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Siberian HellHole

Short story By: Devon Huebner


40 years ago a group of scientist dug a hole 9 miles into the earth. as they descended into the hole the uncovered something weird. they filmed it all but when their camera came up the film was melted leaving only the audio.... look it up on you tube. its like a really short video. type in Siberian Hell Hole

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Jason walked into the bathroom. He studied the mirror and noticed there were mirrors on both sides of the room. He yawned and turned on the sink. He surveyed the mirrors in the mirror. He saw five or six mirrors back. He opened the cabinet mirror and grabbed his toothbrush. He closed the mirror and stood shocked. On the sixth mirror inside the mirrors he saw someone standing next to him. It was a large black figure. It started to move but Jason was to scare to run. He wanted to cry out for help but his vocal cords were to tense. He watched the ghostly figure crawl through the mirrors until it was literally behind him. He felt the stinging breath on his neck. He saw its red eyes in the mirror. He turned around and no one was there. He sighed a breath of relief and then sat down and cried. That memory from when he was eight scared him for life.


The winter seasons in Russia were harsh with the blowing wind and the stinging ice. Jason had grown up a lot since he was eight. He graduated high school and collage and was now an earth scientist. He was on an expedition to Siberia with seven other co-workers. They were studying plate tectonics and had a crew of almost 50 men drilling a hole. The hole was being drilled for months. It reported in at 9 miles deep into the earth, the temperature at the bottom of the hole placed at 101 degrees F. the group of co-workers gathered all the supplies they would need to explore the hole. Towards the end of the drilling the drill struck a whole pocket displacing the drill and getting it stuck. The three vans that they traveled in contained ten miles of rope, four video camera's, a few notebooks, a Polaroid camera and lots of water. The workers were dressed mainly in shorts and T-shirts despite the fact it was winter, except Ciara. She was the only female scientist assigned on this mission and she was ready for it. She wore ripped an faded jeans and a tank top with a large jacket over it. Jason studied the road as he saw the dig site. The Van was put in park and Mason turned with a large grin. He opened the glove compartment and pulled out a bottle of whisky. "you guys ready to party?" Mason asked. He was the company jackass. Every Christmas party he would get to drunk for his own good. The company wasn't about to risk letting him go since a rival company discovered a new planet. Jason opened his door and jumped into the snow. It was freezing on his ankles. He jumped at the shiver of the aftershock. Mason and Ciara got out and started UN loading the van. He saw the second van pull up holding Mitch a tall blonde Greek man, Alex a young intern, and a construction worker named Anthony. The bright orange of Anthony's jacket burned Jason's eyes. The Third van was full of equipment. As the vans were unloaded Jason studied the area. Fifteen feet around the hole all the snow was melted. As he approached the hole he felt the heat flying up and showed no rate of slowing down. He turned and saw Ciara holding the camera and getting it ready for the descent. The workers hooked up the rope to the top of their crane and got ready for descent. Anthony approached Jason and handed him a walkie-talkie. "It's too deep to hear anyone yell for help so if anything goes wrong just call," Anthony smiled. He seemed sincere. Ciara bounced over with the camera smiling. She frowned as she got out of the snow. "It's hot over here" she whispered. She took off her jacket and tied it around her waist and filmed Anthony and Jason. "So what do you guys think?" Ciara asked. No one answered. "Come on you guys. You have to have something to say…. Anthony?" Ciara asked. The camera studied Anthony. He shrugged. "Oh pleaz, Call me Tony" he said with a Russian accent. The camera turned to Jason. "Well all I know is that the air pocket they struck could be right above a plate so we have to be very careful" Jason said. His brown hair was plastered to his head with sweat. Ciara made a smile and ran off to interview with one of the construction women.

"So what's your name?" Ciara asked. The woman appeared mad with her black hair pulled up she glared at the camera. "Jessica why?" she replied. Ciara shrugged. "Just want to get every one's thought's before we head down" Ciara smiled. Jessica started walking and Ciara followed. "Wait! What do you think?" Ciara called out. Jessica opened the door to her trailer and came out with a rock climbing safety belt. "I think my drill is stuck and I need to go down there and get it" Jessica said. Ciara held out her hand. Jessica smiled and held out her hand. "it was nice to meet you" Ciara smiled. Her bubbly personality seemed to have lightened Jessica a little.

