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Some peoole wake up from accidents mostly with a broken arm or leg, they recover and go home. Cornelia unfortunatly doesn't have that option stuck in a hospital with a crazy daemon fairy who wants her body and soul.

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Hospital day
The tea was warm. It slid down her throat as each cell lapped up the thawing liquid.
"Ahhh" Cornelia breathed while her breath instantly turned into frost in the wind outside. It was minus 10 degrees at the moment as she waited for the bus in front of the corner shop. Angelo, the old Italian man who ran it, had lived in the neighbourhood for years and knew Cornelia hated coffee, she only drank tea. The weather didn't bother her so much; it was just a normal day, unrelated, unimportant and boring. At least she had tea. Yummy, milky, sugar heaped tea. And as she sat and sipped away on that cold morning she missed the warning signs, the words in a thick heavy accent saying "Don't worry, it will be alright" still echoed in her head against the blaring soundtrack that accompanied every movement in her life but as the screaming car came from around the corner, Cornelia had no knowledge of what the days ahead would bring.
Beep, beep, beep, beep
Cornelia opened her eyes, still blurred and hazy her head rang with each tiny noise created. The beep of the heart monitor, the screeching of people in her room, the metallic tang of trolley wheels on the lino floor.
"ah.........ah" A stutter was all she could manage to get the attention of the 3 people that now stood above her bleached sheet bed.
"Cornel!" Someone familiar rushed over but she wasn't quite sure who until the blur morphed into a haze.
"Don't startle her! Cornelia? Sweetie can you hear me?" her father's voice rang out the clearest across the room but echoed like a drum in her ears.
"You were hit honey, hit buy a car." Cornelia tried to turn her head away but the tubes chocked at her throat and the beeping increased.
"OK, I think she needs some more rest now, once she's stabilised you may come visit again." The foreign voice ushered the hazy figures from her room.
Silence coupled the terrible tiny noises of the outside world made her head swim. She wanted to puke so badly but once again the tubes hindered all. With her eyes closed, little white spots of light tired to dance in the darkness she saw. What the hell happened? Her mind questioned to no one.
"You go hit by a car that's what happened" a child's voice responded from the left.
Cornelia tried to open her eyes again but the blurriness throbbed at her head even more. She saw an outline of something, of someone standing in her room. The beeping increased. She started to panic. How did this kid get in her room?
"Your fine, I'm the least of your worries, just don't die k?" the kid tapped the bed sheets so that she felt a slight vibration, then nothing. The room was eerily silent again. Cornelia waited for a door slam, a handle turn, anything! But the room stayed still. She heard no breathing, no rustles of sounds a person would make, just silence.
I swear to god I've go round the bend! Mother always said I was the nut of the family! She lay there unable to move more than her arms she lay in the hospital room in sheer terror. The dreadful feeling that something was still in your room, someone was still watching you but they weren't there.
** *
Somehow she had managed to sleep in the night. When Cornelia woke the sun blinded her still fresh eyes and forced her to put her hands in front of her face. Hey, I can move my arms she grappled at her neck to find the tubes had also been removed softly through the night. Her body suddenly felt heavy, like the doctors had poured lead into her muscles to replace her bones. Speaking of her bones Cornelia had broken so many she was now in a lower body half cast, one of her arms was bandaged up and her ribs were also in bandages. She didn't feel any of the pain that would have associated these injuries if it wasn't for the high amount of morphine she was hooked up too. Surprisingly she wasn't getting the usual silly side effects that people who were high on prescription drugs attained.
"ah...ah" Still no voice she felt at the rough patches where the bandages sat at her throat oh god did I lose my voice? She felt miserable feeling over her body for other parts that were soaked in blood crusted bandages and tape. Small tears dropped from her eyes as she lay back in the stark white room. They stung a little but she needed to cry more than ever now, was she going to live damaged somehow? And all she did was wait for the bus.
There was a knock at the door and the nurse came in to do her rounds.
"How ya feelin love?" the worn women asked. You could tell her face said she loved the job but her eyes screamed of the horror she became a ring side spectator to over the years and each trauma not without its told on the old women's heart.
