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as a family heading out to see everyone they hear of attacks from zombies. as they make their way across the country to get to their family can anyone truly be safe? with un expected deaths and well developed characters this story will knock you off your feet!!!!

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Dear Grandpa Dylan,

I'm glad you are doing ok, for Christmas I would like a ipod touch, Maya would like a Barbie swim doll. I'm excited to see you guys! Hope to see you soon, and don't forget my 16th birthday is in a month

Love, Layla

"Layla, empty the dishwasher!" Dave called. "In a minute dad" Layla yelled. She was getting ready to go to a movie, she was finishing straightening her blonde hair when her little sister Maya came in. "some ones got a boyfriend!" Maya giggled. Layla rolled her eyes. "What are you nine?" Layla asked. Maya made a pshh!! Noise. "I was nine last year" Maya said. Layla pushed past Maya and walked down the stairs, through the cramped living room into the small kitchen. Dave was cooking while Maya was emptying the dishwasher. Since the divorce, they had to move into a small apartment complex, their grandparents lived on the other side of town and they were going to go visit over Christmas. "Jessica will be here soon," Layla said.

"Have fun ok?" Dave asked. He always tried to be happy but never really got that across. There was an awkward silence as Layla put the last of the dishes away. She turned and looked at Dave. His slowly changing brown to gray hair and his morning stubble with beady blue eyes stared back. "What?" Dave asked.

"Do you miss mom?" Layla asked. Dave stopped stirring the spaghetti and looked at Layla. "I do but we had to do it for a reason" Dave said. "Dad!" Maya yelled. Dave ran into the living room and looked at the news reporter on the TV. "Turn it up" Dave said. Layla waltzed into the living room. "recent reports of attacks from civilians is on the rise, such attacks include bites and scratches at this moment we advise people in the downtown district of Riverside to stay indoors we will keep you posted on this subject only on channel 12 news" the reporter smiled. "Layla I'm going to ask you to stay home tonight" Dave said. Layla sighed. "why?" Layla asked.

"don't sass me" Dave replied.

"Fine let me go call Jessica" Layla yelled. Dave sighed and placed his hand over his face. He heard Layla grab the home phone and run to her room and slam the door. "Layla's crabby" Maya smiled. Dave smiled and went back to cooking.

The autumn colors shined on the van windows. Sugar smiled as she said goodbye to the warmth of the south. She could feel the air getting colder. She was on her way to Riverside, Washington from California and she was bringing her boyfriend Matt. He was listening to the radio as she watched the vivid colors. Matt looked at her. She turned and smiled. "What?" Sugar asked. She short choppy light brown hair was sliding as Matt's hand played in her hair. "I'm excited to meet your family" Matt smiled. His glasses reflected something in the window that made Sugar jump. She pulled over the car. "JESUS CHRIST!" Sugar yelled. Matt jumped and un buckled his seatbelt. It was still broad daylight. Sugar jumped out of the car and looked back. There was nothing there now. "What?" Matt asked.

"Nothing- I- I thought I saw a person on the side of the road" Sugar sighed. Matt smiled. "Your just tired, you rest the rest of the way I can drive" Matt smiled. Sugar nodded. They switched spots in the car and Matt started to drive. Once it got dark out they had made a lot of progress. They were in some small town with little patches of snow and a lot of road kill.

