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Anthropophagos crucio (in progress)

Short story By: danial akid

James is hungry and has guests what meat would he choose today.

Submitted:Feb 2, 2014    Reads: 35    Comments: 7    Likes: 4   

Emma slowly woke back into reality, blinking continuously for her pupils to get used to the small yet bright light hanging from the ceiling, she noticed she was held down with a blood-stained dusty rope, that looks it hasn't been used in years on an old wooden stool that groan and creak every time there's pressure forced on it. She started to panic and franticly scouted the area to see where she was; she can make out a metal rusty door at the end of the room almost shrouded with darkness and right in front of her there stood a small dental table; what's on it made her blood run cold there were variety of tools like a scissor a small hammer different size scalpels knifes and a blow torch. Emma realises that she was isolated from any help and she knew their wasn't point of screaming because whoever sent her down here in this clause phobic box room knew no one will hear and interfere, she try not to panic and took deep breaths to calm herself down.

She sat there for a moment thinking about her parent's college-work friend's family the good and the bad, a trickle of tears started running down her face she wanted to wipe it off but she was unable to, she struggled on the stool for bit but for every struggle the rope went tighter and tighter she gasp and whimpered in pain hoping for this nightmare to end.

Suddenly! There was a loud crash at the door Emma jolted backwards almost tipping herself over but to land all fours with the stool, she gazed at the being that swung the door open. he was white male around his thirties short black hair and appears to wear a red black tuxedo with a white handkerchief sticking out of his front breast pocket; to her surprise he was attractive man. He slowly walked towards Emma with a loud echo of pit pat of his shoes, once he got on front of the table he stopped look down and slowly pick the scalpel up Emma can't bare the feeling what horrors he is capable of doing, she screamed shouted and begged for him to stay away but the man just admired his scalpel and what fun he's going to have with her.

To be continued……

tell me if grammar mistakes


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