Cornelia tried again to say something but stutters of sounds came out instead.
"Thanks all right love, don't stress yourself, it's just from the tubes there, they had to go through your throat to fix some stuff up, give it some time. Ya family will be around again today to see how you're doing. Now time to change the sheets."
The old women changed Cornelia's dressings and laid down a new set of sheets that weren't stained with a red goo from the night before. Cornelia tried to go to the bathroom but found herself being degraded to peeing in a tin tub since her leg functions were immobile. She couldn't stand the silence and the hub of daily noises. Cornelia was very much accustomed to having one earphone dangle out of her ear at all time. Even sleeping she listened to music so that it was the first thing her mind woke up to. The low humming of the fluorescent lights was driving her mental as the nurse tucked her into the bed. Cornelia wished it was a hot young nurse doing the job, you know, like the one you see in the old war movies but she managed a smile as a thank you for the effort.
"Get some rest dearie everyone will be here shortly and I will bring in ya breakfast soon." The word "breakfast" itself almost had her hurling up so she decided to lie still. Mistake number one. The little noises were everywhere! She was blessed by the gods with supersonic hearing or as she seemed to think cursed her each day to hear every bloody noise in the world! The tapping began of something outside running up and down the hallways; the monotonous beeping of the machines, a wind outside hissed at her window and made the Perspex glass shudder in fear. The noises were all around and Cornelia began to cry again, restless, helpless and now stuck in a trap of noises leading to one monstrous headache when suddenly -
"Cornel!!!" the high pitched female voice screeched from the entrance way. "Oh sweetheart look at you! I knew I should have driven you to work! I'll never forgive myself!!" The over dramatic flailing women who now was kneeling beside Cornelia's bed and grabbing at the sheets in a guilty way was her partner Lia. Quite the bubbly, girly kind of gal, Lia now blamed herself for what had happened and poured gift after gift out of a bag to give to her beloved.
"Lia... give the girl some space." Zen walked into the room the other house mate of the trio. "How ya doin love?" the fop asked pulling up a chair and turning it to sit backwards at the end of Cornelia's bed so he could rest his face in his hands.
"m..e....ah...." Still no words would form from her mouth as Lia let out another moan for guilt.
"It's ok love rest up everything been taken care of, your Pop took care of the bills, your here for another 3 weeks hun." Zen patted the end of the bed then tried to gently grab Cornelia's toes that were sticking out like little white towers from under the blankets.
"Oh my angel!" Lia wailed lifting up the blankets to see the extent of the damage. Cornelia was glad that she hadn't seen her last night when it was still all blood soaked and crusty, she would have gagged at the sight. She gave a little smile to herself at the thought as Lia wrapped her back up and planted a gentle kiss on her lips. Her brilliant sapphire eyes were tinged with red from all the crying she had been doing.Cornelia raised her hand to comfort the other girl as Lia snapped it up within her own.
"They said the guy was high love, he was driving absolutely off his nut! He didn't just hit you he took out have of Angelo's store too! Thankfully the old man is alright and he's the one who called the ambulance then he beat the snot out of the driver, when the police arrived he had to be restrained and the other guy was also carted to a different hospital in hand cuffs. I don't think he's getting out any time soon so you got nothing to worry about." Zen had a goofy puppy smile like a happy cavalier in the sun.
"They also said you're not in any danger, you have a shit load of broken bones - not going to lie about that - but the doctors said you didn't lose as much blood as they thought and that the head trauma was contained." Head trauma? Cornelia hadn't felt her head yet and sure enough a huge bandage was covering the back left of her skull. Tears pricked her eyes as the tiny waterfall started again.
"Oh my baby!" Lia was at it again but Zen just smiled and continued filling in the gaps.