Dave sat in front of the TV amazed at what he saw. He had been watching the all night news channel. At first it was just Angela, the reporter interviewing a few people and then in the back ground someone was attacked. Her and her cameraman rushed over and through the camera Dave saw it. the attacker was bit all over the arms and her clothes were torn and thrashed her skin a creamy white color. "JAKE LOOK OUT!" Angela yelled. the camera turned as another one jumped on the camera man. The camera flew and aimed on Angela feet as they ran over and picked up the camera. "Jake!" Angela yelled. she ran over and kicked the thing off of Jake. He was tall and bulky but a small person like that was straining him, maybe they were just underestimated. Angela and Jake were running. As Jake ran backwards he filmed Angela. "HELP!" Angela yelled. the screen went black and a new scene opened with an army man. "Hello this is an emergency broadcast, anyone watching please head to the performing arts center, it has proven to be the strongest defense area." The army man said. "what the?" Dave asked. just as he asked that he heard a scream across the hall. He opened the door and ran into the hall. The neighbor's door was open. "Jill?" Dave yelled. He walked in, blood covered the walls. "Jill!" Dave yelled. He walked a little farther and discovered a man like the one that was attacking on TV, feasting on his neighbor. It didn't see him so he turned and ran back to his room locking it. He picked up his phone, the lines were dead. "Girls!" Dave yelled. Layla and Maya came out slowly. "What?" Maya asked. "Pack only the essentials we need to leave" Dave said. Layla suddenly snapped back to reality. "Why?" Layla asked. There was a loud scream and a slam on the door, more slamming continued as Layla and Maya grabbed a plastic bag and ran back to their room. Dave looked around the apartment for a weapon, there was nothing. "GO AWAY!" Dave yelled. Maya came back with a small bag full of clothes a stuffed bunny, a blanket and her favorite nightlight. There was a crack in the door. "Who is that?" Layla cried out. Dave started to panic. "The fire exit!" Dave said. He ran to the living room and opened the small door. he looked out. Down below on the streets people were running. He had to wonder, "what was going on?" He helped Maya and Layla out. Layla lost one of her socks on the window; she was going to turn back as she saw the face coming through the door. She screamed and the three of them scrambled down the 5 floors of fire escape trying to get to the ground. "Daddy I'm scared!" Maya cried. As they neared the bottom they saw a few more of the rabid like humans below clawing at them. "Get back honey!" Dave screamed. the window next to him opened as he kicked one off the ladder. It was a man. "Get in!" he yelled. Maya and Layla crawled in. Dave jumped in and the man pushed a piano in front of the window with the help of Layla. Maya was crying and gripping onto Dave's robe. The three of them panted. "you all alright?" the man asked. Dave smiled and held out his hand. "Dave, this is my daughter Maya and Layla" he smiled. The man shook his hand, he had a firm grip and he had a large bald spot on his head. "Tom" he smiled. Layla reached in her bag. As Layla rummaged through her bag, Dave and Tom talked about theories on what was going on.

Sugar opened her eyes. She didn't notice while she was asleep but the car was stopped on the side of the road, shut off and the drivers door open. She looked in the back. She UN buckled her seatbelt. "Matt?" Sugar called. She opened the front door. it was snowy and it was still falling. She looked for some kind of sign or life. "Matt?' Sugar yelled. her legs were freezing. "SUGAR RUN!" Matt screamed from a distance. Sugar jumped and started walking to his voice when he let out a long deep scream. "MATT!!!!" Sugar screamed. she didn't know what happened but she hopped into the car and locked the doors. She tried starting the car it stalled and there was a slam on the back of the car. Sugar screamed and looked in her mirror. It was Matt but he was all bloody. Sugar started to get out of the car when Matt charged her, knocking her on the ground. "Matt!" Sugar screamed. she kicked and struggled while Matt drooled on her. Sugar heard moans in the distance and looked and more people were coming. She kneed Matt in the groin and jumped un and got in the car. She started it and sped off bawling and screaming as she did so.

The phone rang and Dylan slowly awoke and looked at his clock, it read 4:00 AM. He picked it up. "Hello?" he asked. His lips chapped and his mouth teeth less it didn't come out so clear. He put in his dentures. "What, who is this?" he asked. on the other line Sugar babbled crying and screaming trying to speak but nothing came out. Dylan turned and woke up Jane. "What is it?" Jane asked. Dylan had a puzzled look on his face. "He did what?" Dylan asked. at that Jane jumped up and turned on a light. In the corner of their large master bedroom they saw a little girl facing the corner. Her long black hair reached her waist. Jane tapped Dylan. He turned. "Hang on Sugar" Dylan said. He handed he phone to Jane and stood up. "Hello sweetie?" Jane asked. She played with her gray curly hair. All through this the little girl didn't move. "Hello?" Dylan asked. "Do you need help?" Dylan asked. As he approached he noticed her little pajamas were ripped along the back line. He rushed over and turned her around and she screamed and struggled trying to bite him. "Jane!" Dylan yelled. "Dyly!" Jane cried. She opened the door and Dylan threw the girl to the ground and slammed the door. The little girl screeched and pounded on the other side. Jane grabbed the phone. "Sugar please come get us, we need help!" Jane cried. She looked out the window at the foggy night sky and saw a few fires in the distance. Dylan ran over to the closet and opened it. he reached up and grabbed a small cord pulling down a ladder. He rushed Jane up there and then grabbed a flashlight and a baseball bat from the closet floor and walked up closing it behind him.