Towards the end of the day, as nightfall approached everyone was gathered around the hole. They were preparing to head down there. Tony was the first to head down. He was suited up and held a walkie-talkie. As the crane raised him off the ground, it moved over the hole. As the image of him disappeared as he was lowered into the hole everyone clapped. Jason's walkie-talkie buzzed. "It's all clear down here so far. It's really hot, wait, and wait! Slow down I think I see the drill!" Tony cried. The crane slowed and then Tony reported the drill blocked the hole and he had to navigate around it. he turned on his helmet light and looked around the hole. It was dark and the soil on the walls appeared to be mud. As he walked around on top of the drill, he noticed there were no holes. He pulled out his radio and called up. He unclipped his belt and tied the rope to the top of the drill. "There is no hole so I'm going to have to dig one. Start sending people down" Tony ordered. He clipped the talkie onto his belt and walked to the wall trying not to slide. He grasped his hands in the wailing mud and pulled a chunk away. He repeated this process and then he heard a thud. He turned at the sound and saw Mason standing there unclipping his belt. Tony continued to dig and the hole was finally big enough to fit a small woman through. He shined his helmet light through the hole and saw a woman in a white dress run away from the light. Tony jumped at the thought of something down there. He ignored it and turned as everyone was piling down. So far, Tony, Mason, Jessica, Ciara, and Mitch were all down in the hole. Alex was on his way but as he was almost down they felt the drill shift position. "Stop, stop!" Tony yelled. They listened to the awful sound of the mud shifting places. "Go back up!" Ciara yelled.

"Go up!" Mitch screamed. Everyone was hollering as the drill was shifting positions. From Tony's guess the ground was fifteen feet away. As the drill shifted it slipped out falling away smacking into the mud wall. It stuck and the six people were sent tumbling to the ground. Ciara landed with a snap and everyone was whip lashed from the fall. The darkness and heat engulfed them as the hit the ground. There was no light, and the only sound was of Ciara screaming. Tony reached for his helmet light but it had fallen off. He reached around him and grabbed someone's leg. He kept feeling and found the handle on the camera. He pulled it close to him. Ciara cried and moaned at the sharp pain on her leg. "I'm coming down!" Jason called from above. That's right, Jason hadn't come down yet. They heard him slide down the line and then land on the drill. "Jason don't move!" Mitch yelled. Tony stood up and turned on the light on the camera. The drill had stuck to the wall and Jason stood on top of it. Tony turned the camera to the crying Ciara and her leg was bent backwards. "oh god…" Tony whispered. Jason mounted himself on the side of the drill and climbed down slowly. As he got close to the bottom he hopped off and ran over by Ciara. The ground around her was soaked. Her tears turned to steam as they hit the ground. Mitch and Alex were wall ready standing and getting their camera's to work. Jessica opened her bag and took out her pickaxe. Jason looked at Ciara. "Oh… Ciara this is horrible I need to put a splint on" Jason whispered. Ciara was moaning in pain but nodded. Jason grabbed her leg and pushed it straight. Ciara screamed in pain clenching her fist in the dirt. Jason threw down his backpack and pulled out who large metal pipes and some gauze. As he applied the wrap Alex and Mitch got their camera's working and looked around the hole. It wasn't a hole it was an underground cave. Their light lit up maybe fifty feet in front of them. Large rock poles supported the cave with water dripping off of them. Mitch turned his light and saw a young man with a scar across his face. He didn't quite notice it but turned his light back to it and he was gone. "Hello…" a voice whispered. Mitch started running down the area. Alex turned. "Mitch! Mitch!" Alex yelled. He turned to everyone else. "We have to go get him" Mason said. Jason just finished Ciara's splint and was helping her up. Mason, Tony, Jason, Alex, and Ciara gathered in a group ready to go. They waited for Jessica but she swung away at the drill trying to get it out of the wall. "Go ahead I'll be fine" Jessica said. Tony left a camera so she could see.

The group of five raced down the muddy cavern after Mitch. As they traveled deeper and deeper into the cavern Ciara got more and more tired. Alex shined his light down a narrow hole. He saw Mitch crawling away. "Mitch!" Alex yelled. He got into the hole and started following him. As Alex piled into the hole, Mason followed and then Tony. Jason looked at Ciara. "I can't crawl through there," Ciara whispered. Jason nodded and he let her down on the ground gently. The ground was soft but the sweat made the cave uncomfortable. Jason sat down next to Ciara and pulled her soaked hair back out of her face. "You ok?" Jason whispered. Ciara laughed. All her make up was gone revealing her bare skin. "I could be better" Ciara whispered.

Four construction workers waited around the hole holding their walkie-talkies. One of them buzzed. "Hello…" it said. "Hello" another said. "Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello," they chimed. The workers looked at their walkie-talkies and then one of them emitted a loud scream, making one man drop his into the hole. Another one started. "Hello. It's Jessica, something is down here!" Jessica cried.

Jessica heard the frantic whispering behind her but refused to turn around. If it were the others she would feel foolish. If it were something else she would be terrified. She heard some slight giggles that echoed the large hollow. She started to sweat and shake. She gripped her pickaxe and turned around. In front of the camera that Tony had left on the ground was a womanly figure that was hunched over. The features were unable to be seen due to her back to the light. "Hello" the woman said. Jessica looked around the cavern. Out of the walls more and more people seemed to be appearing. "Jessica…." one whispered. She started to scream. She turned to grab onto the drill. As she crawled a little up the drill she felt something grab her leg. She put her hand on the walkie-talkie. "There's something down here!!! HELPPP!" Jessica screamed. She gripped the drill with all her might as what ever had her pulled. Her fingers turned red and she felt the skin tear.