"Hun, the doc says you will be out in three weeks max!! And we promise to visit you and look," Zen produced a small black bag. "I brought you your life supply! Head phones, Ipod, charger and your PSP. I brought you some new games and grabbed the old ones and yes I brought the charger for that too. Tomorrow I'll drop the laptop off at least that will be a good way of communicating till your voice comes back little chook." He dumped the bag next to Cornelia's hand so she could reach. She snapped it up and pulled out the head phones shoving one into her right ear, her hands fumbling not keeping up with how fast her mind was telling them to work faster. Cornelia signed as the tunes started up again, finally a release from the agonizing silence. Lia pulled out the charger and stuck it into the wall for her so that the music player could lie on the table between the juice provider and the bed. Her usually perfectly straight long aurban hair was now messy and draped over her shoulder. Cornelia felt sickly for making her worry so much but Lia smiled and reached out to her face.
"It's ok sweetie you're going to be ok, I have everything ready at home and look I brought this for you." Lia placed a small stuffed Panda on her bed. Cornelia burst out into tears upon seeing it and snapped it up just as fast as the head phones, instantly transforming from an adult to a complete child for a few seconds. The Panda was a childhood remnant that Cornelia used to believe would always stand guard to protect her while she slept through the night.
"Just as I thought you need him more than me huh?" Lia joked and Cornelia smiled putting the fuzzy toy in the crook of her arm between her body.
They talked for another hour until it was time for her friends to leave. Lia left with another kiss and said she would be back after work. Zen patted her head then the Pandas and waved goodbye as he left the room behind Lia.
Alone again. Cornelia said to herself but at least this time she had the bear and music. It was a slow, long-winded day. After getting bored of playing for 2two and a half hours, Cornelia had a nap only to wake up to a warm wet feeling on her left. One of her stitches had blown wide open letting vital fluids seep out into her sheets. The nurse came back and changed her - once again Cornelia wishing it was Lia in the outfit - but gave another smile in gratitude. By the time the night rolled around Cornelia and managed to work the TV and watched a little with Lia before she ended up falling asleep arms curled around her head on Cornelia bed. She left around 11 pm and the nurse put the lights out after. Cornelia finally felt a little like home as she did her nightly routine of placing Panda at the end of the bed to guard her and brought her sheets right up to her neck. The 'Sleep mix' tracks now played as her head throbbed a little from the morphine change only 10 minutes ago. As the faint glow from the drip hung above her head Cornelia started to doze off when she heard a voice.
"Great you're not dead but WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING!" the child's voice was now back and when Cornelia's eyes snapped open not only was there a child standing there but her cute stuffed little Panda was now around a meter high and growling at the kid from the end of Cornelia's bed.
"ah...ah" She tried to scream but her voice failed its mission and she closed her mouth.
"Get rid of it!" the child yelled still cowered mostly in darkness behind the sink in the far left corner. Panda growled and growled but Cornelia still couldn't move how was she going to control that thing? Just then the Panda turned around to face her but something was really off. This wasn't a cute cuddly Panda toy, sure the fur was the same material and the basic shape from behind but the face, Cornelia now understood why the child was terrified because she was just the same. The Pandas paws where long, gangly arms, as if someone had taken his paws and stretched them out through a pasta machine. They had giant spikes for claws at the end and the proportion reminded her of the time she dislocated her arm playing basketball in high school. The back paws remanded stubby and short and normal (if anything on it was) to the original Panda. The Panda's face was a mangled mess of toy fur and teeth. Its mouth had been stretched and torn wide revealing gleaming razors all pointing up and down. His eyes were large red crazed glowing fireballs in black sockets, he looked like he was about to laugh like Muttley would at Dick Dastardly when he's plan to cheat the Wackey Race was soiled for the 100th time in a row. The Pandas ears were in points, not round at all and his neck was elongated like the arms once again resembling something that had been previously disjointed form its body. The creature sat staring at her then a abnormally long, wet and stick thin tongue licked her cheek. The shiver that ran up her spine should have killed her from fright but the Panda-thing just sat there looking at her grinning madly.
I guess you can hear what I'm thinking can't you? Even the voice inside her head sounded shaky with fear. The Panda nodded and replied:
"I have always heard you from when you where very young until now. But this is the first time you have been able to see me, that bump to your head did you a world of favors, no?" Shocked and a little bewildered by the voice in her head the child still yelled profanities at her from the corner of the room.