Layla jumped at the sound of a scream and shattering glass. Tom jumped up wielding his pistol and fired once at the window. The piano was slowly being pushed away from the now broken window. Tom threw down his gun and rushed over pushing the piano back. "GO!" Tom yelled. Dave grabbed Maya and Layla and ran for the door. he looked back and pushed Layla and Maya to the door and ran back. He grabbed the gun and shot two of the 'zombies' outside. It gave a little leeway for Tom to run. "I'm sorry!" Dave yelled. he ran to the door. He rushed Layla and Maya out into the empty halls. Everyone's doors were open so assuming that they either evacuated or were attacked Dave and the girls snuck down the hall to the stairs. Dave opened the pistol magazine. It had 7 shots left. They all walked slowly down the steps. Dave heard a car start and started running. The girls kept his wake going. As they reached the bottom they found a car just starting with Dave's neighbor Joe in it. he was a bit younger maybe 20 at the oldest. "get in!" Joe yelled. Dave and the girls jumped in.

Sugar pulled up at the old estate where she was raised. The power seemed to be out and there was a shattered window on the front door. The rest of the area was clear. Sugar wiped her tears away and got out. She ran up to the front door and opened it. Right inside she saw a snow shovel, she picked it up. "Hello? Dad?" Sugar called. She heard a scream and looked up, at the top of the stairwell was a little girl. Sugar screamed and as the girl ran down Sugar crashed the shovel into her head. Sugar ran upstairs and into her parent's bedroom. "Mom?" Sugar yelled. she closed the door behind her. She heard a creek in the closet and jumped over the bed ducking. "Sugar pie?" Jane whispered. Sugar looked up and the flashlight bestowed upon her. "Mom!" Sugar cried. Sugar ran and hugged Dave and Jane. They all were crying and shaking. "What's going on where's Matt?" Dylan asked. Sugar broke down.

"Can we go to grandma's?" Maya asked. Dave looked at Joe. "Hey man you just tell me where to go, I have no place to go" Joe replied. His hazel eyes seemed sincere. "Sure" Dave smiled. As they drove down the highway they saw cars flipped over, people running and 'zombies' chasing them. Dave looked back at Layla and Maya. "Listen girls no matter what happens I want you to know I love you guys, Layla if something happens to me, take care of Maya," Dave smiled. Layla nodded. A zombie walked in front of the car and Joe moved around it. "Turn here" Dave said. Joe turned down a long narrow road near the edge of town. "How far did this spread?" Joe asked. Dave shrugged. "Joe do you have your cell phone on you?" Layla asked. Joe reached in his pocket and handed it back to Layla. Layla punched in Jessica's number. "Layla I think Jessica knows you can't go to the movie" Dave smiled. He was trying to be positive. "Hello?" Jessica cried on the other line. "Jess it's Layla are you ok?" Layla asked. "Layla they got my parents!" Jessica screamed. "Dad we have to go get her!" Layla said. "Layla we won't have time" Dave replied. He felt guilty about saying that. "Jessica where are you?" Layla asked. "I'm in the movie theatre with a bunch of other people" Jessica sobbed. Layla heard a gunfire on the other line and then Jessica screaming. "Layla their here!" Jessica screamed. Layla heard a clunk and a bunch of screaming and hissing. Layla hung up and wiped her eyes. "They got Jessica" Layla whispered. "Jesus" Joe said. "There!" Dave said. He pointed to Sugar's car. "Auntie Sugar is here?" Maya asked. "I guess so" Dave replied. Joe reached over into the glove compartment and pulled out a pistol. "Ready?" Joe asked. Dave nodded. As they got out of the car they saw a few zombies in the distance. "Come on" Dave ordered. Layla and Maya hopped out and the four ran inside. Dave slammed the door behind him. "Sugar, Dad, Mom!" Dave yelled. "David?" Sugar asked. Dave shined his light to the to of the stairs. Sugar, Jane and Dylan stood up there but not for long they ran down and embraced everyone. After greetings were set windows were barricaded. "Who's your friend?" Jane asked. "This is my neighbor Joe" Dave said. Jane held out her hand. "It's so nice to meet you" Jane smiled. "Mom do you have a radio?" Sugar yelled from the kitchen. Jane shuffled into the kitchen. Dave was watching Maya and Layla as Dylan and Joe were on look out. Jane pulled out a radio. Sugar plugged it in. "god how do you work this?" Sugar asked as it emitted a horrible screech. Dave bumped her out of the way. "I see you haven't changed" Dave laughed. Maya tugged on Sugar's skirt. Sugar stroked her hair. "What is it sweetie?" Sugar smiled. "Layla say's she's leaving" Maya replied. "What?" Dave yelled. "I'll get her" Sugar replied. Maya led Sugar to Layla.

