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The Silhouettes

Short story By: CanadianIdiot

Leanne and Ez are at home one night, when out of nowhere they are attacked by Things...

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Leanne ran from her house, her shoes nearly gliding over the dirt walkway. The night air quickly flowed in and out of her lungs as she ran, sweat pouring down her face and her head pounding from the tension. Her white nightgown was flowing behind her, as was her blonde hair, in a complete distraught mess. She saw, behind her wooden fence Ez's pickup truck sitting in front of the cul-de-sac they lived on. She hopped over the fence and yanked open the door and locked herself in the passenger seat.

The neighborhood was dark and entirely silent. A thin fog had rolled in and hovered over the street. With bare trees in the neighborhood, it created the perfect setting for a horror movie. Leanne was curled up in a ball in the seat, shaking. She was so confused at what happened. She hadn't seen them come in the house, nor did she see what they looked like. She just saw black masses moving.

She heard a gunshot ring out from the house and screamed. She then saw the door burst open and Ez came running out. She knew it was him because his silhouette was much larger than the other, regular sized silhouettes following him. Leanne heard screams coming from the rest of the neighborhood, some women, some men. She began to hyperventilate as Ez got into the car and slammed the keys into the ignition. The engine roared to life and the right head light turned on, the left one being broken. Without a moment's notice, the car took off down the street and out of the cul-de-sac.

"W-w-what were those th-things?!" Leanne asked, stuttering with tears running down her face. She was sitting in the seat, rocking herself back and forth.

Ez nodded his head. "I really wish I knew, I couldn't get a good look at one…" He focused on the road, still speeding.

Leanne looked up at Ez and noticed something in the dark. "Ez, you're bleeding!" She said in the middle of tears.

"I got scratched by one of those things…"

"Ez, that looks like a bite!"

"Just don't worry, okay?!" As they passed under a streetlight, Leanne caught a glimpse of Ez. It definitely was a bite. His eyes were also bloodshot, almost entirely red. "I'll be fine, just stay awake until we get to-"

They were passing under several trees when a loud thud and two dents came through the top of the car. Leanne screamed and covered her head. She started to gag, almost throwing up.

"Leanne take my pistol!" Ez screamed, holding his hand with the pistol out to her.

She stopped screaming and looked at Ez, terrified and confused. She quickly came to and snatched the gun and held it up to the roof. Two more dents appeared and kept pounding deeper and deeper into the top of the car. Leanne was lost with the gun in her hands. She had never fired one and was petrified at that moment.

"Fire the damn gun!" Ez yelled.

Leanne closed her eyes and screamed as she pulled the trigger. She fired multiple times, putting several holes in to the roof. Once she stopped and the barrel of the pistol was smoking, blood was dripping through the holes in the roof she made. She saw a shape fall off the side of the truck and the wheel rose in the air as it ran over whatever it was that fell off.

Leanne took a deep breath and handed Ez the gun. "I can't do this… I'm gonna be killed by one of those Things!"

"I promise you that you won't, okay?" Ez said, "We're going to get over the bridge and get help."

They had to cross a bridge to get to the nearest city where they could hopefully find out what these Things were. Leanne gulped and looked towards Ez. As they passed under a stoplight his right eye was now growing a dark crimson. Her eyes widened and she couldn't speak. She also saw Ez's body start to shake and he trembled holding the wheel.

The trees started to clear and they came amongst buildings, the small town connected to their suburban area. However, Leanne and Ez noticed that towards the end, where the bridge exit was, fires were now blazing over the buildings and spreading.

As they drove furiously down into the town, people sped past. All the lights in the town were dead, save for the fires. People were running amok, being pounced upon and grabbed by other silhouettes. Many of the people were running near the fire where cars had crashed into the shops on the side. A fire hydrant was destroyed and water shot up into the air.

Leanne's face paled and her stomach turned upside down. She lost all ability to speak as she saw silhouettes tearing apart silhouettes, some of the blood visible in the light of the fire. As they neared the fire, she covered her eyes and ducked her head down, not wanting to be seen. She could hear the screams of everyone outside as they were afraid. She heard the glass of windows breaking and the massive infernos crackling.

She felt the heat drastically increase. Then, as fast as it rose, it started to decline.

Soon, everything started to fade out and the only sound was from the car and Ez heavily panting. Leanne looked up at Ez and saw his mouth was hanging open and he was struggling to breathe. As they started to cross onto the bridge, she saw in the light that Ez's eyes were both entirely crimson.

"Ez, what's wrong with you?!" Leanne screeched.

Ez looked at her, his crimson eyes staring directly through her. His panting was deep and empty, like nothing was left of him. His shoulder and neck were now covered in a black substance instead of blood.

Leanne retracted as far back in her seat as possible and started to shake again. Ez looked back at towards the road, his hands still shaking. He looked to his side and looked in the rearview mirror. The car came onto the bridge and started to go towards the city. He looked to his side and saw the handgun lying on the seat between him and Leanne. He looked at himself again in the rearview mirror. Leanne was petrified and couldn't do anything to react.

Without contemplating anything, Ez let out and angry roar, grabbed the gun, and pulled the trigger in his mouth. The car spun out of control and fell off the bridge, into the water below.


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