"What the fuck?! Get rid of it! Don't talk to it!" he proceed to yell. Then without warning a small slivery metallic object was thrown at the Panda. The ball splat like liquid mercury on the side of his head and the Panda froze stuck in time. It was like pausing a DVD in front of her. Suddenly the boy stood up, brushing himself off and walked into the light of the drip beside her bed. The eerie blue light made him look more frightening than the horrible stuffed creature now sitting frozen in front of her. He looked down at her smiling like a Cheshire cat bearing the same razor toothed smile as the Panda did. A Cornelia looked up at him she realized he was a boy but looked like he could have been in his late teens maybe 18 or so. He turned to the beast and stuck his forked tongue out at it making funny faces until his attention returned to the trembling invalid.
Somebody help me! She screamed in her mind.
"Ha, that was his job! Some guardian he is! Wait till the court hears about this!" the boy s eyes were stuck as if he was looking up at something on the roof but somehow still they looked down into Cornelia's. Shimmers of green eyes flickered colors under the blue light thought it was the horns which Cornelia feared the most. Coiled black, sleek gloss horns grew from the boy's tussled hair. They came curving down towards his eyes and pointed their sharp ends at her face. Leaves and berries strung his hair and his alabaster face and black smudges of dirt smeared almost like earthen colour makeup on his face. He had no shirt on and his thin pale frame glowed against the light. Cornelia could see writing tattoos and symbols all over him. She didn't understand what did this daemon wanted with her?
"You owe me mortal; I saved your life now you must save me." Cornelia was confused when the boy suddenly started to reach for her neck. His hands were gritty and icy cold. He squeezed hard and she felt faint still high on the morphine she keep saying it had to be a dream. Just then the boy let go.
"No not yet, I mustn't yet, not like the last one but there now you will carry that with you." He pulled a large leaf from his head and with the flash of his bony hands he turned into a mirror before her. Cornelia saw a tattoo like his, a letter symbol it looked like on her neck.
"You owe me a body, I want your body." The creepy grin on the boys face made Cornelia squirm.
Why me? Why mine? Go get someone else's! She yelled at him with her mind.
"Ha ha you're funny! I like that; I think I'll be funny just like you when I get out of here!"He brushed his unnatural hand against her face and this time she knocked it defiantly back.
You didn't answer my question why me? And what's he? Cornelia pointed a wobbly hand at the Panda.
"Why should I tell you?" the boy grinded turning his large smile into a large sharp frown.
Where am I? Cornelia squeezed at his patience.
The demon boy pressed his face close to hers; leaning down Cornelia could smell a sweet sticky sent, as if he had been washed with the purest of honey. He kissed the side of her face. The frosty touch sent a heat wave through her body.
"I'm of the Faye." The body whispered snakishly "I've come to give you whatever you want in exchange for this." He brushed his hand across her limp body but she still felt the cold touch run across her skin even under the plaster. The daemon kissed her over and over again with Cornelia struggling beneath him those un - proportional eyes always staring at her she started just as frightened back. His hand got closer to her chest as he was flung across the room. The grinning Panda had sliced into him as the black sticky ooze dripped from its paw.
"May the Seelie court curse you damn guardian!" the boy yelled.
The Panda only growled again and again getting louder with each movement the boy made.
"Well its seems doomsday has come early this year, the last angel has gone so I will leave this round to you Guardian but she can't stay awake forever." Cornelia recognised the lyrics to her music and as the words danced off his lips almost the same way they did for the artist she felt light headed, dreamy and excited. She felt herself wanting to chase after him that's when she noticed the extra needle next to her drip. It was shoved crudely in the same hole as the hospitals drip yet had a bright gold liquid in it.
"That should keep you in my dreams for now." The boy responded and wiped his chest licking the black goo that now dripped down his green tinged hand from the light of the door. And in the darkness he disappeared.