Dave finally got the radio to work. "This is an emergency army broadcast if there is anyone not infected please head to the Ezmerald hotel" "this is-" it just started over.

"There's a lot coming" Joe whispered. "I know" Dylan replied. "Got any guns?" Joe asked. Dylan looked at him. "I'm 70 I don't think I need guns" he laughed.

Layla grabbed the baseball bat and turned to see Sugar and Maya. "Hey I'm leaving" Layla said. "I heard" Sugar smiled. "Maya!" Layla yelled. "Where are you going?" Sugar asked. "To get my mom" Layla replied. Sugar bit her lip. She knew how much her mom meant to her. "I'll drive" Sugar replied.

"Should we go?" Jane asked. A car started. "What the?" Dave asked. "DAVE COME OVER HERE!" Dylan called. Dave and Jane ran to the window to see Sugars car driving off into the distance. "SUGAR!" Dave yelled. he turned to the steps and saw a note. He picked it up

Dave, I took Layla and Maya we are going to get their mom I have my phone with me please call and keep me updated I will meet you at the army base

Love your sister J

"Sugar took the girls!" Dave said. "What do we do?" Jane asked. Dave rubbed his head and Joe fired at a zombie outside. "we meet them at the army base" Dave replied. He opened the front door.

The fog ahead of them blocked almost all sight but Sugar followed Layla's directions as they sped off while Maya whimpered in the back. "Up ahead there's a turn that leads to downtown Newlibs" Layla said. Sugar saw it and turned. She saw a small group of zombies attacking a young woman. "Layla there's a possible-" Sugar started. Layla stopped her. Sugar smiled. Their family was going to be strongly knit together by the end of this disaster. "There's her house!" Layla yelled. She pointed to a small worn down house with a broken front door and a small group of zombies in the front yard, a fire crackled on the side of the house. "All right Maya stay here and be quite," Layla whispered. Maya nodded and Layla and Sugar jumped out of the car moving swiftly. One zombie jumped for Layla but she punched him. They got to the front door. "Ow that hurts" Layla whined she had a little cut on her hand. "Mom?" Layla screamed. The house was dark but a small frail woman came out of the darkness holding a candle. She was pale with a tint of blue. "Layla?" she whispered in a raspy voice. Layla ran to hug her but her mom yelled. "Layla stay back!" she yelled. Layla took a step back. "Mahm are you ok?" Sugar asked. They heard a zombie moan behind them. Layla's mom slid a loaded shotgun to them. Sugar grabbed it and shot the zombie. "Mom what's wrong?" Layla asked. Her mom started crying silently and looked up. "Layla I was bit" her mom whispered. "So?" Layla asked.

"I'm turning into one of them" her mom replied. Sugar bashed another Zombie. "Come with us we can find a cure" Layla replied. Her mom's eyes started rolling back in her head. "LAYLA RUN!" her mom yelled. Layla dashed out the door with Sugar on her tail. One zombie grabbed Sugar's boot and she fell. "Layla!" Sugar screamed. the shot gun fell. Layla picked it up and fired it hit hard with a recoil sending Layla falling back. Sugar got up and started helping Layla up when one scratched Layla. Sugar kicked the zombie and pulled Layla up and they got into the car and started it.

