'm with Tonya on this one, you're crazy."

"Whatever girls, suit yourselves. But everyone's gonna love me when I stay in that house all by myself, and if anything happens, they'll blame you two," Katie said shortly as she began to walk away.

"Hold up," Tonya yelped as her and Andrea caught up to Katie. "We'll go."

"Awesome, I'll see you ladies tonight," she said cheerfully as she disappeared through the door to her math class.

"How does she always talk us in to this kind of stuff Tonya?"

"I honestly have no idea." The bell rang and Andrea and Tonya quickly rushed into their English class.

As the last bell rang all of the girls met at the large warrior statue by the doors leading out of the school. "So girls, the plan is to say that we're staying at each other's houses. We'll all go to Andrea's, since her house is right down the road from the house. Then, we'll sneak out and go to The House of Mirrors."

"Alright Katie, sounds like a plan," Tonya said cheerfully. She and Andrea had grown excited for the night ahead in their class. They were going to be the coolest kids in school after tonight and they couldn't wait. The girls made their rounds to all of the house and finally arrived at Andrea's shortly before nightfall. The girls ate dinner with Andrea's parents and the retreated to her room. The girls decided to take a short nap, seeing as how they wouldn't get any sleep in that creepy old house tonight. The girls awoke at midnight and quietly climbed out Andrea's window. It had gotten quite cold outside. It was an October night, and the dew had already fallen onto the grass. The wet, half dead grass crunched underneath the girls' feet as they slowly came up into the old house. It was a small brick house with broken windows and an old oak tree in the front yard. The door had been covered in vines and the front porch was littered with cob webs. The girls pulled away at the vines and gazed at the old, wooden door standing in front of them. Katie took hold off the cold, wet brass doorknob and slowly turned it. The door creaked open and the girls easily stepped inside, one by one. The floorboards squeaked as the old house settled underneath their feet, and they slowly made their way to the bathroom. The bathroom door opened and inside there was a rusted bath tub, a hole where the toilet used to sit, an old sink, and a dirty, cracked mirror. The girls sat down on the woven rope rug in the middle of the small room as Katie closed the door. Darkness filled the room and the only sound was a horrible blood curdling shriek.

"Shut up Andrea!" Katie exclaimed. "You're going to get us caught."

"I'm sorry, it just so dark in here," she said in a trembling voice as she squeezed Tonya's leg."

"Don't worry," Katie said pulling something from her backpack. The room slowly illuminated and the light from the flame on the candle she had just lit danced around the room, bouncing off the walls and the old metal fixtures. "Now, we each have to close our eyes, and put on of our hairs into the flame. The girls all closed their eyes, plucked a hair, and held it to the flame of the candle. "Well, Andrea, Tonya, I guess it's time to look in the mirror." As Katie stood up to look into the old, cracked mirror, her bag fell from her lap on the candle causing an explosion. The entire neighborhood was woken up and everyone rushed out to their yard to see what happened. The girls were never seen again. All that was found was the old bathtub, and a small, melted metal cylinder. As the girls' families stood and looked at the horrible sight, Andrea's mother noticed something in the distance. In the tree line was an old woman in a tattered white dress with a horrible smile on her old, cracked white face.


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