Cornelia tried to pull the needle out but it was wedged in tight against the drip, the sparkling gold liquid dripped into her skin making her hot and cold all at once. The giant Panda walked up her bed; he made barley a dent in the sheets for his size and plonked himself on her lap. He again licked her face in the dark as Cornelia opened her eyes.
Was it all a dream? She looked down at her arm and only the one needle was jutting out from her skin. Though her face was wet? She looked over to Lia sitting beside her with a wet towel in her hand.
"Morning baby." The girl said "You had a fever all night. The nurse gave you something for it but I took the day off work to come look after you." She dipped the moist cloth into a metal bowl of water wringing it out and dropping it gently back onto Cornelia's forehead.
"I...had a dream?" the crocky voice with barley auditable tones reached Lia's ears making her eyes light up with relief.
"Oh I missed your voice," she half hugged Cornelia then picked up the stuffed Panda that was back between her arm and body, and proceeded to rub it in Cornelia's face but she panicked and blocked the toy with her arms.
"Cornel? You ok?"
"Dream.... Panda....Monsters..... Faye"
"Faye? You mean Fairies? Ok I'm taking you off that much morphine sweetie" Cornelia looked up into Lia's eyes but to her horror saw the black horns hiding behind her head. The grinning smile of the demon boy popped up from behind Lia's head as he draped her arms around her neck. His ghostly form now had its long taloned legs floating in the air behind him. Cornelia wanted to scream but he mouth was magically zipped shut. So she stuttered and bumbled with noises making Lia fuss even more. The boy stroked Lia's worried face and played with the straight locks of her the way Cornelia used to do to get her attention. The frustration and terror built from the restraint, couldn't speak yet and that thing was all over Lia!
GET OFF HER! Cornelia yelledat him letting her eyes say all the fury.
"Tell me you love me." The boy continued tossing and turning in the air around Lia.
Cornelia's eyes were wide with anger and she was helpless what could she do? Suddenly she picked up the stuffed Panda and threw it head on with her mirage target. It thankfully disappeared and Cornelia breathed heavily lying back in her bed.
"I have no idea what just happened but I'm going to take the Panda home ok?" Lia said frightened by the sudden outburst of actions.
"N...o" She croaked. She had no idea what was going on, why this boy wanted her or why he was haunting her in the hospital?
"I'm worried about you" Lia held Cornelia's hand. "Oh god that drip! What a dodge job, your hand is all red, they must have had a trainee nurse do this or something?" Lia rubbed at her lovers hand and to Cornelia the pain was enough to make her gag and grapple at her hand. The usual soft touch of a dress maker had turned into the searing flame from a hot poker. Of course the drip! Cornelia pulled at the needle but the foreign object remained implanted in her skin.
"Cornelia?! What are you doing?" Lia shouted pressing the button for the nurse.
"I....get...out" finally she managed to rip the slender needle away form her skin, dragging out the never connections the metal had become fused to. He hand bleed furiously as the chunk of skin missing now sat with the drip n the other side of the bed.
"Dear god! What's wrong with you!"
"That was what was stopping me talking" The still crackly words came out a little more solidly as Cornelia sat up in her bed.
"What?" Lia gasped.
"I -" before Cornelia could tell her story the room froze.
"Very clever little clover." The boy recited a line from Batman and Robin. "I didn't think you would figure it out that fast."
"You what do you want?" Cornelia's words hissed at him.
"I told you I want you or more be it I need her." He pointed a long greenish hand toward Lia's temple and curled it around a lock of her hair.
"Yes, you see in order for me to obtain my body or our body to be exact, I need to steal your lover here. I can't keep your body unless she falls in love with me."
"So that's who you were talking to when you said do you love me?" Cornelia could start to feel the effect of the morphine erases from her limbs as the boy jumped up and stood with his legs spread apart over the top of her in the bed. He, just like the Panda, left no dent in the mattress and he stood like a green peter pan in the daylight.
"Where am I?" she questioned.