Dave was driving with his parents in the back seats and Joe in the passenger seat. They were in a long line with heavy security to get to the base. It started in a large four-story parking lot attached to the hotel that was barricaded and guarded at every entrance and was constantly having helicopters coming and going evacuating people. Dave pulled up to a man. "Hello sir please pull up to the fourth floor I'm sorry to say but your van is the last to fit which means we have to start shutting this area down" the man whispered. "Do you know if someone with blonde hair and two young girls came through?" Dave asked. "Sir there have been lots of those I'm going to have to get you moving now" the man replied. Then his radio sirened. "BREACH IN SECTOR 7 backup immediately I have been bitten repeat I have been bitten!" the man yelled. The large black man withdrew his gun and looked at them. "I suggest you leave this place appears way to dangerous" the man said as he rushed off. Dave pulled through the parking lot.

Sugar parked and grabbed Maya out of the backseat. Layla limped out. She was getting pale fast with heavy bags under her eyes. As they rushed to the line in front of the door three government people stood before it. one checked for infection the other two took infected people away and who knows what happened. Sugar was up and the woman held a light up to her eye. "Clear!" she yelled. Maya was next. "Clear!" she repeated. She scanned Layla. "INFECTED!" the woman yelled. Layla jumped. "What no!" Layla yelled. "Layla!" Sugar yelled. One army man grabbed her. "Sissy!" Maya cried. "Mahm keep the line moving" the woman said as she pushed Sugar. Sugar tried to fight the crowd to get to Layla but couldn't. She slumped back against the wall and started crying and cuddling with Maya.

"Clear!" the woman yelled. Dave looked ahead and now only saw one guard. "Line's getting short" Dave said. Jane was next. "Clear!" she said. She turned the corner. "Sugar!" Jane smiled. Sugar didn't even look up. Dylan, Dave and Joe soon joined. "Where's Layla?" Dave asked. Sugar didn't say anything. Dave sat next to her. "Is she alright?" Dave asked. He got curious quick and noticed Sugar was shaking. "SUGAR WHAT THE HECK!!! You lost my daughter!" Dave cried. He started crying and grabbed Maya from Sugar. "I'm sorry!" Sugar cried. "Listen people move on down the hall and head to the top floor the final evac's are on their way," the woman yelled. Dylan held out his hand. "Come on we can go find her" he smiled. "You guys go ahead I will find her' Dave said. Sugar stood up. "I want to come," she said. "You did enough thanks" Dave said. "Go!" Dave yelled. Jane, Dylan, Maya and Joe raced down the hall. "Sugar you aren't coming with me" Dave said. He started walking outside but Sugar followed. "Sugar go," he yelled. "Not until we find Layla" Sugar replied. She didn't hear Dave say anything so she followed him out of the parking lot onto the broken street with army guards surrounding the area some firing.

"This way I think" Joe said. They walked up a flight of stairs onto the roof. It was all rocks on the roof with one heli pad on it. There was only one other man up there. He was maybe 15. He saw them and smiled. "My family filled the last copter so I have to wait for the next one" he smiled. He was a little short and kind of chubby but he smiled like nothing was going on. Joe held out his hand. "I'm Joe and this is my neighbor's family" he smiled. They saw a helicopter coming from the west as the sun started to rise. Another was coming from the east. As they drew near the roof the west one started to spin a little quickly regaining control by pulling up it smashed into the other choppers rear blades. "Run!" Joe yelled. as the west helicopter combusted and started raining fire the second one spiraled down dancing with the rocks and shaking the roof. Maya was screaming. A fireball hit Jane. She tripped. "Honey!" Dylan yelled. As Joe and Maya went inside Dylan pulled Jane up and turned just in time to see the spinning shopper hit the boy's heels. He and Jane ran inside and down the stairs and the copter crashed into the staircase smashing it and getting stuck. As rubble fell and things quieted down everyone slowly walked over to the copter. Maya was crying. "Do you think that boy is ok?" Joe asked. "There's no way" Dylan replied.

