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This is a short scary story that I was told when I was younger. Even though it is not supposed to be a true story, it scares me to this day. This tale was also featured on the older Nickolodeon TV show "Hey Arnold." The episode, "The Ghost Bride" is just as frightening to me as the story itself. :0

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(Over eighty years ago) There once was a young woman who was deeply in love with her fiance. She bought a beautiful purple wedding dress with matching shoes and even had a bouquet of lilac's. Her favorite flower. The day she was to be married, she patiently awaited her new husband to arrive and sweep her up in his arms and live happily ever after. She looked radiant as she smiled happily at the preacher and repeated over and over: "Oh, Father, my love is coming for me. He is coming soon!" But her fiance never showed up. As hours passed the brides family in the pews gave up and left to head home. Just as everyone else suspected, the bride knew that her fiance had left her stranded at the alter. Looking like a fool, she was deeply embarassed and became vowed never to love or marry any man ever again. The next day, the young women was shocked to find out her fiance had a affair with her sister! That day they were happily married. Her ex fiance new wife was wearing a beautiful purple wedding gown. A near exact match to the sorrowful broken hearted bride. In extream hatred and jelousy, the young women watched them walk into there new automobile. That night, the rejected bride went home. At 11:30 PM she opened her wardrobe and took out her wedding dress. She crept down to the basement and got a sharp axe. Walking 12 blocks to her sisters house, she silently tiptoed up the stairs where her ex fiance and her sister were sleeping soundly arms curled around each other. Raising the axe high over her head, the ex bride whacked her sister and her new husband hard over the head. Leaving there skulls cracked open and oozing with blood. The next door neighbors heard the new married couples screams. Refusing to investigate, they called the authorities. When the police arrived minutes later, they found the ex bride rocking in a rocking chair mearly feet away from the crimson soaked bodies sprawled out on the bed. Holding her sisters bouquet the new married women had been holding hours before, she plucked the flowers off there stems and threw flower petals over there severed bodies. All the while humming the wedding march and grinning evily at the officers. Before the police could arrest her, she jumped out of the rocking chair, and sprang toward the window feet away. Glass shattered, and her evil laughter could be heard before she hit the grown below. She was dead. They buried her in a shallow grave. Her tombstone reading: Her lies the body of Cynthia Nell, she hacked up her sister, then her fiance, and went straight to hell. Her sister and her once lover were buried together in the same casket, together forever and all eternity. And every year on the night of the Cynthia's wicked deeds her ghost rises from the grave. Humming the wedding march and shining her large bloody axe.


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