"My dream, you're in my worlds, I put you in a coma. You and I have business. You see I'm stuck in this limbo; I've been waiting for someone with your heart and emotion to get me out of her! My families land is under this hospital, it was squashed by the humans years ago and we exists only in dreams now, no more flowers, no more trees, just dirty humans and buildings that are cold, hollow towers to us. You took my home I will take yours." The boy bent down extending his nails and pressing the metallic like spikes to her skin.
"You said you would give me whatever I wanted." Cornelia blurted out before her head was forced into the pillow. The question provoked him and at least brought her some stalling time to figure out her next move. His torso slid back towards his legs letting his arms extend into something you only see in your nightmares. His face dropped so Cornelia only saw those freakish eyes staring from inside his horned head.
"Fuck, yes I may want to steal your body but I have limitations I must abide by before I eat your soul."
"My soul?" The boy jaggedly crawled back up the bed, limbs as long as meter rulers, his legs still fixed from the knee down to her bed, he twisted and snaked his way up to her face. Cornelia noticed it in the new light of the day and with the boy so close to her face, his eyes were dull. They had no shine, no sparkle, and no warmth human eyes carried. He had no soul to reflect in them. They were spectacular dull green eyes fitting for a daemon fairy who had nothing to live for but to steal and survive.
"I want to be human; I want to be the human you are." He bent close to her mouth the words almost flowing into hers like smoke from a cigarette.
"No," Cornelia breathed back. The smell of him, the look and feel made her want to submit to his magic, she thought about what it would be like to be a fairy, to have magic and to see the world in a different light. After all her life was your average ant line, she did what she was told and lived how the economy made her. But what about Lia? She couldn't leave her with this perverted monster.The boy glared at her from above, his eyes even more freakish and unnatural in the light as he scratched her face to watch her bleed. He licked the tips of his claws and pressed himself down against her body. Searing pain wreathed at her skin. She screamed as her body felt like it was dripped in a giant vat of acid. He continued the seduction.
"You won't be lost you know, you'll still be there, just squashed down but you will still see everything." He kissed at her throat and the ear splitting cry rang out each time he touched her.
"This is your own fault that needle was to help you not to harm you." The boy said making her writhe on the bed. Her head swam, her limbs were on fire and her body was weak from the pain of her injuries. She turned her head on the pillow. He was making her stomach turn at the same time she felt dust from his body fill her like tiny electric charges. The drugs he had feed her mad him intriguing and handsome to her.
Help me
Over by the door the stuffed Panda rose from his tipped position on the floor and let out a sound that mimicked something like a dying dragon. The boy turned his tipped head, his eyes lit up and his face became spooked. The Panda charged at him from across the room jumping the bed and tackling him to the ground, the boy took out a chunk of Cornelia's face in the process.
"GET OFF MEEEEEE!!!" the boy screamed as the Panda tore at his body. Green hunks of skin flew with black ooze all over the floor. The boy scratched and kicked furiously at the giant beast but that was not enough to save any part of him. The Panda raised him in its T-Rex jaws and tossed the limp shredded remains into the air. He then caught the boy in his paws and began to rip.
"Oh dear god no!" Cornelia screamed as the tearing noise turned into cracking.
"Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!" the boy yells became higher and higher, his body was splitting in several places as if he was merely a piece of blue tac that have been over used and stretched out. His torso started to crack with holes as skin separated form bone, muscle from joint. Black blood sprayed across the room as finally his spine slipped out from the top half of his body as if he were fish on the chopping board at the local take away store.
Cornelia hid under her covers, her eyes shut so tight it she almost made them bleed, she was shaking inside and out as the Panda gnawed on what was left of the fairy boy.
"Your wish has been granted." The voice rung out in her head.
"Save me!" Cornelia jolted up in the white room. The sound of the monitor beeped away in the background but this wasn't the same room she had been frozen in. 6 people now stood around her bed, one being a priest in full black robes.
"What the?" Cornelia questioned as she watched Lia faint on her left. Cornelia reached over the bed handle to look down at the now sleep like girl but somehow she looked different, older somehow.
"Cornelia...... you're......alive........" Zen whispered under his breath crossing himself as he did.
"Of course I am," Cornelia retorted. "I was only asleep-"
"For 3 years." Zen said slowly still not believing that it was true.