"I'm sorry!" Sugar repeated. As they started to pass the final army man Dave realized it was the black man who let him in. he fired a round at two zombies. "Hey you don't want to go that way!" he yelled. "I need to find my daughter and this is the way they were taking the infected!" Dave yelled. The man sighed. He pulled out a piston and tossed it to Sugar she dropped it but picked it up. "Good luck" the man said. Sugar and Dave started walking down the street seeing tons of fallen bodies and a few walking ones. "There," Dave whispered. Sugar looked at Layla was standing in the middle of the road. "Lay!" Sugar started but Dave covered her mouth. Layla heard and turned. Her eyes were black. Dave looked down. His daughter was gone. He heard an explosion and looked back at the roof of the hotel it was raining fire. "Lets go back" Dave whispered. Sugar nodded. They walked back but the black man shot at them. "HEY WE ARE PEOPLE!!" Dave yelled. "I'm sorry I don't know your not infected I can' let you back" the man yelled. Dave wiped his face, he was sweating. He looked around and saw a small punch bug. He opened the door silently and pulled down a mirror and the keys fell. "Sugar!" Dave whispered. Sugar got in the car and Dave started it alerting a bunch of the zombies. "Get down" Dave said. Sugar slouched and Dave did so, he did a u-turn and drove down the road to the hotel as the army man shot at them Dave felt him as they ran him over. Sugar was screaming. As they approached the hotel they saw the horizon full of the zombies, and the top of the roof smoking. "Dave what do we do?" Sugar asked. "give me your phone!" Dave ordered. The army men in the distance shot away at the zombies and Dave dialed Joe's number. "Joe it's Dave you need to get down here now I'm in a yellow convertible" Dave ordered. He hung up. Sugar looked at him. Dave shut off the car. "What do we do now?" Sugar asked. Dave got up and reached to the back and started opening a compartment. We put this up for when we drive through them" Dave said. Sugar was astonished. "WHAT?" Sugar asked. "Sugar we have to do this," Dave cited. Sugar started to cry a little but stayed strong. Dave spotted Joe and the others running outside and then from the a few floors up he saw a zombie jump. "LOOK OUT!" Dave cautioned. They ducked but the zombie fell on Jane. She yelled but Dylan shoved it off. Joe and Maya got in the back seat. "come on!" Dave barked. Jane climbed into the back and Dave sat on the shift in the middle. As they started the car they saw an army man running towards them. "HELP!" he screamed. "I'm sorry our car is full" Dave replied. The man kept running. "get ready" Dave advised. He sped up and shifted the gear and they plowed into the heard quickly coming to a stop. Maya screamed as the windshield cracked. Dave started to back up then drove foreword and kept doing so inching his way through the crowd until they were clear of it. The zombies followed them but they lost every one of them with in minutes. They were on their way down a small dirt road in the country. Houses were scarce and the ones they did see were torn apart. "Look!" Sugar yelled. Dave looked to his left and saw a large cottage in perfect condition with two cars in the driveway. "Maybe there are survivors!" Dylan said. "Or gas we are all out" Maya whispered. Dave opened the door and so did Sugar as they all got out something jumped off the hood and ambushed Dave. "Dave!" Dylan yelled. He pushed the zombie off and Joe shot it. they ran to the cabin. Sugar shook the door. "It's locked!" Sugar cried. Maya banged on the door. "HELP!" Maya yelled. a light on the porch turned on and Joe jumped almost firing the last bullet in his gun. "Hello who's there?" a voice asked on the other side of the door. "Please help us we are a small group of survivors we need a place to stay" Dave whispered. "are any of ya infected?" the voice asked. "no" Dave lied. The door slowly opened and as they walked in there were at least six people with shotguns and explosives aimed at them. They all raised their hands. They let them in. they slammed the door and locked it and turned off the lights and lit a few small candles. The room was poorly lit but to the best of Sugar's knowledge it was a large family that had lost a few people. Pictures of about 20 people were on the walls but now there were only six. Sugar smiled and held out her hand. "Sugar" she smiled. A older man held out his hand. "Yes you are," he complimented. Sugar grunted. I'm Dave and this is my neighbor Joe and my daughter Maya" he smiled. They nodded. "I'm Jane and this is my husband Dylan" she smiled. The six people lowered their shotguns. "We are what's left of the Maxwell family. What's going on out there?" a small woman asked. "Well…"Dave dabbled. "he lost his daughter" Sugar whispered. A woman rubbed his shoulder. "Sweetie I can relate I lost my two kids when this started, they came home from scoo and they were a little sick but soon they were one of them" the woman whispered. Her small blue eyes seemed very open to hurt and pain. Her dark complexion glowed. "You're a Maxwell?" Dave asked. She shook her head. "Actually I got here a few hours ago" she replied. Everyone started to relax a little. "I came from north of here I'm headed south as soon as this all blows over" she added. Dave shook his head. "Lady it is all bad news down there" Dave whispered. He coughed. Joe kept his hand on his gun. Maya tugged on Dave's shirt. "I'm stinky" she whispered. Dave chuckled. "Do you guys have a shower and a few pairs of clean clothes?" Dave asked. "Yea sure they should be in the bathroom first room down the hall on the left" a man replied.