Alex finally got to the end of the tunnel and got out. His brown hair was flipped up to keep it out of his eyes. The sweat made him hesitate because it burned his eyes. "Hello…" something whispered. He shined his camera around the tunnel. He saw a white blob in the distance. As Mason and Tony crawled out of the tunnel they saw it. "Is that a diamond?" Tony asked. It sounded like a dumb question but diamonds have been known to be found up to 40 pounds. Alex took a step foreword and it stood up and ran. "ITS ALIVE!!!!! IT'S ALIVE!!!! ITS ALIVE!!!!" Tony screamed. He crawled back into the hole trying to escape whatever it was back there. He felt Mitch grab onto his leg. "I can't see!" Mitch cried. Tony pulled the three along the tunnel until they got out by Ciara and Jason. "Run!" Tony yelled. Jason popped up and grabbed Ciara's frail hands. Everyone poured out of the tunnel running down the empty cavern. As they got to the drill they noticed Jessica was gone but the camera still lay on the ground. "What is going on?" Jason asked. Ciara looked at Tony. He was shaking, twitching his head. "There's someone else down here," Mitch whispered. They looked at each other. Mason picked up the camera. "What do you mean? No one could live down here and the hole has been under constant surveillance," Jason said. The temperature had gone up at least ten degrees. Everyone was roasting. They felt like they were in an oven. "Ok lets call this mission off until further notice" Jason commanded. Mason reached for his walkie-talkie but it was gone. Tony's was too. "Anyone have a talkie?" Mason asked. Everyone reached for where they put it but no one had one. "We must have lost it back down the tunnel" Tony whispered. They heard a low buzz of a walkie-talkie. They all shined the camera lights around the cave. Mason saw the walkie-talkie almost buried in the dirt. Ciara limped to grab it but as she approached the ground opened up. The heat cranked up. Ciara grabbed onto the ledge. "CIARA!" Jason screamed. Ciara screamed as loud as she could. The walkie-talkie was in her other hand. Jason leant foreword and grabbed her hand. The sweat made it hard to hang on. As he glared down the hole he noticed fire. About three miles down the hole was truly hell. They were all in a hellish zone. "Ciara your slipping" Jason cried. Ciara reached up her other hand with the walkie-talkie. Jason studied the walkie-talkie as Ciara was slipping. She shook. "Ciara you're going to fall!" Jason cried. Tony grabbed Jason's waist pulling him away from the hole. "You only want the walkie-talkie!" Ciara screamed. She shook herself off of Jason and fell screaming. Jason heard the flames roar up and grasp her body. They heard moans and screams from multiple people at the same time. The drill on the wall started to waver and shook off the wall closing up the gap. The rope now hung about fifteen feet up the wall. "what are we going to do?" Jason asked. Mitch looked at Mason. The four of them glanced around the cave. "I think we are in hell…" Tony whispered. He picked up his camera and ran down the other was of the cavern. Everyone chased after him. After he was getting way ahead, he suddenly stopped. As they approached they saw a large man with bat wings rotting stuck on the wall. Tony started to cry. "Tony! Keep it together!" Jason said. He was having second thoughts about what to do. "Hello…" they heard. They turned and saw nothing. As they turned back to the man they noticed something maroon standing in the corner. They saw that it was Alex. "Alex!" Mason cried. He toward Alex but as he grabbed Alex's shoulders his body snapped back falling to the ground. Everyone screamed running back to the rope. There was a low hiss coming from behind them and then they heard Mason screaming. They saw the rotting man with wings carrying Mason past them down the cavern. Jason ducked at the sound. "Mason!" Jason cried. He scrambled up and ran to the drill. He crawled over it in a panic. He started digging foot holes in the wall. "Help!" Jason cried. Tony started slamming into the wall with his fist. Jason took the camera. Mitch stood there petrified as he shined his camera at dozens of pale people with glowing yellow eyes and ragged clothes. Their faces smudged with dirt. Different people, women, men, old young, fat, thin, he wanted to say something but couldn't. Jason saw them and stepped foreword to fight them but they opened their mouth emitting a loud girl-sounding scream. One reached foreword pulling Jason into the darkness. "Done!" Tony screamed Tony was hanging onto the rope as Mitch scrambled up the wall with his camera in his mouth. Mitch grabbed onto the rope. He shined the camera at the people who were closer. He turned to Tony and when he turned back the people were closer. "PULL US UP!!! PULL US UPPPP!!!!" Tony screamed. He shook the rope but the tunnel was to deep for the workers above to hear.

As the workers pulled up the rope at the end of it was a camera tied to the rope. The footage was fried due to intensive heat. The heat was measured at a high of 120 degrees. No one ever came out…


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