"3 years but I" Cornelia stammered and retched on her words, her wounds had healed and she lay in just a plain white bed. Her hair hand grown almost to her waist and her nails were lengthy and sharp now.
"What happened to me?" Cornelia questioned to the blank faces that surrounded her. Her Mother and Father huddled together, Zen and her beloved Lia he now held cradled in his arms still unconscious, Angelo with his little floppy old man's golf hat his little mouth slack jawed and the priest who stood at the head of the bed holding out his cross to her. Yeah that's what I really want to see when I woke up she thought.
"You were talking with Lia then freaked about something and the next minute you were asleep for 3 years! Doctors tried everything to wake you and still you slept perfectly. You didn't even need life support; it had doctors from across the globe stumped for years! Now minutes before we were about to end it you ping back to life!" Zen exclaimed.
"I was dreaming" Cornelia looked at her hands and felt her legs once again free to move under the sheets. She turned to the side of her bed imagining the black pool that should be there but wasn't. She breathed out properly for the first time in ages. The Panda toy sat on her bed side table covered in black stains but looking the same cute and cuddly as ever. So it wasn't just a dream she thought to herself and held the toy tight to her chest.
"Thankyou" she whispered in its stuffed ear.
After getting dressed in some clothes Lia and brought for her every day in case she woke up again, Cornelia collected her belongings and finally checked out of her hospital bed. Lia waited for her at the end of the hall with flowers and a warm embrace.
"I have missed you." She whispered to Cornelia as she smiled in the hug.
"You won't believe the dream I had" Cornelia started as they walked to the lift.
"Really? Well it must have been a very long one! You know I almost left you? You go off and have a dream for 3 years and I get stuck with all the bills?! You owe me a ton of fancy dinners for that you know!" the girl started at her as she switched over the earphones in Cornelia's ears.
"That's fair.... and you wouldn't leave me you would miss my body too much" Cornelia smirked as Lia pouted and they got in the lift.
"So what did you dream about? Lia very girly said while gripping onto her partners arm.
"There was a boy and he wanted to steal my body to be human, I think he was trapped in the hospital. He said he wanted to scone and steal you." Cornelia touched Lia's nose to make it a joke.
"A boy?" Lia exclaimed.
"Yep, a young one maybe about 18, he was skinny as too! Not my type at all."
"You know I lost a younger brother when I little, he would have been 18 this year. She said as the memory of a boy was recalled in her mind.
"What?" Cornelia froze as the lift skimmed past level 15, 14, 13.
"Yeah, he went mad when he was 15 and my parents had him in this hospital for a year until he died. He just went silent one day just like you. My parents took him off the life support a year later and he died, just at the decision of my parents, that's why I kept fight for you. I wasn't going to let anyone's decision tell me you weren't coming home." Lia snuggled into Cornelia's arm as she became a solid pillar of shock.
"Did your brother have any tattoos?" Cornelia finally stuttered.
"Yeah he had a bunch of weird symbols on his chest. He got them done by and underground artist, kept muttering that they would save him or something like that. Why do you ask?" Cornelia started to violently tremble then dropped her bag beside her as the lift reached 6,5,4. She quickly lent into the mirror on her left gripping at her neck. Thank god nothing. No mark, no symbol, no tattoo, nothing.
"What the hell's wrong with you?" Lia asked as the lift doors slid open and she picked up the floppy bag and feeling her forehead to see if the fever had returned.
"Nothing honey, can we just go home, I've been here way too long." Cornelia said almost bolting out of the lift. That's when she noticed it. The small letter symbol tattoo not on her own neck but on Lia's. She stopped mid run and starred.
"Forget something?" Lia questioned turning to reveal an almighty razor sharp grin at Cornelia who dropped to her knees and screamed.
It was Lia, this whole time she had been trying to re-unite herself with her brother in the form of her lover, to make sure he escaped the hospital and came with her. It was exactly what fairies do, they charm you with their good looks and silver tongues then swallowed you whole when you stepped back into their ring of pebbles.


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