After about an hour everyone had showered and changed. The clothes weren't the best like Sugar was wearing low rider jeans and a pink fuzzy sweatshirt; Dave was in dress pants and an army jacket. And they just got worse but somehow they managed. A man paced the room as everyone entered. Dave coughed and a little blood came up. Only the man pacing noticed it. He raised his gun. "You're going to be one of them!" he yelled. Everyone else jumped in alert raising guns at everyone. "Get out" the woman who lost her kids, said. "But he's not infected!" Sugar cried.

"GET OUT!" a man bellowed. Jane grabbed Dylan Joe started to raise his gun but the guns turned to him. "Drop it" a woman ordered. Joe raised his hand and dropped the gun. As it fell he slid his feet and started falling his hand grasped the trigger and he fired and fired. He hit three people and two more started firing. Everyone ran to the door except Dave. Joe pulled himself up while he kept shooting. He was at the door and noticed Dave had tripped. "oh no.." Joe whispered. A shot was fired and it his Joe in the leg. He fell backwards with Sugar catching him. She pulled him into one of the house owner's cars and started it. Jane Dylan and Maya sat in the back. "Wait for David" Jane whispered. Joe backed up. "Dave's gone," Joe whispered. Everyone started crying except Joe he remained focused. They drove until daybreak came. Maya had fallen asleep and Sugar was watching the side of the road. "Dear god-" Jane started. Dylan joined her and bowed her head. Then Sugar. "We pray that Dave and Layla will be safe and that you protect us through this disaster please lord help us" Jane whispered. "Amen" Sugar whispered. Joe's phone rang. "Hello?" Joe asked. He swerved around a car wreak. "What you are?" Joe asked. He slammed on the brakes and made everyone jump. "Where?" Joe asked. Sugar looked at him with interest. "Oh my god it's so good to hear you guys are alive I'll be there in a little bit," Joe whispered. He hung up. He smiled. "a few of my drinking friends are alive and in Alaska. They said it's safe there. The state is bordered and is stocked with plenty of food and guns just in case. There is still plenty of room" Joe whispered. "That's great but we are a million miles away" Dylan replied. "And plus what do we do if it's not safe by the time we get there?" Sugar added. "I'm hungry" Maya whispered. Joe looked around the car. "I say we vote. Those who want to try and go raise you hand" Joe whispered. Sugar and Dylan raised their hands. "And you two don't?" Joe asked. "No" Jane whispered. "I just want some food," Maya added. "Well get out" Joe whispered. "Hey, hey no! We are all in this together now Mom, we need you to bring Maya with us please it's safe there" Sugar whispered. "Fine." Jane whispered. They all cheered.

So the survivors set off on their journey car jumping as each one ran out of gas. Along the way they met many travelers who were alive. Most of the people they met died within 24 hours but after they died the survivors got free guns. It took them two years to get there but they arrived at Alaska safely. After about four months of living in Alaska Joe and a few of his friends decided to become freedom fighters and rid the country of the infection. Jane and Dylan raised Maya through her teen years and as for Sugar.. well she was a mess after having time to take in everything that had happened but she fell madly in love with Joe and waited for him to return. Everyday new people came and went from the only safe place in the world. That was what happened on the Christmas of 2012


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